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Chapter 1 Dark Lords have a heart

Lord Voldemort, the dark lord, Tom Riddle, enemy of Harry Potter and darkness itself, was sitting on his throne in Slytherin manor, his fateful death eaters was standing before him, his inner circle. You may think that he was angry and in full mode of throwing cruciatus curses at his followers, but it was not the case. Why would he harm his only family. Yes, you heard right, lord Voldemort did in fact see his inner circle as a family, mismatched as it was but a family none the less. They all cared for him and he in turn cared for them very much.

In this very moment he was sitting, thinking about how to get rid of Albus Dumbledore, his one-time enemy. You may think that Voldemort had Harry Potter as this enemy but that was not the case. The boy had just gotten in the way, manipulated by Dumbledore and his minions. Voldemort didn´t really want to kill the boy, but Dumbledore kept trying to get his pawn to do the dirty work for him. Voldemorts thoughts was interrupted when the big doors at the end of the hall opened and a person clad in a black cloak, masking the face, stepped trough. The boy, because of his body language and figure you could see he was a boy, halted in the doorway before he started going towards the Dark lord. The death eaters pulled their wands and were ready to attack, but one silent hissed order from their master made them draw back. The person made his way to the front standing before the dark lord, who had gone down from the throne and was standing mere meters from the figure, his wand drawn just in case. The figure got down on his knees, pulled back his hood and looked up.

The sight that met Voldemort made him almost gasped in surprise, before him on his knees were Harry Potter himself, the-boy-who-lived, Golden boy of Gryffindor, hope of light and many more names. Voldemort looked at the boy before him and in to the boys eyes, they were dulled and not as bright green as they used to be, they held a pain and sorrow that made even the dark lords heart break a fraction.

It was a long silence in witch nothing happened. Then the moment had gone pass and Potter opened his mouth, saying words that nobody had thought he would say ever

"Please, kill me now."

Everybody froze and looked at the boy. Voldemort crouched down, took the boys chin in his hand. Watching how the boy closed his eyes waiting for his end, but it never came. He opened his eyes again and Voldemort, the one that always intended to kill him, the one who´s whole goal to end the war was to kill him, asked

"Why, Harry? Why should I kill you?"

"Because it´s your goal, isn´t it? All my life you have tried to kill me, now´s your chance." Harry almost spitted out.

"No, Harry. My goal has never been to murder you." Harry looked at him in disbelief and stated yet again

"Even if that was the case, can you kill me now?"

"Why would I do that? What has made you want to die so badly, what is it that you can´t take anymore?" Voldemort asked, in a surprisingly soft voice.

"Does it matter, just kill me. It has never stopped you before."

Harry started to panic. He looked frightened and he looked at the death eaters around but they just looked back with almost pitying looks. Then Harry started to cry, his shoulders fell and his whole body shock in the sobs he let forth. He looked up in the dark lord's eyes, they were filled with true concerned, something Harry never in his whole life had seen directed at himself. Sure Hermione and Ron had showed their feelings but it had made Harry bad inside like it was something missing and now, when he looked in his nemesis's eyes he found what he never had experienced before, someone who cared.

It was in that moment he did an unexpected and crazy move; he lifted his arms and flung himself around the dark lord. Just crying, griping hard in the man's robes and sobbed his heart out. Voldemort was at first shocked at what the boy was doing but he composed himself and held the crying boy in his arms, tight, before standing up. He looked at his death eaters, they nodded and almost everyone left. Those who stayed, Lucius Malfoy with his wife Narcissa, Bellatrix Lestrange who was not as crazed out as many thought, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Severus Snape, Peter Pettigrew stayed for a bit but walked out after looking at Harrys form in his master's grasp. After the last one got out his closest members of the family came forth to see if they could help. Harry was still sobbing against the Dark lord's shoulder and was oblivious to the world around him, but he flinches and looks up when he felt somebody put a hand on his shoulder. He followed the arm and saw Snape there; he recoils back and hides in the robes of his enemy. Nobody understand anything of Harrys behavior and Voldemort asks him

"Harry, what is wrong?"

If it was the Dark lords voice or the whole situation that is making the decision for Harry but he just want to tell them, he doesn't know why he just feel that it´s the right thing to do so he tells them the truth in a trembling and slightly scared voice; he tells them of his abuse at the Dursley's, how they beat him with fists and all sorts of things, how his cousin Dudley kept shoving him in the walls and his lengthy stays in his cupboard deprived of food. And he goes on tells them of how he thinks that Dumbledore and his "light side" are just using him to end the war. He had heard that both Ron and Hermione was getting paid for being his friends and how they hated him, everything he spilled to his hated enemy and when he was done and just trying to breath, Bellatrix does something unexpected she stand before him, he´s still in Voldemorts arms, and she hugs him, a real tight hug and he basks in the feeling, wondering 'Is this how it feels when somebody who loves him, hugs him' he doesn´t know. He just takes the moment with stride, hoping it will never end.

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At the mean time Voldemort have done some things to his death eater's children, so they are some super hybrid who has to answer his call. Harry is one of these hybrids and is trying to resist but is forced to go. There he takes the male hybrids to perform a ritual so they are safe from vampires/incubus.

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