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"It all started when I met Dylan Harper. He's my producers cousin. Marcella had me working a lot of hours, promoting, interviews and photo shoots. Anything to get my name out there. Dylan kept bugging me to go out with him. I kept denying him, coming up with different reasons. I wanted to tell him about you, but I didn't have the guts because I didn't know what we were! I knew I had feelings for you but it was wrong for me to leave you."

Shane took the silence and said something, "I don't blame you for leaving. You're living your dreams."

"If I had known it was going to be this hard, I would have never left. After months of trying I finally agreed on one date with Dylan. Since the kid wasn't famous there were no paparazzi following us, but Dylan had friends. It was a sleazy club I wasn't a big fan of dance clubs but I happened to agree on this date around the time I stopped calling. I drank my weight in alcohol and I found out I was an emotional drunk. I confessed so much to Dylan. I told him about us, about how people reacted to my fame and how I hated being alone. I wanted you, not him! But I didn't know how I could have you. We lived two different worlds. I was starting off and you were touring. I wanted you to be there to wipe at my tears but you weren't there. I missed you so much it hurt not having you there. I wanted to pain to go away, that's why I stopped calling. But that only killed me even more. I leaned on him too much. People were writing negative things about me. Attacking my weight, my voice, my style, anything! I knew I shouldn't listen but once I read a little bit, curiosity got the best of me." Mitchie sighed as she leaned her head on Shane's shoulder.

"I kept partying with Dylan, using him because I just needed somebody. Then one day I snapped. I cut myself. It was an accident the first time, but seeing how a small cut caused no pain but relief. I was hooked. I drank myself in depression. I was great at covering it up. Marcella never knew anything was up. It felt like it was my fault no one like me. One day, I went over board, I cut too deep. Dylan found me and saved me. I thought I could trust him. Then I started to get more positive fans and I was on every internet blog and magazines had headline stories about me. Dylan wanted his fifteen minutes of fame but I wouldn't let him use me. I dodged him and knew what he was up to. I tried braking it off with him. But that turned into a bigger nightmare."

"What happened?"

"Dylan told Us Weekly we were dating, I confronted him about it and he slapped me. Calling me a selfish bitch, saying if I ever told anyone the truth my secrets would come up. The only way I can keep his mouth shut is if I call him my boyfriend and he calls me girlfriend. The beatings didn't stop. They still continue, so does the cutting. I don't even know myself anymore. I'm so broken and lonely. What have I done to myself?!" At this point Mitchie was shaking in sobs. Shane tried so hard not to flip his shit hearing that Mitchie got beat and black mailed. His heart broke when she confessed about her self harming.

"You need to fight for control Mitchie, you need to stop going back to him because you're scared. You're letting him control your life! You're his puppet. You're not the Mitchie I fell in love with all those years ago."

"What happened to us, Shane?"

"We lost each other."

"I miss you." Mitchie said whispering. Her tears slowly trailing down her face and her nose pink from crying but in Shane's eyes he saw the once confident girl in Starbucks.


"Hey guys, we stopped at a small diner ten minutes out of Texas. And I interrupted something didn't I?" Nate said slowing his words down.

"We'll be there in five." Shane said through gritted teeth.

Nate nodded and closed the door, leaving them alone again. Mitchie stood up and wiped at her face.

"Thanks for listening. I can figure this on my own." Mitchie said without turning to look at him. She walked out of the bunk area and into the small bathroom. She locked the door behind her, looking at her reflection staring back at her was a lonely, broken girl. Suddenly she lost her appetite.

Mitchie heard the bus door open and close. She peeked her head through the bathroom door and made a quick dash to the bunks, looking for her rag and razor. She gasped in surprise when she saw a yellow stick-it on it with the words 'don't do it' scribbled across on it instead of her rag. She knew Shane had gone through her personal stuff and she was pissed.

Ignoring how she looked, she slipped on her Toms and ran into the diner where she can see the guys and their crew sitting in a booth, laughing and talking about their past shows. Steam was running out of her ears as she slapped her hand in front of Shane.

There weren't a lot of people at the diner considering it was in the middle of no where and it was eleven at night.

"You have no fucking right to go through my stuff."

"Mitchie, calm down. I was going to bring you-"

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down. Who the fuck do you think you are? Don't ever fucking touch my shit. Where is it?!"

"You're making a scene. Act your age. Quit acting like a little girl."

Slap. The whole crew stood silent. The few people lingering about the restaurant stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the fighting couple. Shane's eyes turned red with fire. He roughly tugged at her wrist and pulled her out of the restaurant ignoring Mitchie's cries.

He opened the door and pushed her inside before climbing in and locking the door.

"What the fuck was that? You're going to leave a bruise!" Mitchie yelled as she steadied herself. She held her wrist in pain.

"You are such a fucking bitch! You're spoiled, mean, inconsiderate, selfish, self centered, psychotic, cold hearted bitch." Shane seethed.

Mitchie just stood there looking at him. After all she had told him that night she felt like she had been slapped.

"You come in here acting brand new, expecting everyone to walk on egg shells just so you can feel comfortable when you've been ignoring all of us? You make no effort in trying to befriend these people. I get it Mitchie, you're life isn't all rainbows and smiles. You can't trust anyone! But guess what?! Everyone has problems! They get help. Something you obviously don't take well. I'm trying to help you and you fucking slap me?" Shane fumed.

"I never asked you to help me!" Mitchie said trying to get into the bunk area.

"You were practically begging for it babe! You're going to fucking kill yourself because you're going crazy!" Shane yelled.

"This is why I couldn't let you in! You're going to try to save me!" Mitchie responded turning around.

"You need more than someone to save you! You need to see a therapist!" Shane threw his hands in the air.

"I'm not fucking crazy!" Mitchie said as she pushed Shane. Shane held onto her hands and held it against his chest.

"Oh, cutting yourself and drowning yourself in booze is normal. Yeah, I don't know why I haven't tried that. Oh I know why! Because its not fucking necessary! I have a pretty fucked up life as well. The girl I love walked back into my life two months ago and she confessed to me that she's living by rules made by her abusive boyfriend. Instead of breaking up with him, she cuts herself." Shane confessed.

"You have no idea what I'm going through!" Mitchie yelled the tears stopping.

"I don't want to know what your going through! It doesn't sound fun! You're stronger than this Mitchie. You're a fighter. You never obeyed rules. I remember how you stood out from the populars. That's the real you. You used to live by your own rules. You never needed anyone to make you happy." Shane expressed.

"I never did... Until I met you." Mitchie's voice softened.

Shane felt the anger melt as he saw the vulnerability Mitchie was putting out.

"I was suffering without you but I died when I lost you. I was so fucked up I didn't know how to get you back." Mitchie said blinking away the tears.

Shane huffed as he took three swift steps and harshly pulled Mitchie against him, slamming his lips on top of hers. It wasn't a romantic kiss, ones you see in movies where their heads are perfectly angled. Their kiss was rushed, lips wet from saliva and tears, teeth crashing against each other, tongues battling for domain. Mitchie moaned into the kiss as she felt Shane pull her into him even more, if it was possible.

Shane couldn't believe he was kissing her. After three years of wanting to taste her lips, here he was, in the middle of a tour bus. He pushed them towards the bunk area, taking clothes off as they went.

When the crew returned on the bus they were welcomed a shirts, pants and a bright pink bra.

"Well, I'm not sure how I feel about this." Nate said.

"Finally, no more sexual tension!" Jason hoorahed.

Nate looked back at his band mate, a moan soon interrupted their moment as they all stopped. They shared a look and immediately walked back outside, knowing not to cock block.