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Chapter One-Hurt

Katara's mind races as she plops down on her soft bed. She smiles into the sheets. Had that really just happened? Please don't be a dream, please don't be a dream! Katara thinks to herself. Another smile slips across her face as she thinks back to the kiss that just happened. The kiss that she will never forget, ever, in her lifetime; the kiss her true love just gave her.

At first she was uncertain about her feelings for him, she knew she loved him, but she had to disguise it. She didn't want to fall in love with him, only because she didn't want to get hurt. Now Katara knows that she can't get hurt. So she can finally let the flood gates open and confess her feelings. That kiss, that marvelous kiss on Iroh's balcony. Aang kissed her so passionately and held her so tight. She did the same back. Katara screams into her pillow as she tries to get rid of the adrenalin rush coarsening through her body. She loves Aang. Now she is certain because peace is restored and nothing else bad can happen.

One year later

Katara hysterically sobs over Aang's lifeless body. It all happened so fast. Small fires still burn by her feet. A pool of blood was under Aang from his open skull bleeding. Sokka and Toph stand behind Katara letting tears drip down their faces.

No one knew the attack was coming. The Fire Nation rebel's attacked so quickly, not even Toph could give a proper warning before they showed up. They surrounded Iroh's tea shop leaving them with no escape. Literally hundreds and hundreds were lined up around the shop, ready to fight. Katara fought off the fire attacks, putting out the flames with her Waterbending. Toph took care of the Di Le agents, fending off their striking earth attacks. Sokka did the best he could to protect himself and injure as many rebels as possible. Then Aang bent all elements determined to protect himself and his friends. He went into the Avatar state, his tattoos a godly glow. He was sane and completely stable. All he did was summon the power of the past Avatars to his advantage. However, Aang paid the ultimate price. His heart no longer had a steady beat to it. It would just pump small amounts of blood every couple of seconds, but nothing more.

Katara thought back to what had happened before, what caused this. Aang just entered the Avatar State. Every one stands by and watches. His power is incredible. He is fending off the many who tried to come at him. He was distracted. That's what caused this horrific tragedy. Di Lee agent's leapt from the ground so quickly that Katara barely saw it. Before anybody knew it one flung a large boulder at Aang's bald head. It hit it's mark, right in the back. Aang collapsed to the floor. His breathing labored and his eyes barely open his tattoos glow slowly fading away. Katara didn't even have time to scream before the next bolder hit him on the crown of the head, knocking him out.

She leapt at them as they slammed another bolder into Aang's skull. That would be the last Earthbending they would ever do.

Katara was now on autopilot. She ran as fast as she could to Aang, flinging sharp ice crystals at any one who tried to stop her. The same Di Lee agent's that flung the boulders at Aang stepped in front of Katara, ready to fight. With a fluid motion Katara knocked them all off their feet with a water whip. Then she struck them, sending deadly ice towards their limbs. Aang wouldn't want her to kill. So she honored what she knew he would want, but left them for the advancing Fire Lord.

Zuko got to the Di Lee agents just in time to see Katara fall to her knees next to Aang and begin treating his mangled skull with healing water.

Iroh ran as fast as he could up to the three sobbing teens. Zuko trailed behind, leading healers up to Aang. Both also had tears brimming in their eyes. Without a word the healers swiftly took Aang from Katara's shaking arms and took him into the tea shop only yards away.

Katara looked to her blood covered hands. Aang's head had broken open in several different areas letting blood flow from the cuts onto her hands. Katara couldn't take it, her hysterias becoming more violent. Instantly she wiped her hands rapidly on her clothes, as if Aang's blood was some kind of poison. Now whimpering with each hard stroke she gave to her over dress wanting the blood off her hands. "Get off. Get off. GET OFF!" she finally scram at the top of her lungs.

Toph and Sokka both flinched at the sudden outburst. However after the outburst Katara doubled over sobbing violently into her open palms that were still stained the eerie shade of red.

Iroh had gone with the healers to help in some way, but his nephew stayed. Sheepishly Zuko slowly made his way over to Katara's shaking form and put a light hand on her back. Sokka then followed and instantly took his weeping sister into his arms, holding her tightly in his embrace. Zuko nervously patted her back when Toph comes up. She instantly walks in front of Katara and grabs her face and takes it away from Sokka's chest. Katara looks up at Toph's glassy eyes. She would have thought to hear something from Toph, something reassuring. Or maybe she just hoped for an actual hug from her blind friend, but instead she got the total opposite.

Toph holds up Katara's head with one hand and then raises the other. In a swift movement Toph slaps Katara's cheek. Katara's eyes go wide and she cradles her stinging cheek in her palm. "Get a hold of yourself Sugar Queen," she yells at her friend. "I know you are in love with Aang and all but seriously, crying won't didly squat for him. Get up and do something!"

All Toph gets is three surprised eyes gazing back at her. She feels the surprise and sighs. "Well, you guys can be all surprised if you want, but I'm going to see how Aang is." Toph says then gets up from her bent over position and begins to walk away.

Katara wipes the tears from her eyes and stands up abruptly, leaving Zuko and Sokka still in the kneeling position. "Toph is right," Katara says wiping her cheeks viciously leaving them red. "Crying won't help Aang." And with that said, Katara walks away swiftly, waiting to hear if Aang will be ok, or not. He will be fine, Katara thinks. Fine, completely fine. Fine, fineā€¦ That word kept echoing in Katara's conscious.

Finally Katara makes it inside the Tea Shop. She weaves through the tables, to a stair case that leads to the loft upstairs. Swiftly she bolts up the steps, to find Toph sitting on the couch looking rather board. Iroh is sitting at the table fiddling with his thumbs and looking blankly into the distance.

Katara can hear the faint voices of the healers in Aang's room down the hall. Swiftly making her way across the wooden floor Katara slips into the chair next to Iroh. "What's the news?" she asks.

Iroh sighs, "There is none yet." He states flatly.

"They won't even let us in." Toph states.

Just then Zuko and Sokka materialize through the door and take a seat. Every one sits in silence for hours on end, thinking, processing, and praying.

As the sun is setting Katara can't take it any longer she needs to talk to the healers. She pushes up from the table, and uses her slightly weak legs to walk to Aang's room down the hall.

The door is closed and healers hushed voices can be heard from the other side. Shyly Katara brings her hand up to knock, only to have the door open abruptly. Katara's dark hair flutters slightly from the breeze the door created. "We need more cloth." The male healer states flatly.

"Um, oh. Uh, alright, I will just go tell Iroh," Katara says a little flustered. She turns to get the cloths, but turns back. "Is Aang, is he going to be okay?"

The healer looks at her with sadness in his eyes, "Go get those cloths, please." Is all he says before he shuts the door hastily. Katara tries to swallow the lump forming in the back of her throat. The healer didn't make it sound like Aang was going to be alright. Quickly Katara walks into the living room and looks to Iroh, "Iroh," his head turns, "They need more cloth." She states weakly.

Iroh slowly gets up from his chair and walks over to a row of cabinets and opens them. He pulls out a bundle of white cloth from the cabinet then shuts it. Iroh then walks over to her without a word and hands her the cloth. Katara grabs the cloth then turns on her heels and heads back towards Aang's room. She knocks on his door and the same healer comes to it. Instantly her eyes fix on Aang's abdomen, the only part of his body not obstructed from view by the swarming healers. His chest rises and falls at a somewhat steady matter, and that's all she could hope for.

Katara lets out the breath she was holding and absentmindedly hands the cloths the healer. Once the healer had the cloths in his hands he abruptly shuts the door, leaving Katara face to face with the dark wood.

With heavy steps Katara drags her feet to the other side of the hallway. Sliding down the wall she hits the wooden ground. Katara's eyes never leave the door in front of her. I never got to tell him, Katara thought will drowsy eyes, I never got to tell him I love him.

And once that thought races through her tired mind her eyes close and she falls into a restless slumber.

Katara is awoken by someone slightly shaking her hunched shoulders. She opens her eyes tiredly and surveys her surroundings wondering why she is not in her bed. Sokka's cobalt blue eyes stare into her drowsy ones. Katara averts her eyes from his gaze to find she is in the hall way, with a blanket draped over her shoulders. She turns her gaze back to Sokka. "Hey, guess what," he asks with happy eyes. Katara looks at him with confusion. "Aang's awake," Sokka states happily.

At the mention of Aang's name it instantly perks Katara up. She pops up from her bent over position and leaps across the hall to Aang's closed door. Shyly she knocks on the mahogany door, suddenly feeling butterflies form in her stomach, but why?

The door opens and the face of a smiling healer greats her. The healer opens the door to let Katara in.

Once Katara sees Aang awake, sitting up, and alert she can't control herself. "Oh my spirits, Aang. I'm so happy you're alright," she exclaims racing over to him to embrace the Airbender. She wraps her trembling arms around Aang. He however, doesn't hug her back. His strong arms just dangle down by his sides. Katara looks up quizzically to Aang, amazed to find he looks quite confused as well. "Aang?" she asks looking into those stormy eyes that brim with confusion.

Aang clears his throat and looks at Katara with pure horror, confusion, and sadness. Making those grey eyes of Aang's seem empty. "And, who are you?" he asks. As much as Katara wants to believe he is playing a horrible joke on her, she can't. No lies show in Aang's silver eyes.

He has no idea who stands in front of him.

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