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"I've missed date night." I grinned, reaching out and snagging Alec with my arm to pull him closer.

He smiled a little and settled into my side as we walked, "I have to. Well. I've missed it when it's successful." I felt his elbow jab playfully into my side.

"Hey, I didn't know you'd be allergic to those flowers! Are you going to hold that date against me forever?"

"Potentially. I mean, it was our first date."

"Personally, I don't count that as our first date. I count that little Italian Restaurant downtown as our first date because that was the first time we went out after you came out to your parents."

"And because you didn't nearly kill me with plant life that time."

"I just can't win, can I?" I threw my arms up dramatically, scattering a group of pigeons from a near by ledge.

"Not on this."

"So stubborn." I poked him in the side and laughed as he jumped nearly off of the sidewalk and into the street. "You're so sensitive."

"I'm a demon hunter. Being 'sensitive' keeps me alive."

"You're not that sensitive in bed." I smirked. "Well, not that kind of sensitive."

"Magnus!" His eyes darted up and down the street as his face burned red.

"Relax. I doubt the homeless man on the stoop of 124 is going to spread that minor detail of our sex lives around the whole city."

"Shut up." He snapped.

"Hey," I started. I hadn't said anything that bad. There was no need to snap at me.

"Magnus, shut up!" Alec was digging in his pockets and a moment later yanked out his sensor, his keys falling to the ground as he did so along with a few assorted coins and a slip of paper.

The sensor was vibrating madly and glowing a faint blue. Alec and I both moved closer and swept our eyes up and down the street as Alec pulled out a blade and named it softly, its faint glow joining that of the sensor.

"It's got to be close for the sensor to be going off like this…but I don't see anything." Alec whispered, still scanning his eyes all over.

"Could it be beneath us?"

"Maybe…" He slid his hand back in his pocket and pulled out his phone, dialing a number I couldn't see. "Jace, There's something going on on fifth street, between Park and Jordan. My sensor's going off like crazy but there's nothing here." Alec paused, "Yeah. I'll wait." The phone clicked shut and was slid back into his pocket.

"Golden boy is coming to help? How sweet of him." Alec just rolled his eyes, haven long given up on getting me to play nice with Jace.

"Why don't you head home? I'll meet you there." Alec offered.

"Right. I'll just leave my boyfriend with self-sacrifice issues out on an abandoned road to wait for help while his sensor is vibrating so hard he can hardly hold on to it. Sounds brilliant." I quipped. If Alec actually thought I'd even consider leaving him here, he was an idiot. The boy was a magnet for trouble that couldn't be left alone as far as I was concerned.

"Fine. Stay then." Alec huffed and stomped away towards an alley.

"And he says I'm over dramatic." I mumbled as I followed him.

Alec walked up and down the alley, glaring at his sensor like it was capable of suddenly saying something like "whoops, sorry. False alarm. I just decided to be moody for the day because you didn't feed me." I had told Henry that they would be much more useful if they talked rather then just buzzed angrily, but had he listened? Of course not. Well…maybe he had and it had resulted in one of his numerous explosions. That was highly probable, given his track record. His experiments with sensors hadn't been nearly as catastrophic as his ones with portals thought. I could name at least two occasions where Charlot had called for me in the middle of the night because Henry had left some important body part on the other side of his dungeon lab and she had been afraid to call the Silent Brothers for fear he'd be thrown in prison for his experiments or something.

"So, where's this demon?" The drawl of my least favorite pretty boy asked, pulling me out of my rather amusing memories of the past.

"I have no idea." Alec said, shaking his sensor angrily.

"Well, yours isn't broken. Mine's going off to." Jace announced, pulling his from his pants to reveal it vibrating just as fervently as Alec's.

"Bet you enjoyed having that stuffed down there, didn't you, Angel boy?"

"Why don't you ask your boyfriend, Bane, his must've been in the same place after all."

"It was in my coat pocket, Jace!" I tried not to laugh when I saw how red Alec was, and wondered if Jace could tell as well in the dim light.

"Sure it was." Jace smirked, "Now are we going to find this demon or sit here making sexual innuendos about shadow hunter gear the rest of this wonderfully cold night?"

"Find the demon." Alec grumbled, stomping back out of the alley way.

"I'm telling you, it's got to be under us." I re-iterated. "We would've seen it by now if it wasn't."

As soon as I closed my mouth the ground beneath us pitched up. Jace leaped back, soaring nearly twenty feet and landing gracefully on stable ground. Alec fell and rolled with the momentum, shooting to his feet as soon as he completed the roll. Me? I fell rather ungracefully and did a very poor version of what Alec had done. It was a rather hard move to imitate in three inch platform boots after all. All three of us watched as the road split open and demons poured out. There had to be at least fifty, and there were multiple types. Everything from large, wolf like demons to scuttling raveners.

"Fall back!" Alec shouted, "We need help, there's to many."

Jace though, being as super special as he thought was, charged in anyways. And Alec, being the ever loyal parabati, charged in after him. And me, being the ever loyal boyfriend, called Izzy for backup.

I hung up the phone and took a deep breath, focusing in my magic in preparation to join the fight. As soon as I saw Alec, fighting a demon twice his size with only his one little blade, I ran towards him. I threw a spell to push the demon away and grabbed Alec, pulling him close to me.

"Magnus, let go damnit!"

"Your turn to shut up." I snapped my fingers, his bow and a quiver of arrows appearing in my hand. I slung the quiver around his shoulders and shoved the bow into his hands before he had time to react. "Be careful." I kissed him quick, then turned back to the fight. As long as Alec had his bow and arrows he'd be okay. That's what I told myself.

I threw another spell, trying to take out one of the deadliest demons. It was pretty small, about the size of a medium dog, and it resembled something of a porcupine. Each of it's bristling spines was coated in one of the deadliest types of demon poison, poison that could kill within seconds if you got even a little dose. The little bastard was quicker then he looked though, and most of my spells missed as it dodged between the cracked pieces of the road. Just as I was about to try again a ribbon of gold shot out and sliced it in half.

"I think you're losing your touch, Magnus. I remember you being better then this." I looked over to see Isabelle standing on the sidewalk in a skimpy black dress and thigh high shiny leather boots, her golden whip dangling at her side.

"It's been a long day, darling." I grinned. "Nice shoes."

"Don't you love them? Simon got them for me." She smirked.

"Rat boy has fashion sense?"

"How about you two discuss this over America's Next Top Model tomorrow, and help us kill the rest of this horde, hmm?" Jace shouted from the other side of the street.

"You know when America's Next Top Model is on, Blondie?"

"Shut it, Bane!" Jace spun and dispatched a ravener that had been trying to sneak up on him.

"You shut it."

The argument was cut off as a few straggling demons crawled and slithered out of the hole in the ground. I turned my attention to one resembling the offspring of a large wasp and a scorpion. It took two spells, but I managed to send the thing back to whatever dimension it had been summoned from. Before I could even enjoy the victory though I felt something slam into my side and I fell to the ground, smacking the pavement before I had time to catch myself.

I rolled and then froze, trying to force myself to believe that I'd been knocked out and what I was seeing was some horrible figment of my imagination. Alec was standing where I had been, standing ridged. A horn from a demon was protruding through his leg. Jumping up I tried to grab him, to pull him back. As I moved I saw the arrow that had been jammed through its head. My fingers brushed Alec's sleeve and I caught site of his blue eyes looking at me in desperation and terror. And then he was gone, sucked into the demon realm with the demon as it died.

He was gone.

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