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"Unforgivable. Unforgivable." a voice inside a dark forest chanted.

"Unforgivable." the voice said the last time.

"How could those human girls broke my curse.. Unforgivable. I'll stop them. I'll stop them!" when the voice stopped, pictures started to appear on the water showing six young girls.

"That blonde haired girl.. No, I can't use her again. Yes, then I'll use this girl." the pictures disappear and the water reflected another picture of one of the girls.

"I'll show them. I'll show them what I've felt before!" the voice's laugh echoed through the dark forest, the tress shake with the laughter.

A red haired girl hold up in buns ran through the hall. Finally, she reached her class, slamming open the door just when her teacher shout out her name.

"Harukaze Doremi." a woman shout out.

"I'm here!" the girl said, holding the door open. "Since the class haven't started yet, I'm safe, right?" the girl said, rubbing the back of her head.

Seki-sensei glared at her for a while and sighed. "I guess you're safe now. Go to your seat." she said.

Doremi grin and walk in, closing the door and walk to her seat. "Good morning, Momo-chan."

"Morning. Did you overslept again?" the blonde haired girl asked.

"Yeah.." Doremi laughed lightly.

Seki-sensei glared at them. "Shut up! We're starting class now!" she said, pointing a book toward them.

"Yes! Sorry!" Doremi answered, taking her seat.

"Now, who can finish these problems?" Seki-sensei pointed toward the questions on the board.

Doremi looked at the problems and her shoulder slumped. 'This is gonna be a long day.' she thought.


Doremi looked at her best friend while putting in some of her books. "Yes?"

"Sorry, but I'm gonna be late today. I've got some things to ask Seki-sensei." Momo said, standing up.

"Oh.. Okay. Bye!" Doremi smiled and waved at her friend.

Momo nodded and smiled at Doremi.

When Momo had walked out of the class, Doremi sighed and finished putting in her things in her bag. When she was sure she had left nothing important, she walk out of the class.

"Doremi-chan!" Aiko and Hazuki called out.

"Ai-chan! Hazuki-chan!" Doremi smiled and ran toward them. "Where's Onpu-chan?" she asked.

"She has got some work to do." Hazuki replied.

"Oh.. Sorry, can both of you went to Maho-dou first?" Doremi smiled nervously and rubbed the back of her head.

"What's wrong?" Aiko asked as they walk out of the school.

"I forgot to take Dodo to school today." Doremi laughed lightly.

Hazuki sighed. "Just like always."

"Hey! It's not my fault I woke up late!" Doremi pouted.

Aiko laughed. "Yeah, yeah. You better come fast. We've got some work to do at Maho-dou."

"Okay!" Doremi ran out of the school and disappear around a corner.

Doremi keep walking toward her house, humming a song under her breath. Just half through her way, she saw a young woman struggling against her loads of bags. She tilted her head to the side and smiled slightly.

"Here. I'll help you." Doremi said as she take some of the bags.

The young woman looked at her and smiled. "Thank you." she said.

"It's alright." Doremi answered as they walked through the street.

"What's your name, little girl?" she asked.

"Doremi. Doremi Harukaze." Doremi answered.

The young woman chuckled. "My, you've got quiet a cute name." she said.

Doremi blushed. Usually when someone said that she will get offended, but somehow when the young woman is the one said it, it feels different, like it has some other meaning behind her word.

The left of the whole journey was a completely silent, arousing some uncomfortable feelings for Doremi.

'So awkward... Think! Doremi, think something to talk about!' the red haired girl thought to herself.

When she was about to spoke, the young woman's voice interrupted her.

"We're here." the young woman said.

"Eh?" Doremi looked up and saw a park in front of them. She knitted her eyebrows in confusion.

"We're here? But we're in a park." she said as she looked up at the older woman.

The older woman looked down at her and smiled. She grabbed Doremi's wrist and lead her toward a bench in the middle of the park.

"Sit here." the young woman took a seat at the bench and gesture Doremi to take a seat too. Doremi hesitantly took a seat beside the you woman and look at her in confusion.

"What happened? Is something wrong?" she asked in concern.

The young woman didn't answered her. Instead, she smiled and looked straight into her eyes.

Doremi feel completely uncomfortable with her gaze and tried to distract herself with other things. She found herself looking at the young woman's other detail. Long brown hair that reach her waist, tied in a ponytail. Pale skin and lean body, covered by a white elbow length sleeve shirt and a black skirt that reach her knee. A white floppy hat perched on top of her head, partly shadowing her face.

"Ummm..." she tried to start a conversation but stopped when she realized the same grey eyes still looking straight at her.

"You're such a cute girl." the young woman finally said.

"Eh?" was the only thing Doremi could said. It's not everyday she would find someone staring at her and called her cute.

"Thank you?" it came out more like a question. The young woman leaned toward her and Doremi unconsciously lean away from her.

The young woman smiled again and stretched her arm to touch Doremi's hair. "Such lovely hair you got too. Surely it will be good if you let it down." she said again, slowly smoothing Doremi's hair with her hand.

With every second past, Doremi grew more and more uncomfortable. She tried to lean away more but noticed that she had sat on the edge of the bench, no where to lean away again.

The young woman continued to rubbed her hair and slowly trailed down to her cheek, rubbing it slowly.

"Umm.." Doremi tried to talk again but the young woman make a hussing sound, gesturing her not to talk.

The young woman's smile grew even more. "I'm sure Hana-chan really love you, right? You're her mama, after all." she said as she lifted another hand and touched Doremi's other cheek.

"Eh? How did you.." she never finished her sentence as some kind of dark mist surrounded her. Her consciousness slowly disappearing. The last thing she saw was a broad dark grin on the young woman's face.

Hana looked up to the ceiling and frowned. Momo noticed this and looked at the other blonde haired girl.

"Hana-chan? What's wrong? Are you feeling alright already?" she asked. At this Aiko, Hazuki, Majo Rika and the fairies looked up too.

Hana looked at them, a frown still etched on top of her face. "Hana-chan is alright. The flu had gotten better, but..." she trailed off, looking down.

"But?" Hazuki asked.

"Something doesn't feel right." she said, looking at the ceiling again.

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