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Scene: Queen Hippolyta's bedroom chambers; lounge area.

"What in Hera's name do you think happen out there?"

"We can not be sure. We must await the Gods' full decision on this matter. Be patient, my daughters."

"Patience is not a virtue I possess at the moment, Mother. My daughter..." Diana faltered, searching for her words carefully, "I do not know how she could survive this with a whole mind."

Scene: Queen Hippolyta's bedroom chamers; bed.

Alex groaned. Her head was pulsating painfully. She could barely feel her fingers or toes. Her body felt uncooperative and awkward, as if she was laying in a single position for far too long. Numb and immobilized, all she could do was listen to the conversation taking place just outside where she was being held. Faintly, Alex heard someone shouting passionately. She froze and listened intently.

"...can't just go around making decrees without proper evidence!"

"Donna! Mind your tongue, child. These are still the Gods we are speaking of!"

"The Gods have played an unfair card, Mother. Surely, you can see that? You simply cannot suspect that Alex would do this of her own will and volition?"

"Of course I do not suspect Alexandria!" snapped Hippolyta, she sighed heavily before continuing, "All I know is that all of Themyscria is in an uproar. The island is divided. Some of our sisters aren't in agreeance with our tentative decision of this...predictament. Truthfully, my daughters, I am not sure how long I can keep the peace."

"The sisters have doubts that Alex was possessed?" Donna sounded profoundly shocked.

"Unfortunately so. Especially with the Gods' verdict."

"Taking away her powers, when only she was granted them for a short time." Donna scoffs, "It's immoral, even for the Gods."

Alarm struck Alex so suddenly, it was as if every muscle in her body that was once numb, came to be on fire. Sweat broke out on her brow and upper lip, and her face grew heated in an instant. They didn't believe her? How could they think- how could they even suspect her to do such a thing? Her powers? Her powers are gone?

"Powers...Gods...Blood. Blood." Alex slurred sloppily.

Although her mind was racing a mile a minute, the words coming out of her mouth sounded disjointed and garbled. Unintelligent and confused. Connecting all these powerful thoughts and feelings in such a small span of time, caused Alex's brain to temporarily short-circuit.

She felt soft but strong hands on her face in no time. Stroking her tousled hair lovingly. Mom. Alex struggled to open to eyes, not just from her exhaustion, but from fear. The last time she saw with her eyes, she gazed upon a massacre of her doing. Or seemingly her doing anyway.

Alex peaked at her mother through her eyelashes. Diana's tender eyes bore into Alex's; scanning all over her face to make sure that it really was her daughter and that she was of sound mind. Honestly, Alex wasn't so sure about the latter, but she figured that if she could have her own thoughts swarming about in her head, than she must be herself again.

"Little Moon," Diana says cautiously, "How are you feeling?"

Alex take her time responding, because truthfully, she doesn't know. So instead of lying to her family, she decides on a different approach.

"Mom," Alex starts uneasily, "what the hell happened to me?"

A pregnant and uncomfortable silence follows her question.

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