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Devastation to Tragedy

"Princess, what will you have us do?" A small rather pudgy man questions from around the dimly lit room.

The Princess adjusts her burning arm by her side trying to fight away the pain. She will not wear a sling in front of anyone. It will cause her to look weak. And the weak are made for target practice.

She purses her lips. A sour and bitter look sharpening her features in the orange glow of a single lantern. The dripping of water falling off the rugged walls brings dampness to the groggy air. A dampness that sets her nerves on edge. "Yakone, are you strong enough to bloodbend?" She snarls, ignoring the other's question.

Yakone glances at her wickedly for only a moment before his eyes dart towards the pudgy man. His pupils dilate to the point that they have almost disappeared into the iris. The man stiffens, his grip on the tables edge tightening to the point of whitened knuckles. His chubby face shows his pain and his practically non-existent lips are curled into a snarl revealing his yellow teeth. Continually he gasps for air as it's squeezed from him. Suddenly, he drops back to the floor, wheezing and coughing. Yakone yet again glances at the princess only this time an evil grin on his face.

"I want to deploy as soon as possible. I want to hit her –them– where it hurts the most. The South Pole is our next battle ground." She speaks evenly, as always. "Well don't stand around like a bunch of idiots, start preparing. And someone get me maps of the South Pole. Now!" She demands.

They all bow quickly, saying their hast fear driven words in unison. "Yes, Princess Azula."

Maybe Devastation isn't over. Maybe there will be a sequel. Be on the look out for the second book TRAGEDY coming soon.