Dear Readers,

Before you start showing off your insufferable IS fandom knowledge and showering me with retarded, hollow cusses, do note that this fanfiction is an Alternate Universe - Alternate Reality (a.k.a. AU-AR) continuation of the anime series only, specifically S01 and OVA01. Information from the original light novel series by Yumizuru-sensei, or the more obscure manga adaptations are food for the shredding machines.

Also, this fanfiction works on a selective-canon basis; e.g, the Ichika here isn't a piece of flat cardboard character like the original depiction in the anime, and eventually he'd grow real balls of steel that would put every animu harem sissies to utter shame. Deeper plot and character development will be the main focus, and fan-service bullshits are more for satiric shenanigans than to satisfy your cringy fanboy fantasies, yada yada. I'll try my best to make sure all the canon characters stay in-character as much as possible, but I don't want them to become dumb bitches like their anime counterparts.

Don't worry if you're a bit confused with the prologue chapter due to the introduction of a mysterious OC—this is only the beginning, and more will be revealed bit by bit as the story progresses further.

Yours Sarcastically,

Byakuya no Tsubasa: Wings of the Midnight Sun | IS: Infinite Stories by kurotsuba.

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