A/N Something a little different, inspired by the first season of Greek.

four of clubs.

( friends )

When fate shuffled its' deck and dealt its' card, there lay four cards – the queen, the king, the jack, and the joker. They were all new to the funny concept of life, not used to being on their own. But the four found each other, suddenly realizing they all were in the exact same place in life – new and unknowing of the drama that would ensue. But for now, they're content on enjoying the little friendships they've formed, knowing that, while together, they can avoid life altogether and just be themselves.

two of spades.

( enemies )

The jack found himself in a little predicament. The king loved the queen and what they had, but discovered alcohol and a lady at the bar willing to go home with him that night. An understanding of this being a one night stand was a given. Someone (particularly the queen's brother) finding out, was not. The next night, the king was back at the same bar, and so was the jack. A bar-side brawl was not uncommon in the establishment, and the king found himself with a new enemy.

three of hearts.

( romance )

The queen had everything – a loyal court, ruler of her country (in this case, her sorority), and a king who loved her so. So much did he love her that two years into their relationship, he decided to try out the concept of infidelity. The queen came crumbling down, finding solace in the joker. An unlikely duo, but the queen had been so broken by the incident and the joker was forever willing to help. They had a thing before, but the queen was worried about the future and needed security – one thing the joker wasn't able to joke about (not that he hadn't tried). And he knows that the queen will go running back to the king as soon as he shows up as her knight in shining armor once more. But he's happy with her being happy, so he'll be whatever she wants him to be, even if that happens to be him waiting on the sidelines.

ace of diamonds.

( family )

The jack's a little messed up. He's been skipping classes and getting high in the back of the school. The queen's worried for her younger brother. She knows their relationship has only consisted of sibling feuds before college, so she has no right to judge. A few months ago, if you asked what his favorite color was, she would've assumed the jack was colorblind. However, even her waning sisterly instincts know that her brother's college education is much more important than cheap fun he delves in secret. So, she tries to help. But he pushes her away.

the royal court.

( life )

The kids are all a little fucked up. Each has their lives out of balance and out of order. And what's worst of all is that they don't have each other has crutches anymore.