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Chapter 1: New Member

The Titans were doing their usual thing. Raven was off reading a book and drinking her herbal tea, Beast boy was playing the game station, Cyborg beating him at the game, and of course Robin was training in the gym.

Once it hit nine o'clock, Robin enter the main room searching for the only Titan that was missing from the picture.

"Has anyone seen Star?" Robin's voice questioned his fellow teammates before taking a look around the whole room. Raven, taking her head out of her book, looked up at her Robin suddenly suspicious by the missing teammate.

"Did you check the roof? She's probably out there-" Raven was cut off by a very worried Robin.

"Of course Raven! I check her room, I check the roof, I even called her communicator, but she never answered." The uneasiness in his throat caught the attention of the other two boys in the room.

"Whoa, dude what do you mean you can't find her?" Beast boy stood up, walking over to Robin and Raven who were standing directly behind the U shaped couch.

"I mean I can't find her. I've look everywhere in the tower, but-" Robin trailed off, staring out and at the window in front of him.

"Yo Robin! Earth to Robin" Cyborg waved a hand in front of Robin, suddenly making the Boy Wonder smirk. Raven, taking a notice in his sudden change in expression looked out the window and suddenly her mind filled with immense relief. "Found her" She spoke stridently for Beast boy and Cyborg to hear. They also turned around, spotting Starfire and sighed in relief.

Starfire was waving to her friends from the window, flying with bags in her arms and a vast grin on her lips..

Once Starfire entered the room where everyone was located, she immediately greeted her friends with an enthusiastic screech of happiness. "Hello dear friends!" Starfire exclaimed, swiftly walking forward to meet up with the team.

Robin the first one out of the of the once worried now relieved team to go to Starfire and ask her the question they were all waiting for "Hey Star…where, uh were you?" Robin inquired since he was the one that was a bit more curious than any of the other Titans. Starfire noticing the curiosity in her teammates made her quickly try to explain things.

"Oh friends did you not see the note I have left on my door?" She question, tilting her head to the side with a faint grin.

Cyborg, sensing it was a perfect time to dish Robin out began "Robin was looking for you so I'm guessing he didn't see the note, Star."

Robin didn't sift his weight to face Cyborg, but from where he was standing, he glared at him from the corner of his mask. Cyborg felt like a million bucks and laughed inside his head while Beast boy did the same.

"I guess I didn't see it." Robin replied, hand rubbing the back of his neck slightly embarrassed.

"Oh that is alright! I was pondering around the mall of shopping to get everyone something because I felt so happy this morning!"

"Aren't you always?" Raven rolled her eyes, not intending for her rude comment it to be heard.

"Why yes friend Raven! Here, I was searching for that book you have been telling me about and how much you wanted it, so-" Starfire reached inside a purple bag, pulling out a book called "Evermore" by Alyson Noel. Raven couldn't mask her emotions at that moment, letting a smile appeared on her lips.

"Thanks Star! Thank you, thank you!" Starfire handed her the book and gave Raven one of her famous bone crushing hugs. "You are welcomed Raven!" Starfire, finally letting go of her best friend turned to Cyborg with a huge grin.

"Friend Cyborg, I could not find the perfect car you have been requesting because of the great damage your 'baby' had undergone during the last mission-" Cyborg looked miserable due to the flashback of the T-car being blown up by the pesky Hive 5.

"-but I did bring you some cupcakes instead!" Hearing the word 'cupcakes' made the robotic friend looked at the bag she was holding intensely. "World's best cupcakes" was Cyborg favorite cupcake place, and right on the side of the bag, it had their logo on it. Cyborg took the bag that Star offered and exclaimed with a bright beam "Thanks Star!"

"You are welcome, Cyborg!"

Starfire then turned to Beast boy, holding out a bag that said "GameSpot" and that's all she need to do to get a reaction from him.

"DUDE, STAR YOUR AMAZING!" Beast boy yelled pure excitement, jumping up and down uncountable before Cyborg had to hold him down to quit him from jumping anymore.

Starfire was pleased with his reaction, giggling when she turned to face Robin.

"And friend Robin, I have looked everywhere for this item and I hope it gives you great amounts of joy." Starfire lifted the last bag in his direction as she watched Robin take it with both hands and open it cautiously.

"STAR, WEAR DID YOU FIND THIS? THERES ONLY A FEW OUT THERE HOW DID YOU-"Robin was cut off from saying anything else both Beast boy and Cyborg tacked him to see what the mysterious item was. Both Raven and Starfire exchanged looks to each other while the boys fumbled over and fought for the green bag.

"Give it guys!" Robin yelled, using all his strength to get off the floor and attempt to reach out for the bag that was in Cyborg hand. Beast boy managed to get the bag from Cyborg in a matter of second, opening it once it was in his possession. "Dude what is it?" The confused changeling dangled the object in this hand, raising a brow and pushing his lips together in utter confusion.

Robin snatched it out of his hand before saying "It's a tool that can fix some of my gadgets, got it?" After her dusted himself off, he gave both boys a miniature glare and then turned towards the two girl who had been watching. "Thanks Starfire, I really need this."

Starfire felt the happiness in her system spike up and she didn't even give the team a warning before she pulled them all in for a gigantic group hug with a squeal of delight in her voice. "Oh I am very grateful for my glorious friends!"

"Star. Cant. Breathe" The Titans began to turn a shade of blue, even Beast boy was feeling his skin color change with the embrace they were all crushed in.

"Opps!" Starfire let her team go, making sure they all regain intake in breathes became normal pace again. Raven, feeling a bit odd for questioning Starfire unusually shopping spree stated "Starfire, is everything alright?" Raven felt a bit weird asking this question in front of the team because they never really saw her concerned side, especially when it came to her best friend from another planet.

"Well of course friend Raven. Why wouldn't I?" Starfire's confusion didn't take over her mind for a very extensive time until she noticed the bothered expression pasted on her best friends face. Quickly, Starfire smiled to Raven with a nod

"Oh, I was just con-"

"Friend Raven, do not worry much about me, I am the okay." She placed a hand on Ravens delicate shoulder, making Raven wonder "Maybe she is alright, I mean I can't sense anything negative coming from her."

Raven rarely smiled, but when she did, Starfire tried not acting so shocked when she did. So when Raven gave her a weak smile, she felt a bit bad that she was worrying about her. "If you need to talk, I'm here. Okay?" Raven had the need to say this to Starfire, just to make sure Starfire knew this for a fact and wasn't questioning it when she needed to tell her something.

"Thanks you Raven, I appreciate your concern." And with that, Starfire gave Raven a quick hug, holding her there for a few seconds before then walking out of the common room and towards her room.

"I hope I did not make Raven worried in anyway. I did not wish to make my teammates frighten by my disappearance." Starfire thought, hugging herself as she progressed up the hall and towards her room.

She walked up to her door and found the note she left on the ground faced upside down. For some odd reason this made Starfire feel content inside.

"Hmmm…" She sat down on her bed, day dreaming about the way Robin looked at her once she showed up in the window. She loves the way he looks at her and she loves the way he makes her feel.

The Titans alarm began to blare, only meaning one thing. "Trouble?"

"What is it, Robin?" The Boy Wonder as always was the first person to figure out what the problem was, so it wasn't a shocker when he walked passed Starfire, stating "Bank robbery Downtown. Titans, move out."

Everyone had their own way to get to the crime scene. Robin rode on his r-cycle, Raven levitated Cyborg, Beast boy took form of a hawk, and Starfire flew.

As soon as they all got to the crime scene, there was an explosion that knocked Cyborg and Raven over and forced Beast boy to fall right on top of Raven.

"Sorry". Beast boy blushed, lying on top of a blushing Raven who then suddenly threw him of her with a small scowl.

"What happened?" Both Robin and Starfire arrived at the scene, seeing all three of their team member on the ground spiked their curiosity quite a bit.

"An explosion came from the bank." The team began to get into their ready stances. "TITANS G-"

The, out of nowhere, a girl promptly walked right in front of the Titans and demanded the criminal to stop. Now that was something they didn't see every day.

"Drop the money and let Robin cuff you." The girl commanded the criminal to do what she said and the Titans stood there in shocked to find that he listened to her and walked toward Robin with his hands in the air.

"Wow, dude what did you do?" Beast boy said astonished, just like all the Titans.

"Simple. I used my powers" The girl shrugged, but soon collapsed to the floor. Luckily for her, Robin was close enough to cathch her before she hit the ground.

"Thanks. I need to sit down." Robin set the girl down on the curb of the street, tilting his head back towards the Titans to look at them for a brief second before looking back at the girl. It wasn't every day the Titans ran into a person with powers.

"Hiya', my name is Kira." The girl stood up, placing a hand on her temple and looking up at Robin.

"I bet you all are wondering what just happened." The girl chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck with an innocent look placed among her face. "I have this, you see, power to control a person's emotion or actions, but it takes a lot of energy from me, so that why I need to relax."

Kira was a mysterious young girl with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, claiming she had an extremely powerful power that nobody on Earth has. So of course Robin was a bit skeptical about her, but his emotions softened a bit when he looked at her.

"I have no place to stay and I was wondering-"

"Would you like to be on the Team?" Now why did Robin just blurt that? The Titans were all confused, but stood back from what Robin was doing. He knew what he was doing, right?

"If you're asking me if I want to be on the team then the answer is yes!"

Starfire, flying over to the new girl decided if she was part of the team, then why not give her a hug that she gives everyone else on the team? Starfire thought it was the perfect gift to give a new team member and a wonderful way to welcome her to the team.

"Get off me." Kira hissed silently in Starfire's ear, making sure that the hiss was so low that only Starfire could hear it.

Starfire immediately let go of Kira and replied "Greetings to the team, Kira."

What Kira said shocked Starfire. "I believe I heard wrong… I hope" The Tamaranean thought to herself.

"I guess we're done here. Titans, let's head back to the tower." Robin turned toward his team, nodding his head for them to start heading back, but then Robin remembered something.

"Starfire, can you give Kira a lift?" Robin sweetly as his best friend, sitting on his R-cycle as he gave her a thumbs up.

"Uh, I don't think that's a good idea Robin, I'm, um,… scared of heights" Kira fumbled out the words, looking from side to side to avoid the Boy Wonders gaze.

"Then you can ride with-" before Robin could even muster another word out, Kira kindly stepped in "Sure! I'd love to ride with you, Robin!"

Starfire felt a pang of sadness it her like a bullet train. Her mind was processing the fact that maybe the new teammate didn't like her at all.

"Star!" The redhead failed to notice that she was falling instead of flying, so quickly she thought of something that brought her joy, igniting her flight again. The empathy hovered next to her, feeling an abnormal negative force coming from the Tamaranean.

"Are you sure you're okay, Star" Raven asked for the second time that day. It wasn't like her to be so curious and snoopy with people's emotions, but for some reason Starfire's emotions were causing Raven to feel worried. Raven wasn't sure what it was that was making her so concerned with Starfire, but there was a feeling that something not so good would occur.

"Yes friend Raven, I am the okay" Starfire posted the fakes smile on her face, hoping her team would buy it, but they didn't. They knew better and they defiantly knew that the smile Starfire was showing them was the fakest smile they've ever seen. After a minute of exchanged glances, Starfire broke the silence.

"Shall we not go home yet or shall we start heading that way?" The team had to agree and made their way to the Tower.

"Maybe I did not hug her correctly? Yes, that is it! I did not properly greet her!" Starfire laid in her bed, thinking over things that could have caused Kira to act so nasty towards her. It's been about two hours of pondering the idea and the Tamaranean hasn't fallen asleep yet. The fact that Kira hinted that she didn't like her bothered Starfire. Having someone feel hatred towards her wasn't something the Tamaranean liked.

"Maybe tomorrow will be different." She shifted in her bed, snuggling her cheek against her pillow while she shut her eyes, hoping this time she'll be able to fall asleep.

Tomorrow's a new day.

And every new day starts with new chances.

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