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Chapter 9 Christmas Bonding

Harry woke with a feeling of trepidation and he wasn´t sure why until it hit him, it was Christmas morning. He sat up in the bed and smiled, on his bedside table there was a small box wrapped in green paper with silver ribbons. He took it and opened the box, inside was a bracelet with a silver-snake charm on it. He put it on his wrist and at once he felt his father's magic cocooning him in a layer of protective magic. He smiled and went out of the bed, he didn´t bother with cloths instead he tiptoed towards his father's bedroom. He opened the door just to put his head in and smiled at his father's sleeping form, then he got hit with a mischievous idea and his childish side came forth. He opened the door more and went to the end of his father's bed, then he took a leap and landed right on his father, whom woke with a start and went for his wand before seeing it was his child, smiling down at him.

"So, Harry, you thought it appropriate to wake me in that sort of fashion?" he said looking stern and completely serious.

Harry faltered and thought that now he had done it, his father would send him back, but in the last minute he saw his father's eyes sparkle just before he attacked and tickled Harry until he was shipping for air and begging for his father to stop.

After a couple of minutes Tom let up and Harry was laying on the bed, trying to breath, but grinning up at his father. Tom gave him a big smile back and said

"I assume you want to go down to the tree now."

"Yeah, you know it´s my first Christmas outside Hogwarts and I´m just so excited." Harry answered. His grin turning into a big smile.

Soon you could hear laughter throughout the manor, the laughter of a boy running towards the big sitting room with a former dark lord on his heals trying to catch him. But when Harry reached the sitting room he had to stop, because in the middle was one of the biggest Christmas trees he´d ever seen. It was a deep green and filled to the brim with decorations, red, green and silver garlands wrapped in glitter, it was living candles in all sorts of different Christmas colors and at the top… it was nothing.

Harry turned towards his father next to him and frowned.

"Why is there no decoration in the top?" he asked.

Tom just smiled and answered

"Because I thought it appropriate for you to put it there, it being you first Christmas here and all."

Harry almost started crying, but he swallowed and nodded. His father just smiled and summoned the top decoration, a silver star with a magical light inside at its center. Then he gave it to Harry and warned him before he started levitating him up towards the top of the tree. Harry put the star at the top and was gently lowered, as soon as his feet touched ground the star shined more brightly and Tom explained that the star shined more if the family was happy.


Throughout the day both father and son did all those things you usually do on Christmas with your family, it was sort of their way in celebrating their first real Christmas and they indulged in all sort of games and activities they hadn´t gotten the pleasure of participating in when they were children. They day went towards its end, they did have a spectacular Christmas dinner and soon both of them was sitting together on one of the sofas in the sitting room, just basking in each other's company. Not to soon Tom got a glint in the eye and produced from nowhere another box, Harry gasped at the nice wrapping, this one was a glittering silver with a simple green ribbon on.

"Harry, I know you are my heir in blood already but I wanted to give you this, to both manifest your status, but also show you that I will never abandon you."

He gave the box to Harry whom opened it with such care you could´ve thought it was made of glass. And when he lifted the lid, he gasped again, because on a green velvet pillow laid the Slytherin family´s heir ring. It was an entwined snake; the tail was twisted so it was building a hollow in which a deep emerald stone was laid, then the snake body continued around the finger, if Harry would have had it on, and ended in the head which held the stone inside its jaws.

Harry started crying this time and he lunged himself around his father's neck.

"Thank you, thank you."

"Your welcome Harry."

Soon they were sitting in silence, when Harry sat up and grinned at his father. He summoned his present and gave it to his father. It was wrapped in silver paper and had a lilac ribbon, Tom opened it with big care and inside was a book. Tom didn´t gasp but he made a little noise in his throat. It was written in parseltongue and it was Salazar Slytherin's dairy. Tom did hug Harry tight in thanks and the settled once again.

And if you looked in the room you would see two shapes lying beside each other the bigger one had the smaller on wrapped inside his arms and the smaller was mumbling in his sleep

"Thank you, father."

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