PainKona: True Peace


It can't be.

Yahiko died.

He really died.

He didn't have to go.

I'm all alone now.

…I'm not alone?

But Nagato,

My love died.

You can't help me.

…Y-You kissed me.

What does this mean?

Do you love me?

Our family is crumbling,

We're all dying now.

All my sons,


But you're still here.

So it's okay.


Why did you die?

I don't have anyone now.

I am truly alone.

All the days you kissed and held me,

Told me you loved me.


True peace.

You wanted that didn't you?

I'm sorry Nagato. Pein…

…I lost it when you left me.

Looks like my time to mourn is up.

Madara's come to claim your bodies.


No, I won't let him take your bodies.

My loves.

You can't leave me.

This is the only thing that can remind me of you.

I won't let him take it away.

I tried my best.

But it seems that it wasn't good enough.

My time is up.

Will I ever see you again?

I hope so.

With all my heart.


Good bye.


I love you.