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"..." = dialogue

'...' = thought

italic = sound effects

"YO-HOO~!" The self proclaimed Detective Assistant makes her entrance as energetic as always.

creeeaakkk… The shoji* door she slam behind her let off a dangerous shrieking noise.

"Mayura… this house will break down if you open a door like that." Said the tall blonde man that sit behind a desk in that small shabby old house.

"Like that would happen. Silly you, Mr. Detective" said Mayura smirking.

Rattle rattle.. THUD. The door fall down behind her with a loud thud. The two of them look at the shabby door behind her that just break down. Mayura turn her head slowly and smile nervously "ehe?".

He sigh and look at her, "What are you doing today coming here, Mayura?" ask him lazily. "Well, to look for mysteries of course!" she said while making strange poses with that swirling glasses she pull off of nowhere every time she said "Fushigi Mysteries!"**

"as I thought.." he smiled faintly while shaking his head. Mayura came to her original self (without the swirling glasses) and stared at him with an odd look in her eyes.

He noticed it shortly and ask "Is there something on my face?" "No. No.." She answer immediately, but her odd stares soon come in with a slight of sadness in them "It's just I feel this nostalgic feelings everytime I see you.." she said with a sad smile.

He was dumbfounded and have a slight blush on his check for a second, the he ask her with a faintly sad smile "You ever come here, Mayura?" "No, I don't recall anything from the snake or the dog" She continue with a grin on her face, pointing at his snake pet and dog.

"I must be wrong. Hehe.." She blush and scratch her head. "Well, I'm looking forward for any mysteries, Mr. Detective!" she punch the air while posing with her swirling glasses again. " I'm just going for a walk" he turned to the aquarium and smile tenderly to his snake and dog "I'll be going now."

Mayura stares at him a while and follow him go outside.


They walk alongside the road. It's a nice day that day, the weather's nice, the sun shine brightly and light breeze blowing. Birds chirping on trees along the roadside.

"It's a nice weather Mr. Detective. We should go play in the beach!" Mayura walks slowly and look to the sky with a hand cover her eyes so the sun light not blinded her.

The Detective stop suddenly, while Mayura keep walking while looking at the sky, and she eventually bumped into him. "oww! Heey… Don't stop suddenly like that!" She rub her nose that bumped to his back.

"yeah.. we should." He said with his back still on her. "It's been a while since we go to the beach.."

"Have we ever go to the beach together Mr. Detective?" Mayura said, confuse with his saying, she waited for an answer but he did answer nor turn his face to her and keep on walking.

"Heey! Wait for me!" Mayura run a bit to keep up with his pace. Mayura thought wonder while looking at that tall blonde man's back.

'…. Mr Detective? '

-to be continue-

*shoji = traditional Japanese room devider that slide to open. Made with washi paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo.

** Fushigi mysteries = strange/odd mysteries, the way Mayura said it in the anime

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