A/N: Love to signofthetimes, CB and reviewers.

This is a seriously awful song. I mean really, really bad. For one thing, how the hell is this fellow talking...and talking...and talking?

On the other hand, it's intended as a propaganda piece for the War in Wales in 1992. And Amycus wrote the lyrics, so don't look at me. He's not the worst sort of Death Eater, Amycus, but I think we've established that song-writing is not his forte, to say the least.

It's based on a real-life song from the American Civil War. 'The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, by William Shakespeare Hays, is...not to the modern taste, to say the least, though even I won't go so far as to mock it. It's on Youtube, if anyone is interested.

The first verse fits the music of that song, though nothing else does. Suggestions are welcomed as always.

Are there other songs people might like? I'd like to do some (good ones) about the November War and other important events. What might people like?

The Dying Auror's Plea, words by Amycus Carrow and tune by Mamercus Jugson, circa 1992.


The Dark Lord defends us from danger

A debt we can never repay

Though our brave aurors try and many will die

For the gift of His Lordship's love.

Verse One:

On Snowden's low and bloody hill,

A dying auror lay

And called his comrades round him

Heed well what he did say

Verse Two:

'Brothers, brothers, my race is run

The foul werewolves have taken my life

But I die content, with a smile on my face

Though I leave a young son and a wife'

Verse Three:

'For my death is just the beginning

His Lordship's command I obeyed

And answered His call, and gave it my all

And my sacrifice He will repay'

Verse Four:

'Go to my wife and tell her

My thoughts were of her and my boy

Tell her to teach him to serve our Cause

For the sake of the life we enjoy

Verse Five:

'For when his turn comes,

I will help him, aiding him from above

As he defends Britain and Wizarding life

Safe in a father's love'

Verse Six:

'And brothers, our Cause is a just one

For Britain demands all our best

And as the light fades, and my blood feeds the earth

And the sun sets red in the west'

Verse Seven:

'My thoughts are of home and of family

But alas! I am breathing my last'

Thus the auror did die, and his comrades did weep,

Though he was but asleep, safe in His Lordship's love.