"Artemis, you have the go ahead."

"Copy that, Director."

She took a breath to center herself before extending her force over the compound. She could feel the heavy metal door to the cell, and behind it, two huddled figures. She closed her eyes to focus, dipping into the seams of the complex lock and working the tumblers.

"We don't have all day, Artemis. Enemies enroute to your locale, ETA three minutes. Armed," the voice spoke cooly into her ear piece. She ripped it out. She needed to focus.

The tumblers were cool and heavy. There were so many of them, she had to strain to feel the wear marks along their lengths. Suddenly, almost surprising herself, the last one clicked into place and the lock opened. She pulled the heavy door back while her force was still there, knowing it was too heavy to open effectively with her arms.

"Artemis!" Castor and Pollux greeted from behind the door. The twins braced each other. SHIELD suits torn and bloodied, but nothing they wouldn't survive. You could already see where the Stark Industries nanobots had begun repairing their wounds microscopically.

"Baddies inbound. Let's get to Phil and get the hell out of here," She said before they took off jogging. She replaced her comm, "Greek's to Soccer Mom, is the minivan here?"

"Be right there, sis. And don't call me Soccer Mom."

"See you at the rendezvous, SM."

She could hear the director angry in hear ear but she took out the ear piece again and focused on getting to the quinjet.

"That was irresponsible and could have cost us not only your lives, but the lives of the back up team, our hidden agents, and the intel we have been working on getting for months. You pull that shit again and you're going to be on an extended suspension, do you understand me, Agent Artemis?" Natasha glared angrily at the agent.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Dismissed." The redheaded director said before crumbling back into a mother and grabbing Vera to her. "If you do that shit again you are grounded. No missions for a month. And stop calling your brother Soccer Mom."

"Sorry, mom."

"Just because he's your handler, and basically wrangles you like children doesn't mean you get the chance to berate him all the time. He's your little brother, so be nice or he'll fuck with your weapons."


"I love you."

"I love you too."

"The Stark Twins are in the medical bay if you want to see them."

"Where's dad?"

"He's busy coordinating training procedures for the new recruites."

"Ahh, what kind?"

"Marksmen, snipers, and spotters."

"So basically they're fucked?"

"Language! And yes. Uncle Tony and Bruce wanted to see you, they've got some new suits for you to try out. And Tony wants to talk to you into some thrusters. And Xavier has some new students for you to meet soon, do you have weekend plans with Alexi?"

"No, I can do Sunday. And woo new flight trials!" she mocked with an eye roll. Tony had been trying to get all the agents airborne, it wasn't working in his favor.

"He just wants you to be safe."

"I know."

"Vera, you did good. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, Director Romanoff." She saluted her mother before hugging her and bounding off to the lab. Just another day at SHIELD.