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57 years ago-Navoka tribe-year: 1945-Annabelle Dotson's POV-

The pond. It was always an interesting place for me. So many sights and smells and...tastes. Yes, tastes, I had the nerve to lick anything and everything I could get my mouth close to at age five. The pond changed colors-from black to white-every few seconds, and it wasn't just 'sudden change,' it was a gradual thing, it started with a ripple at one end and it slithered to the other, changing colors along the way. And every now-and-then you would see a flash of rainbow in the water that you would miss if you blinked. But the center of the pond was different. There was a five foot wide circle in the center with clear water, and two coy fish swam in circles. A black fish and a white fish just chased each-other in slow moving swishes of the tail, all day and all night. The fish were special, no one dared to touch them, or they could die, and then our entire world could crumble and fall beneath our own feet. At birth, a wolf would be brought to the pond, and either the black or the white fish would swim to the wolf, who was put in the water, the fish would give a blessing of light to the wolf, and that was the color their fur was. Then they were taken to a special circle by the pond, and an element is chosen by the gardens, who send it up into your spirit.

I could honestly still remember the day I had begun my mission. Standing there as Hannah, another new born wolf, made her way to the pond. She was, naturally, selected by the white fish. Please. Kent went next, and the white fish touched him, too. I gulped and walked over to the pond, awaiting the white fish. It never came. The black fish swam to me instead, and I was scared. I felt...different...but I wasn't sure if it was a good different or a bad different. I blessed me and it was done, I was permanently different.

Hannah was the first to go to the circle. She was a lucky one, Ice. Ice is very uncommon, not unlike Fire, but Ice was uncommon in a good way. Ice is a high power, and very few a worthy. Fire, however, is looked down at as destruction.

Kent went next, and to my surprise, a wall of fire surrounded him. He smiled at it, and I smiled at him, happy to know he was enjoying himself, but sorry that he was going to get rejected out of society, by people, and most likely even his own parents. That was the sad part, no one really liked it, but no one wanted to do anything about it, the fact that fire is destructive and evil. But Kent's not evil...I'm not evil...at least...I don't think...

When it was my turn, I got a fire wall too. And that's when it hit me; my life is going to suck. And you know what? I was right.

Three hours later my parents, white-furred Air and Ice hybrids, pushed me out of the house with nothing but my hoodie, my slippers, my plush toy (that was bigger than me), and a nice scratch across the face.

I was on my own, so I high-tailed to the fire village. They said it was okay I lived there, but they didn't have any more caves. So I got to bunk with Kent. Turns out his parents kicked him out, too. I felt sorry for him, and one night (when I was 17 and full grown) I worked up enough courage to ask him if he wanted to cuddle.

To this day we're still a couple.

But I got really punished when we left our world, just to see what it was like. And all I want is to go back. To see Kent. But I can't an I never will be able too.

Because Annabelle Lee Dotson died yesterday, January 31, while trying to fight of a sewage monster in the snow. She died from lack of heat.

"I'm sorry Kent. I'm so, so sorry that you will never get to see me or your almost daughter again."