Frasier wiped his mouth with his napkin before pushing himself away from the table.

"Well Daphne, that was certainly-."
"Horrible!" Martin interrupted.

"Dad, please! I was going to say that it was the most... interesting meal I've had in a long time."

Martin looked at his plate in disgust.

"Oh geez Fras, why don't you just tell her the truth? She's a terrible cook and I can't believe I'm still alive after eating this... whatever it is!"

"It's English stew with lamb!" Daphne yelled; aware that her voice had begun to quiver. The hot tears that had found their way to her eyes were now dangerously close to the surface.

"It's a secret recipe of me Grammy Moon's! She gave me the recipe so that I could make it after she died!"

"Yeah? Well, she should have taken it to her grave! Literally!"

Daphne's mouth fell open in horror. "Mr. Crane!"

"Dad, just... apologize and we'll forget this whole thing ever happened!"

"Fras, I'd like to forget it, but I have a feeling that my stomach will be reminding me of it sooner or later!"

Frasier turned to Daphne. "I'm sorry that Dad's being so insensitive."

"Me? What about you?" Martin yelled. "I don't see you helping yourself to another plate! In fact, you haven't even finished your first plate. Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I know awful when I taste it!"

Daphne scoffed. "Yeah, you were a detective! That's a very noble profession!"

"Well, I may not have been the greatest homicide detective but if I came across this crap in a crime scene, I'd pronounce it DOA!"

The hurtful comments cut like a knife but she refused to let Martin see her cry.

"All right, that's enough!" Frasier yelled. "Now, let's all try to get along and forget that this ever happened!"

"I don't see that happening anytime soon." Martin quipped.

"ENOUGH!" Frasier yelled. "We are going to forget about this... incident and never speak of it again! Do you understand me?"

"Sure, Fras."

Martin picked up his cane and hobbled over to his chair. "Hey boy." He said when

Eddie jumped into his lap. "Let's see what's on TV. Maybe we can fall asleep and dream of having a decent meal for a change!"

Daphne turned away, brushing the tears from her cheeks.

"Dad, I thought we agreed to forget about this."
unable to control her anger any longer, Daphne whirled around to face the men.

"How can you expect me to forget about it after all those horrible things you said? I'm sorry that I'm not a chef at one of your fancy restaurants, but I do my best to feed you! And you, Mr. Crane... You don't look like you've missed many meals!"

Martin's mouth fell open. "What the hell kind of thing is that to say to me? I'm not fat! I'm just-."

"It's from all those bloody beers!" Daphne snapped. "I've told you a million times, they're full of calories!"

"Well, I have to get my nourishment from somewhere, after eating the stuff you so boldly call-."

The insult stopped abruptly, causing Daphne and Frasier to follow Martin's gaze to the doorway, where the person Daphne cared about most was watching them with interest. The mere sight of him made her heart beat faster.