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Jiraiya, one of the three legendary Sannin, was at the edge of Konoha, drawing a seal from an ancient scroll. The scroll was older than any other scroll Jiraiya had previously seen and the complexity of it scared him. But beyond his fear lays curiosity. Being a seal master, an unknown seal had only intrigued him more to test it out. The seal itself was massive according to the scroll. Jiraiya had to ask the Sandaime's permission to use training ground 19 as a base for his seal.

Many admirers had heard that Jiraiya was in the village and wanted to visit the legendary man, to confirm that it was more than a legend. And Jiraiya, knowing that his fans could not stop themselves from having him sign his books, convinced himself to put barrier seals around the training ground so civilians and ninja alike could only watch from outside.

It had taken Jiraiya three weeks to complete the seals, even with help of clones. Everything was in place, not a single mistake was in sight. It was plainly flawless. Jiraiya saw his seal and smiled to himself, knowing that history was going to be made.

"Jiraiya! I see that the seal you have done is complete," said a voice from behind.

Turning around, Jiraiya saw the Sandaime, who somehow slipped through the seals, walking towards him. "Yes, it's complete, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow before activating it."

"Why tomorrow?" asked the Sandaime with a frown. "I'm really curious to see the results. Why not just complete it now?"

"I need some rest," said Jiraiya. "I've been working on this project for over three weeks. Even though I'm not as old as you, I need some rest."

"Very humourous Jiraiya," said Hiruzen Sarutobi. "Well, let's complete the ceremony early next morning."

Meanwhile, a young boy, age eight, was wandering in the streets, seeking an objective in his life. He didn't know what he should be doing, but he was looking. He, Naruto Uzumaki, was going to enter the Academy of Ninja Arts the next day, but something in his gut told him strange things were going to happen.

The next day came to Jiraiya like a kid who could not wait for the next day. He got up, got dressed, and got to the Hokage tower window within minutes after awaking from sleepless dreams.

"Hey old man, let's go already," said Jiraiya. "I came over to escort you there myself, so let's go already."

And without another word, Jiraiya leaped off the window, expecting Sarutobi to follow him in his steps. Unfortunately for Jiraiya, the Sandaime took another five minutes before opening the door.

The student and master walked side to side, talking to each other about things of the past as they headed towards the training ground.

They arrived at the scene which was deserted as they had not announced the exact time and date of the activation of the seal.

"Kuchoyise no jutsu," cried Jiraiya while slamming his palms on the ground. Then, out from a puff of smoke, appeared two small toads.

"Fukasaku and Shima!" said Jiraiya. "Long time no see."

"Jiraiya-boy," said Fukasaku, "what did you summon us for?"

"A couple months ago, I found this ancient scroll. It took my three weeks to draw the seals on the ground. Now the remaining task is to activate it. My chakra along cannot work the seal, so I need to go into sage mode."

And without another word spoken, Fukasaku and Shima positioned themselves on Jiraiya's shoulders. At once, Jiraiya physical features took a noticeable change.

And with a shout, Jiraiya slammed both his palms on the ground.

In another dimension, Natsu Dragneel, age thirteen, and the rest of the guild were having another party. They had just came back from tenrou island, after disappearing for seven years. But not only were they frozen in time during the process, they found themselves younger than they should, as if time came and gave them a few more years.

The reason for their party was unknown, but it did not matter for they were content and happy. Jellal Fernandes, Ultear Milkovich, and Meredy were among the ones that were invited to the party. Everyone was drinking happily, especially Cana who had recently told Gildarts she was his daughter.

Suddenly, a white light began to flash around the guild. Engraved on the ground was suddenly a circle of marks, unknown to any of the members.

Makarov Dreyar, headmaster of Fairytail, goes outside to determine the mysterious lights, but could not explain the phenomenon. In a final flash of light, whereby everyone had to cover their eyes, fairytale vanished again without a trace.

Jiraiya, seeing the white light become more and more intense, quickly backed up to the edge of the training ground. He could feel the energy, alive and beating, that was coming from the circle. Jiraiya, then saw the scroll, the scroll that was used to create the seal, in the center of the seal, untouched. Frantically, Jiraiya began to rush forward but was stopped by Hiruzen Sarutobi. "No, it's too late Jiraiya. The scroll cannot be reached."

Knowing that the Sandiame bore no lies, he slouched away, saddened by the fact that he'll never be able to recreate the technique.

And there was the "BANG" that awoke Jiraiya from his daydreaming.

What was once an empty training ground used for training ninjas was now replaced by a huge mansion. On top of the mansion was the name, "FairyTail".

End of Chapter 1!

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