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He was a no one. The outcast.

She had it all. The popular.

One day Shane Gray dragged his worn out vans to the music store. He was their daily but only to look. The manager took a notice of him and got to know him.

"Sup Jim, any new guitars?" Shane said as he walked up to the check out desk.

"We got this one acoustic number. It's a beauty." Jim said as he pointed to the new addition on the line of acoustic guitars.

"How much?"


"Ouch!" Shane said.

"Still saving up?" Jim asked Shane as we walked over to some bass guitars then microphone stands.

"Yeah. By this time next year I'll be able to buy my own." Shane said lamely.

"Don't beat yourself up. You're a 17-year-old, with one parent and a little brother. I know your working to help your mom out and I admire you kid."

"Yeah, it hasn't been easy since my dad passed. But we're getting by. I just see so much potential in my group. Jason is a kick ass bassist and Nate can pretty much do it all. I just need to get new gear." Shane said as he sighed. He ran his fingers on a cherry red guitar and he closed his eyes.

His dreams of starting a group had to be put on hold two years ago when his dad passed away from a heart attack. It hit his family hard but it hit Shane the worst. His dad was his hero, his idol and his best friend. His dad was the biggest influence he had to get into music.

His dad always wanted to start a band when he was in college but then he met Shane's mother and well, his dreams came crashing down when Shane was in the womb.

Shane felt like he had to repay his dad back by living out his dream and he enjoyed music. Shane's first guitar was his father's. Everything Shane knew his father taught him.

Now all he's left with is his fathers guitar but it's not even considered a guitar because Shane had used it to let some anger out after his death.

Money has been tight in the Gray household and now Shane felt like he had to help his mother out since she suffered the worst.

On the other side of town Mitchie stared at her reflection in her full length mirror. Smiling, satisfied with her appearance, she went to reach for her phone. She rolled her eyes at her regular text messages.

"Nothing special." She sprayed her Fantasy by Britney body mist and walked down the stair case. Her mother was in the kitchen, cooking something delicious.

"Will you be joining me for dinner, Mitchie?" Her mother asked without turning to look at her.

"Yeah, but I'm going to the mall to do some escaping."

"Is something wrong?" Connie turned around to look at her daughter. Mitchie shook her head as she waved to her mom.

Connie and Mark Torres owned their own business, doing pretty good, giving their only daughter everything she wanted. The only down side of that was Mark was always away on business hardly seeing his two girls. Mitchie wasn't that bothered by it but she secretly wished her dad would stay home for more than one weekend.

Mitchie kept busy, being head cheerleader, class president and in student council she never really had time to spend at home.

On top of that, she had her 'out of school' schedule. She had dance, gymnastics and she taught vocal lessons to young children. She found out of her special talent when she was around 8 when her cousins were in town and they brought their karaoke machine with them. Once Mitchie opened her mouth her mother called people and found Mitchie a vocal coach. Mitchie really enjoyed it and was ecstatic when her coach asked if she wanted to be a part-time coach. She made her own cash but her parents still spoiled her.

Mitchie drove her black Jetta to the towns mall. She proffered shopping by herself. She liked not having her girlfriends breathing down her neck about getting this or that. And she enjoyed the peace and quiet that didn't involve listening to the latest gossip.

Mitchie put on her Ray Ban framed prescription glasses and tied her wavy hair back in a messy but cute bun. She fixed her floral print button up, cropped top and put her iPhone in the front pocket of her light denim high wasted shorts. Her gladiator sandals snapped with each step she took. A young man who was stepping out held the door for her, she thanked him as she passed him and completely ignored the wink he sent her way.

Mitchie shopped, ignored all the wolf whistles and shouts that were thrown her way.

She texted her mom that she was going to grab some coffee but will be home for dinner.

As Mitchie drove down the road she passed by a music store. She would never have the guts to actually walk in their. People from school knew who she was. She had to be cool, that's what people expected from her.

She fixed her lip gloss and switched her glasses to her Dior sunglasses which were also prescription. She sighed as she locked her car and walked into Starbucks.

Shane crossed the street to Starbucks suddenly craving one of their bagels. He placed and paid for his order as he sat inside. His eyes would roam to the door every time it would open, out of boredom and curiosity.

He took in the environment and noticed a bunch of people in business suits or with their laptops in front of them.

He sighed as he waited for his name to be called up. Then the door open and suddenly the world stopped. The light exaggerated her entrance, making it a scene like he just saw an angel and at that moment he swears he did.

Her eyes covered in sunglasses but he didn't care he knew they were beautiful. Her tan skin glimmering in the low light. He knew her. He's seen her from afar but never minded to take a second glance because she was always surrounded by the populars.

He was sure that she didn't even know he existed. But today was different. She looked different, maybe it was the atmosphere of the place that made her seem like a normal person. But he knew he was only kidding himself. Even if he did go up to talk to her, he didn't know if her attitude was rotten like her social group.

He mentally slapped himself as the wise words of his father crossed his mind.

"Never make judgments on someone by looks but by brains."

His order was called up, he nervously walked up to grab his drink and bagel as he heard her talk to the guy who was currently trying to hit on her but she dodged it like a pro.

"Can I get my order sent out?" Mitchie asked.

"Anything for a beautiful girl like you."

She laughed as she looked down. It was clear that she was trying to mask her disgust.

He grabbed his things with a slight smile. As he turned to return to his seat, his shoulder bumped into hers slightly.

"Oh I'm so sorry." Shane automatically started to ramble apologizes.

"It's no problem. I should have watched where I was going. I'm sorry." Mitchie chuckled as she moved to the side to let him pass. Shane opened his mouth to say something else but he saw through her glasses and started into her brown orbs.

She walked passed him with a small smile. She took a seat outside and waited for her order.

Mitchie sat in peace watching people around her. Mitchie always loved to observed everyone. She didn't do much of that in school since everyone seemed to look up to her. She shook her head in a silent chuckle. She looked back inside and saw the boy she collided with. He seemed familiar, she's seen him around school with a group of boys. They were labeled as the nobody's in the social map, but she didn't care something about him seemed to spark her interest.

She shrugged it off as she smiled at the guy who took her order. He placed her passion iced tea on the table with a napkin with his name and number.

"Don't hesitate to call." He winked and walked back in. She sighed as she felt someone start intently at her.

She followed that feeling meeting eyes with that boy. She looked him over slightly and saw that he definitely didn't care about how he looked. She noticed his worn out Vans and his shirt that was two sizes too big and pants looked a little worn out. She smiled and went back to observing other people. Mitchie was never one to judge. Her mother taught her that it was wrong judging people without actually knowing them.

Shane's breath got caught in his throat as he saw her stare back. She continued to stare for a long time but then it happened. She smiled at him. A smile just for Shane. She turned her head and began to stare at everything and anything. He continued to stare and he knew she knew he was doing it but it seemed like she didn't care.

He saw her pick up her empty cup and napkin throwing both away. He heard a girl over the counter laugh and tell the guy something. It sounded like she said 'denied'.

Shane didn't bother staying to hear his response. He threw away his own trash as he walked outside. His phone vibrated against his pant leg. He checked it and saw his mom had texted him.

'Dinner in 30 mins. Come home soon. Love you.'

He texted back a quick response as he started the walk home. It was a few blocks away but he knew he would make it on time. His thoughts began to go back to Starbucks when he started to panic. He never really cared about appearances until he stood in front of Mitchie. He suddenly began to feel insecure.

'Why would she even give me a second glance, I'm a nobody.' Shane shook his head in disapproval. He knew his chances were low. He sighed as he kicked a rock and began to push any thoughts of Mitchie in the back of his head.

Somethings never change.