Jewel's Light

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**** Change of scene, time, etc…


Usagi leaned back in her seat and sighed contently. The sun beat down on her pale skin, turning it a slight pink shade. She didn't mind, though, this was her break from everything. It was her break from school, from her boyfriend, and from fighting. Usagi had been fighting for a while now and she grew tired and weary of it. Her father had recently received four tickets on a new luxury cruise liner that was trying to get its name out there. The ship was big and very elegant, too elegant in some ways. They had been giving tickets to employees of the major businesses gain a little bit of popularity to boost their reputation. Usagi didn't really care about any of that, though, she was just glad to get away. Even her brother left her alone, for the most part anyway. He was too busy at the arcade or in some of the indoor athletic fields. The ship had anything that you could ask for. It was like a huge country club or something.

Usagi leaned over her chair and grabbed her sun block. The sun was starting to make her skin sting. She hated when she burned but she was tired of her skin being so pale. People always asked if she was sick because she was so pale. She didn't really care what they thought; it just annoyed her that everyone always acted so critical toward her and everything she did. They worried over nothing and then yelled at her for stupid reasons that made no sense. She was starting to feel like they yelled and teased her just to get a reaction, just to hurt her feelings. She was tired of everyone treating her like a baby, and that was the way the Senshi treated her nowadays.

"Man…" Usagi sighed as she tried to reach her back. It was always such a hassle to reach that one spot in the middle of her back and there was no one around that could get it for her.

"Do you need some help?" A deep voice asked from behind her. Usagi blushed at the deep voice and turned around to face a man with white-blond hair and ice blue eyes. She gasped as her eyes fell on him and she dropped the bottle of sun block. The bottle burst open and splattered all over the floor by his feet.

"Gomen nasai!" Usagi cried as she jumped to the ground, trying to wipe the sun block up with a mop.

"Don't worry about it, miss." The man said as he took her arm and helped her to her feet. "We have people that will take care of that." He continued as he motioned toward a person that stood under the shelter of a balcony. He bent down and picked up the bottle, leading Usagi back to the deck chair she had been sitting in. "Let me help you with this." He said as he squirted some of the greasy lotion into his palm.

"Nande? Iie, I can get it." Usagi said as her cheeks flamed bright red, matching the sunburn that she sported on her shoulders and stomach.

"I insist." He said with a warm smile. "I am here to serve the passengers and it looks like you could use the help. You're as red as a lobster." He said jokingly as he motioned for her to turn away from him. Usagi flushed again but nodded and turned around, tensing at his touch.

"What are you doing odango atama!?" Usagi heard a familiar voice behind her. She turned to see a very indignant Rei standing there with a mop in her hand and a hat pulled low over her face.

"Nani?!? Rei?!?" Usagi nearly yelled as she jumped up to face the raven- haired priestess. "What are you doing here?!" Usagi demanded in surprise.

"What does it look like! I got a job so I can help grandpa with the temple!" Rei said angrily with her hands on her hips. "Usagi no baka!! You have a boy friend! What are you doing?! How could you do this to Mamoru?" Rei questioned with a severe glare.

"Nani? What are you talking about Rei? He offered to put-" Usagi started but was cut off in mid-sentence by a fuming Rei.

"I can't believe you would do something like this to Mamoru!" Rei growled furiously as she grit her teeth. The two girls heard someone clear their throat and the man with white hair stepped in front of Usagi.

"That is no way to speak to one of the passengers." He said sternly as he looked down at Rei. Rei glared right back at him but then frowned to herself. She took one last look at Usagi with the words 'You don't deserve Mamoru' written in her eyes before she turned around and headed toward a closet with her mop and bucket.

"Gomen nasai for our employee's behavior. I will see that she is removed from the ship." He stated simply.

"Iie!" Usagi cried as she grabbed the man's arm lightly. "Please don't do that, she really needs to money." Usagi pleaded as she held onto the guy's arm. He nodded in agreement before sitting in one of the chairs beside her.

"But only because you knew her." The man said quietly as he sat and looked over at her. Could this girl be her? He mused quietly to himself. She had the same funny hairstyle, but she could just have her hair like that because of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon could be her role model after all. Still, a girl her age normally doesn't go dressing up like her favorite super hero, or in this case heroine. She sure does fill the part. His thoughts continued as he looked at the teenaged girl.

"Excuse me, why are you staring at me?" A timid voice asked. He shook his head slightly and stood up, noticing that her cheeks were stained bright red.

"Gomen nasai." He said as a slight pink color came to his cheeks. He was a little embarrassed for having stared at her like that. He stood up and bowed before he turned and walked away. Time to get a little work done.


Rubius smirked to himself as he straightened the front of the jacket her wore. This plan had worked out perfectly. There was no way Sailor Moon would win this time. Even if she wasn't on the ship this time, with all the fliers and tickets that were being given out to various businesses, she'd be on the ship on one of its voyages. Once she transformed, though, that's when the fun will begin. Every person that comes onto the ship is given a mark on the inside of their wrist so they would be easily identifiable if Sailor Moon did show up. Then she'd be right where he wanted her. Even if he couldn't kill her then, he'd have many more options opened before him.

"You've spoiled my plans one too many times, Sailor Moon." He growled quietly to himself as he opened a small mirror to look over the passengers aboard the ship. He scanned the top deck and gasped slightly at the two figures he saw. What is Dimando-sama doing here? Is he supervising my mission? He thought in annoyance. Rubius frowned as he saw that the prince was rubbing some lotion of some sort on a girl with strange hair. "Hmm… she has the same hair as Sailor Moon…" He mused to himself. "I'll have to keep a close eye on her." He made a mental note of the marking on her wrist and pulled up some information on her.

"Tsukino Usagi, age 14, attends Juuban Middle School." Rubius studied the information for a few more minutes before he closed up the mirror-like portal. He smirked as he pushed the door open and headed out onto the deck. "We'll just make a start a little disturbance to see her reaction."


Usagi's cheeks were still warm as she leaned back in her chair, it was partly from the sunburn that she knew she had earned, but she was still a little embarrassed about the situation she'd just faced. Why had that guy been staring at her like that? She couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous. It was kind of scary to have a strange guy stare at her when he could have the keys to her room. He looked like he was one of the higher- ups on the ship but here he was, rubbing sun block on her back. He probably had the keys to her room, what if he was some sort of stalker that was going to come after her in her sleep. She shuddered at the thought but closed her eyes and pictured those ice blue eyes. She found herself smiling slightly as she saw his face. He was really bishie… she thought to herself. She let the thought died and her eyes popped open. What am I thinking? I have Mamo-chan. She told herself.

"Hey Usagi no baka!" A familiar voice called. Usagi's eyes narrowed as she turned toward her annoying little brother.

"Don't call me that!" She growled out as she stood up and began to stalk toward him.

"You look a little red, here, I'll help you." Shingo called out as he ran up to her and slapped her sun burnt shoulder.

"ITAI!!!" She shrieked in pain as she fell to her knees, geysers of tears flowing from her eyes. "You little brat!! That hurt!!" She wailed as she clung to her burning shoulder.

"N… nani?!?" Shingo cried as he felt something encircling his waist. "Usagi! Help me!" He cried as he struggled against the shadow that held him with his arms pinned to his sides.

"Shingo-kun?" Usagi questioned as she heard the worry and fear in his voice. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the shadow of one of the deck chairs wrapped around her little brother. "Let him go!" She cried as she ran toward her brother. She grabbed him by his shoulders and tried to pull him out of the shadow's grip.

"Usagi, help me!" Shingo called as streaks of black energy raced toward him. Usagi pulled on him as hard as she can and was surprised when she went toppling backward with Shingo still in her arms.

"Shingo-kun, are you all right?" Usagi asked as she forced her brother behind her.

"Hai, Usagi. What IS that thing?" He asked as the shadow began to take form. It changed in shape to look like a semi-humanlike figure with a black crescent moon in the middle of its forehead.

Youma… She thought grimly as she stood in front of her brother protectively with a look of anger and not fear on her face.

"What do you want monster!" Usagi growled angrily as she unconsciously felt around for her brooch. Shingo just stared at his sister in shock. Since when did she get so brave? He vaguely wondered as he continued to watch his sister. "Nani?!? Where is it?!?" She asked as she looked by her towel. "Usagi no baka!!" She gasped as she smacked herself in the forehead.

"I knew it couldn't last." Shingo said as a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead. "What's the plan?" Usagi laughed nervous and began to take some small steps backward.

"In a word… RUN!!"


All right, this is going to be my first real attempt at a non-crossover. I'm not really sure where it's going *shrugs* But I'm gonna have fun with it. Email me at or and please don't complain about my pairing Usagi with someone other than Mamoru. If you know me, you know how much I can't stand that baka. Well, hope you enjoy.