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Hadzuki's POV

When I saw Doremi lying on the bench in the middle of the park it feels like my blood had ran cold. Doremi... My friend.. My best friend.

It has been two months after Doremi fell asleep. Everyday, I went to see her with the others.

Ever since that time, everyone's mood seems to drop drastically.. Everyone, including me. Of course, Doremi, the one who had always connected us all is not here.

We had tried everything we could think of, but nothing.. nothing. We had even talked to the queen, but even she didn't know what had happened. They had never heard of anything like this before.

Now, I was walking down the street toward Doremi's house. I had always visited her before I went to Mahodou.

As I walked, wind blows and I tuck my hair behind my ears, sweeping them away from my face and looked up.

'Found you...'

My eyes widened and I looked behind me, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Eh?" I said, confused as I didn't see anyone.

My face turned pale, remembering my fear of ghost. I turned around again and gulped.

"It's just my imagination... Majorika.. Majorika..." I murmured to myself as I began to walked down the street again, looking down.

A sudden rustling sound came from on top of me and I screamed. I tried to ran but my head collided with something making my sight blurred.

I rubbed my forehead and looked at the thing my head collided with.


Correction. It whom, not what.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw a person hanging upside down. Their face partly shadowed by their hat they wear. Their right hand kept them up on the tree and the other hand clutched their hat to kept it on.


I blinked. Oh, from their voice they must be a she.

"Whaaa! Whaaa.. What are you doing there?" I asked, still rubbing my forehead.

I could see her grinning which make me even more confused. I took a step back and she jumped down the tree. After she landed, I could finally she her other feature beside half of her face. White long sleeve shirt, black short plaid skirt, black legging that reach the middle of her thigh and white tennis shoes. Her hair seems to be tucked in a black floppy hat that partly covered her face.

The girl grinned again and pulled her hat down even more. She walked closer to me and leaned closer, her grin still perched on her face.

"Sorry. Surprised you." she said, still holding her hat down.

I don't know what to say and still trying to get over my shock. A girl hanging upside down on a tree is not something you saw everyday.

The girl twirled around me for a few times and stopped behind me after a while. She slipped her hands around me and covered my eyes, blocking my sight.

"Nice meeting you. Gotta go now." I heard her say and I felt her hands slipped passed my eyes. I opened my eyes and immediately whirled around to see the girl.

No one. There's no one there. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. When I saw no one I take off my glasses and cleaned it up, putting it back at it's usual place on my face.

No one. I blinked again and my face began to paled.

"Khan.. Kh... Ghoossttt! Kyaaaaa!" I screamed and ran down the road, not looking back at once.

"Majorika! Majorika! Majorika! Majorika!" I kept shouting even after I reached Mahodou. I slammed open the door and ran into the others in there.

"Hadzuki? What's wrong?!" Aiko asked me, standing up quickly when I came in.

"Hhh... Khhh... Khh.. Gh..." I tried to came up some words but can't as my body still in panicked mode.

Suddenly Momoko being Momoko started to panicked too.

"Oh my god! Some kind of monster had taken Hadzuki's voice! What should we do?!" She started to spun around, holding both her cheeks with her hands and face pale.

"Ehh?! What should we do then?" Hana-chan shouted too, truly believing Momoko's outburst.

Aiko and Onpu sighed and shook their head. Onpu walked toward Momo and Hana and held them down, patting their shoulders to calm them down while Aiko walked toward my way and started to rubbed circles on my back to calm me down.

"Hhhh... Hhhh..." I gasped for the last time. A glass of water was thrusted in front of me. I blinked and looked up, seeing Pop's face smiling at me.

"Here. Drink this." she said.

I nodded and took the glass, glupping down the water. Aiko's hand stopped rubbing my back and she stood at my side.

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