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Scene: Themyscria; outside Hera's temple.

With bare feet and a light white chiffon toga draped artfully upon her body, Alex made her way up the tree laden path to Hera's temple. A dark, sick feeling welled up inside the pit of her abdomen. Her instincts told her to run as fast as she could and hide until she can found evidence that proved her innocence. The thing was though, Alex wasn't innocent. She killed her sisters. She knew this, and wore it heavily on her heart. Although she wasn't in control of herself or her powers, the Gods will not see it like that. Amazons, above all else, should always be prepared for adversary. It is the constant vigilance that has kept her Mother's people alive for this long. For this fact, Alex understands that they cannot simply bend the rules for her benefit. Despite this, she hopes beyond any possible hope that the odds are in her favor today.

How could she possibly prove that she was hijacked, though? Every single person that could vouch for her is dead. Slaughtered by her own sword. Blood soaked grass and Maia's decapitated beautiful face flash before Alex's eyes. The shaking started. She couldn't control it. She stopped dead in her tracks, and allowed the flashbacks to overcome her mind. Punishment. Penance. Whatever it was, she wasn't about it fight it. Strong arms broke her out of her reverie, encased Alex in a comforting hold. Someone spoke to her softly.

"I'm here," the voice cooed, "I will not leave you. We will do this together."

"Yes, together." A second voice added, reassurance laced her voice. "We will have your...how does the saying go, Di?"


"Yes! We have your rear!"

Laughter bubbled in Alex's throat. Soon, she clutched her sides at the absurdity of the sentence. She glanced between her mother and aunt. Both sisters wore identical knowing smirks and noticed that the inside joke between the three wasn't lost on Alex. After a few minutes of blissful amnesia, she straightened her spine. Drawing from the strength of these two wonderful women next to her, Alex lifted her chin and pressed her lids closed. If her Aunt Donna had the capacity to make a joke during a time like this, then surely Alex could find her composure. Whether it be a prolonged state of shock or just nerves, she straighten her back regally.

"I'm ready." She holds her palms out for them to take. "Thank you. I love you both, no matter what is about to happen."

Scene: Themyscria; Hera's temple.

"Hera, Queen of the Gods, I ask for an audience to contest for my powers and my life. Please, I will not dishonor you any further. I simply wish to-"

"I believe that your wishes will never be granted again, Alexandria. Not after the atrocities you have committed today." Hera appeared abruptly, anger rolling off her godly form in waves.

Alex, who stood at the altar lighting candles, fell to her to knees. Her head bowed so low that her forehead almost grazed the cold stone beneath her. She heard shifting behind her, knowing that her mother and aunt were bowing to the Queen of the Gods as well.

"Your grace, I understand and accept your anger. I have done terrible, unimaginable things to my Amazon sisters. I beg for your forgiveness." Alex rushed out, fearing that Hera would not listen and just vaporize her on the spot.

"Forgiveness?" the Goddess of Women stated coldly, "Oh my dear. It is not just my forgiveness that you must beg for. We have been waiting to see if you would show your disgraceful face." Hera clapped her hands. The cavernous temple was instantly filled with blinding beams of light. Alex knew better than to raise her head.

"Rise child," Commanded a new voice. Zeus. King of the Gods. "and prepare to plea for, not just your powers, but your life."

With her raven head still down, she rose unsteadily to her feet. The shaking started again, but this time it was worse. Her knees knocked together and her hands shook so violently that her arms began to tremble. She attempted to calm her breathing, Alex finally exhaled and lifted her head after several minutes. She was greeted with the sight of thirteen very angry Olympians. Alex steeled her spine, evened her stance, and began her plea. She told the Gods of her arrival to Themyscria that day and the training session with Maia. The haze that clouded her mind and eyes as she gutted and murdered her seven sisters. The way in which she couldn't control her actions and her attempts to stop the bloodshed from going any further. Finally ending with the haze being lifted and the realization of what she did. It didn't take long for the Olympians to begin arguing over the validity of her statement.

"She is lying. This much is obvious. Let's just send her to Tartarus and be done with this nonsense." Alex's heart plummeted as Ares spat venomously. She vaguely saw the agreeance of several other Olympians.

"Maybe not Tartarus" Aphrodite interjected thoughtfully, "but another punishment? Eternal assistant to moi perhaps? I could use the help with my more….grueling tasks." Alex did not like the evil glint in the Goddess of Love's eye one bit. Her instincts told her that these tasks had nothing to do with making people fall in love and fuck like rabbits.

"What about something a la Prometheus? I have not seen a good chained liver pecking via vulture in a while." Apollo asserted with a wistful smile. Alex started to panic as she heard even more murmurs of agreement.

"I believe her." A solitary voice spoke softly among the murmurs. Silence ensued. All eyes were on Artemis. She looked at no one but Alex though. Her stormy grey eyes regarded Alex thoughtfully, as if she wasn't entirely positive about this declaration and was still deliberating.

"As do I."

"And I."

Both Athena and Hestia spoke up, backing up Artemis' claim. Relief flooded through Alex's still slightly quaking body. She was grateful that someone besides her family believed her. Today would have gone much differently if Artemis hadn't vouched for her. Alex thought hearing the Olympians quarreling was bad before, but those instances didn't even come close to comparing the discord that ensued next.

"An outrage!"

"She is clearly guilty, Artemis. The human even confessed!"

"Are you suddenly in favor of the slaying of the Amazons now, dear sisters? If that's the case, than just wipe out their whole race. In fact, have the girl do it. She's obviously unfazed by carnage."

"I have said nothing of the sort, Ares. I will stand by Alexandria Wayne and her statement. I can sense deeply foul sorcery at play here. Has your mind been so clouded by your discretions with various mortals that you have forgotten how to detect such things?"

"I have forgotten nothing, sister. Perhaps you should mind your tongue before I teach you some respect."

"Teach me? Pah. My skills far surpass yours, brother. I would love to see you try and match my fury."

"Ares! Athena! Let's just all calm down…"

"Make one more step, Ares, and I assure you it will be your last." Artemis sprang into action as she noticed Ares lunge for Athena and Hestia, drawing a silver bow from her quiver of magical arrows. She was known for having never missed a target. "You may not die completely, but reforming in Tartarus will take a few hundred years for you. Tread lightly and sit your ass down." Artemis threatened quietly, she inched her way to the aforementioned goddesses sides; her bow still at the ready and aimed at the God of War's skull.


Zeus' voice boomed throughout the cavernous temple. The Olympians went silent. Hestia, Artemis, and Athena standing protectively in front of Alex; Ares, Aphrodite, and Hera opposing the group; all the remaining Olympians stood to the side, watching the exchange with mild interest. Zeus strode into the heart of the scuffle.

"I have a solution that will please both sides," He began, taking his time to look at each god in turn. "We will spare Alexandria's life. As penance for her crimes, she shall be stripped of her earned Amazonian powers-"

"That is nothing compared to the massacre that she has commi-"

"Hush! I am not done just yet." Zeus smiled malevolently, he spun slowly on the spot until he was directly facing Alex. His obsidian eyes bore into hers. For a slight moment, she thought that he would disintegrate her on the spot; but she held her ground, waiting for his final verdict.

"Her powers will be restored to her sporadically, so that she could prove her worth once more. No moment will be safe, and she will live in fear of hurting those she loves most with her…enhanced powers. Which you will know nothing about. Let us see just how deserving you are of these gifts. All in favor?"

Alex hollowly viewed ten to three majority ruling. "No moment will be safe.." This could very well have been her worst nightmare realized. To live out the rest of her days in fear of hurting those she loved? Isolating and detaching herself from all human contact? The God's were truly cruel. They knew her character and tailored this punishment for her. She rustled up the courage, deep within her, to thank the God's for sparing her life. As she went to bow again, Zeus called out to her.

"Oh and Alexandria? There will be various trials you have to face as well. Perilous and deathly as they might be, you must always be on your guard. No moment will be safe. Something the Amazons will have to relearn from your incident. I will grant you one gift, though." Alex's heart lifted unintentionally at the mention of a godly gift.

"I will take away your state of shock and you will confront the reality of your actions tenfold. Good luck keeping your sanity."

With a sudden crack of thunder all thirteen Olympians disappeared from the temple. Leaving Alex and her family in the wake of this disaster of an audience. As she slowly spun around to face her Mother and Aunt, expecting to find encouraging faces, she instead found their bodies lying in heaps on the cold stone floor. Frozen with fear, Alex's eyes scanned the bodies for signs of life. They were breathing. Good. They must have been rendered unconscious. But why?

"I had to attend this audience alone." She realized, "I must isolate myself now, to save those I love."

As the gravity of this revelation settled upon her shoulders, Alex's flashbacks return. But this time, they were worse than she ever thought possible. She noticed her mother pushing herself into an upright position, just as the ground rushed upon her body.

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