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My life was never supposed to be simple.

Predestination, fate, whatever the hell you want to call it, has always been something that I couldn't quite grasp. My parents, two of the most powerful and respected superheroes in the world, never instilled a specific set of beliefs for my brother and I. They showed us all points of view on the like, from my mother's unwavering faith in her Gods to my father's harshly pragmatic Atheism. At eighteen years old, with the crazy shit that I've seen, you'd think I'd get used to this feeling of predestination; especially considering who my parents are.

The feeling that I simply need to be something of a superhero has always followed me, even at a considerably young age when I knew next to nothing about what my parents and extended family did for a living. I need to protect those who can't protect themselves. I need to state my opinion on just about everything. I have this intensely fiery passion that usually gets me in trouble on patrol. I'm far too emotional for most of the work I do, but I find that emotion gets harnessed into a form of motivation. That is what drives me.

For my mother, it's the truth and the aspect of peace in Man's World as she used to call it. For my father, it's the promise that no child shall ever bear witness to their parent's murder. For my brother, it's the way of the warrior. For me, it's the passion to do what's right and deliver justice.

I am Alexandria Martha Wayne. I am daughter to Diana and Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman and Batman respectively. I am fierce. I am tempestuous. I am Robyn.

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