Chapter 12: Is that you Chloe?

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Zak's POV

Something was off. Fisk, Komodo, Zon, and other cryptic around the world is going crazy. They all have the orange glow.

Zak: I am not even using my powers. How could of this happened?

Drew: I have no idea.

Doc: I do. The nagas told you that the new Kur is basically Chloe right.

Zak: So that means that they tapped into Kur's powers and realese it.

Doc: That's right.

Zak: We can't hurt Chloe.

Drew: What should we do then?

Zak: Figure out where they are. The one place they would hide at is one place.

Drew, Doc, and Zak: Naga's lair.

Doyle: (comes in) What's the plan?

Drew: Basically break Chloe out of his control.

Doyle: Just improvise then.

Doc: That's the plan.

Doyle: I'm good with that.

We had already left the Kumari Kundam. Ulraj put the leadership in his most trusted guard. We were all heading towards the naga's lair. However, only Zak, Komodo, and Fisk have been inside of there. That will be proven to be a heck of a problem.

Drew: Zak come here.

Zak: Okay then.

We came over to Drew and she had out a map.

Drew: Do you know where all the stuff is?

Zak: Only a few but it will help to give out an idea.

I pointed the things I remembered on that one day where I was temporally captured.

Drew: That's all.

Zak: They didn't give me a grand tour or anything like that.

Drew: That won't help us. If this all you can remember, I am proud of you.

Zak: Thanks mom.

We then went over to Doc who was flying the airship.

Zak: Are we here yet?

Doc: Yes.

We landed and we went to the river. Doc and Drew got out a boat and we all hoped inside. We had to leave my brothers behind due to Chloe's powers. I hope Chloe is okay. We drove along the river and we stopped at the middle. There were multiple submarines and separated. I was with Doyle, Wadi and Ulraj. Drew, Tyler and Doc were right behind us with a bigger submarine. We dove underwater and went to surface of the water. We peeked out and saw Chloe walking by. She seemed different and evil. Poor Chloe. She turns and walks into the tunnel and disappears. We go up closer and-

?: What you guys doing here?

We turned around and saw Chloe. She had her hair in one long braided ponytail and she had on a black jacket over a white t-shirt. She was wearing black boots and black pants. Damn her powers at times.

Zak: Is that you Chloe?

Chloe: I am not Chloe.

If she is not Chloe then she is him.

Zak: You are-

Chloe *grins* Kur.

Everyone gasped.

Chloe/Kur: Oh it's not that shocking. Zak was supposed to be my host but due to Argost, you lost your powers but still remained as Kur. You were useless to me until I found innocent Chloe. She didn't know she was being controlled. Stupid girl. I used her to get my essence into her. Now I got more powers than I could have than with Zak.

Zak: Chloe wake up.

Chloe/Kur: I told you that I am not Chloe. She is asleep for eternity or she is watching this through her eyes or my eyes and she can't do a thing about it.

Chloe appeared to the side of Chloe/Kur. She was in her usually cloths and her hair was in ponytails again.

Chloe: Go you guys. Get the smoke mirror, flute of Gilgamesh, and Argost.

Zak: But-

Chloe: GO! I will teleport Kur out of here while you run.

I nodded and we retreated with a new mission on our hands. To get the smoke mirror, the flute, and Argost. All of these will be hard to get due to certain reasons. The easiest will be Argost, but he died. How are we supposed to find him? Chloe, we would love a hint.


Zak: Did you hear that?

Everyone shook their heads. I know that I must be going crazy.



Zak, thank goodness. I thought I might have not worked.

This telepathic thing.

Yes, I gained a new trick. I can communicate with you.

Why me?

I couldn't reach the others.

Okay so how do we get to Argost.

To get to Argost, you have to go through the smoke mirror. You and Zak Monday must meet up and create where everything gets all wacko. Wait for a few minutes and then a door should appear. Enter through the door and there you will find Argost. Oh yeah the smoke mirror, ask Tyler and Doyle about it. And the flute will also be found inside the smoke mirror. The same guy that got you will that flute the first time around. He will be good.

Okay then.

I will try to talk to you later.

Goodbye Chloe.

Goodbye Zak.

The connection ended. That now reminds me to ask Tyler and Doyle about it. I will ask them later when we get to the airship. For now, we have a new mission on our hands.