The rain gently pours around me as I stand in it.

The drops on my face make me forget my predicament.

My cold hell and burning heaven.

The fact that I am not like normal people.

Normal people do not see faeries.

They do not have a magical tattoo on their back.

Nor did they cause a fight to break out between two powerful faery courts.

They are not in love with the two most powerful dark faeries.

The present and former ruler of the Dark Court.

With one I have a healthy love and a respect.

He listens to my wishes and is never impatient.

While the other is a addiction.

His ink is still inbedded into my skin.

His call awakens the part of me I've kept hidden since leaving the Dark Court.

A lust and desire so desperate.

He is my addiction.

One struggles with making the right decisions

While the other struggles with being selfless and loving two people.

If only it were a simple choice between the two.

But I am not the only one that loves these men.

They hold a deep bond and true love between themselves.

The love they both hold for me is equal to the love they hold for one another.

One I can have while the other I cannot.

But how do you live without one so dear.

How can I keep one to myself knowing that

I myself will yearn for the other,

As will my chosen mate.

If only they were not faeries of the Dark Court.

Maybe then we could all be together.

But one has a duty to the Court as ruler,

While the other has a duty to the ruler

And is addictive and fatal to myself.

Who knew love was so bittersweet and painful.

The pleasure and pain mixes together when I am with them.

My dear, scarred love is gentle with me and keeps his distance.

While my darker, inked-lover watches over me and loves

from a distance without touching.

I stand out in the rain because I know they will come for me.

They value my health and will not stand for me being sick.

I feel a prescence between me as a dark shadow appears before me.

I knew they would come.

My tender lover stands before me,

The rain caressing the scar on his lovely cheek.

His dark eyes are full of love and understanding.

He reaches out to me and I take his hand.

A certain warmth runs through me and I do not feel alone.

I turn, while still holding his hand, to face our passionate lover.

His midnight eyes watch us with eternal love and acceptance.

His posture is more relaxed and more intimate.

His gaze sends electricity through my body and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks.

The shadows fade from his face and a cheeky grin finds its ways onto his face.

He then looks upon our tender lover's face.

I watch as they communicate with their eyes.

Centuries of history and love is exchanged through this contact.

I am not jealous as I watch them. I feel a sense of contentment watching my lovers freely give each other affection.

I know that I cannot touch my dark lover without the fear of becoming addicted.

Our gentle lover understands and reaches out towards him.

The darker does not hesitate and gently takes our sweet Niall's hand.

Irial draws closer to us and a wave of love and happiness washes over me.

We may not be able to all be together, but I am content for this moment of solitude.

This single moment of contentment is worth all the pain.

It's complicated and irrevocably dangerous, but it's mine.


It's our love and

We would not have it any other way.