A/N: Love to signofthetimes, CB and reviewers.

After hearing the awesome 'Rains of Castemere' on Game of Thrones, I decided it might be a fun challenge to write some songs for the SIH-verse.

All of these are parts of a verse, so if you haven't read 'Strange and Invisible History' and 'Influence of Souls' you're apt to be confused.

I have no idea what tune this one would go to-if any of you have a suggestion, give me a yell and I'll edit to reflect it.

Also, the girls have a different song to reflect their being, well, ladies. During the Siege of Castle Krum, a lot of our siege-breakers were singing this.

Men of Durmstrang, words by Vasilys of Minsk, tune by Anonymous


Men of Durmstrang, seize your hour!

Sons of Europe's might and power,

Rise against the tyrant vicious,

Rise against the slandr'ous lie

Verse One:

Can't you hear them coming for us?

See them waiting in the darkness

Give them ice and give them fire

Men of Durmstrang never tire

Verse Two:

Pressing bravely ever onward

Sons of Durmstrang never falter

Never flee and never fail

To keep their solemn vow

Verse Three:

Arise, arise and meet your foe!

Show them all what Durmstrang teaches

Far beyond the dear school's reaches

Men of Durmstrang keep their vows!