A/N: This is the first time I've written for this show, so it might be completely OOC, but I just really hope there is a scene similar to this once the show returns. There NEEDS to be a confrontation of some kind.

It was late at night when she finally had the chance to sneak over to the Salvatore residence. Stefan was out helping Caroline with some stuff related to Tyler (or whoever it was in Tyler's body) so she knew that Damon would be there by himself.

As soon as she walked through the door he was leaning casually in the foyer with a tumbler of blood in his hand, "Well, well, well," he said in that lazy drawl of his, "To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"

"You made me forget." She said accusingly, refusing to step further into the house.

His eyes narrowed, "What are you talking about?"

"When we met, when you told me how you felt; why would you make me forget that?"

He downed his drink and wandered into the other room to pour himself another, "Does it even matter?"

"Yes!" She said as she followed him, "Of course it matters. For the longest time you made me believe you were some kind of monster when really you always cared."

"No, Elena, you're wrong. I am a monster. I always have been. I am the bad guy. We may have banded together to deal with the evil family of Originals, but once they are gone you'll all remember that I'm the real enemy."

"No," Elena shook her head, "No, you're not. I remember everything now, Damon, and I know you're not."

There were a few moments of silence when he just stared at her, probing into her soul with his piercing gaze. Finally he spoke softly, "Would it have made any difference? If you had known?"

"Of course it would." She answered instantly, without even thinking.

He snorted, "What, did your feelings for my perfect brother just evaporate when your memories came rushing back?"

"No…" Elena said tentatively, "I-, Of course I love Stefan…but you didn't even give yourself a chance. I didn't have all the facts when I was forced to choose."

For the first time since before she had been changed there was a hint of hope in his eyes, "Are you saying you would choose differently?"

She sighed, "I'm saying that given the new information I've recently acquired, I need to reconsider." She walked over towards him and placed her hands on his face, "You are a good guy, Damon, no matter how much you try to convince people otherwise. And I won't forget that again. You can't make me." She kissed his cheek and took a step back. She flashed him a small smile before she turned and left with the type of speed that only a vampire could possess.

Damon stood there looking as bitter and grim as he had prior to her visit, but inside he swore he could feel his cold, dead heart flutter to life once again.