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Chapter 9: I knew it was you

Hell broke loose in the mind of the former Titan and this wasn't a good thing. What she told Raven; that she'd sleep on it, she lied. She couldn't sleep on it, rather stay up all night wondering if this was the end of it all. Revealing herself to the others and moving on, was she all ready for it? Questions repeated inside her mind, her thoughts never giving her a second to relax. Each thought lead to another, leaving nothing but questions she wouldn't have the answers to.

Sleep hadn't been on the agenda of the night, so Kori got up and out of bed, throwing on her robe and walking over to the roof access, her ring placed on her finger. The sky, fast asleep, slept as the star put on a show for the moon, shinning bright and casting an enchanting glow upon Kori. It was odd enough that it was cold out, but breezy to the point where it made Kori shiver, now that was a rare night.

The edge of the roof came near and she walked slowly towards it, placing herself close enough to dangle her legs off the side. It was peaceful out. Her thoughts didn't bother her when she was here. They wouldn't dare mess with her when she was out here. They knew better.

It took a few seconds for her to settle down and get comfortable on the edge, leaning back with her palms placed delicately behind her. The breeze blew her hair, though it would've been better if she wasn't wearing her ring.

The thought rang in her head like bells.

Nobody's out. Take off the ring?

Kori didn't look around before she reached for the ring with her other hand, her fingers taking a quick survey until she was interrupted.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" Richard stood still, admiring the stars. The way he looked, it frightened Kori that she had almost taken off her ring at that moment not to mention she thought she was alone. Richard did live here before she even did.

Acknowledging his question meant she had to apologize for making a scene and getting them kicked out of the restaurant. If she didn't answer, he'd end up asking even more questions till she spoke. That was Kori logic.

"Yeah." She answered, her voice low and hinting she was uninterested in talking. Clearly, Richard wasn't the type to give up on a conversation he wanted to continue.

"I'm sorry." He let out, coming closer to where Kori was sitting.

"Sorry?" Kori whipped over to look up at Richard, only to find him sitting right next to her. She blinked at him, tilting her head to the side with an unsure frown. "Sorry for what? You didn't do anything."

The warmth of his body was making its way over to Kori, sending a shiver to crawl up her back. All she wanted to do now was to wrap her arms around him and hold him close for his body heat. He felt so warm from where he sat. If only her ring was off, she wouldn't feel so cold.

"All those questions Rachel was asking. I didn't know she was going to do that. You have to forgive her; she's just in a lot of pain." Dick replied, a heartwarming smile among his face. He wanted to ask questions himself, but he wasn't going to since it was obvious Kori hated them. Though, that didn't stop him from being sneaky about it. If this girl really did have something to do with the missing Starfire, he wasn't going to stop till her found out where she was. He'd go to any lengths to find Starfire.

It wasn't fair for him.

He lost a friend and never even got to say goodbye to her. Hurting or not, showing it or not, Dick was going to find her no matter what he shows to the public. Pretending he didn't care for years to hide his anger and sorrow may have worked for the time being, but now that he had a lead, he'd keep going till the lead was no longer valid.

"Pain?" Kori raised a brow, curious.

"Yeah, you see, Starfire meant a lot to all of us. She was our best friend—" Kori wasn't about to sit her with her former leader and listen to him talk about her. Wasn't it obvious she didn't like the topic involving Starfire? She thought it was clear.

Moving away as he spoke, Dick hastily reached out a held her down, his warming smile gone. Wide eyes, Kori looked at him with an open jaw, waiting to rip her arm out of his grip and say something rude back, but that never happened. She was in complete shock to even do anything. He looked so furious.

"Look, Kori—" He spoke darkly, his grip tightening. He was done trying to be the nice guy to her, it wasn't working. The alternative meant doing what he did best with criminals even if it jeopardized his stay at the Wayne's Estate.

He was going to get information.

"I'm not here to pick a fight with you. The way you acted when Starfire name is mentioned, it's not normal. The only person to ever loathe the name was her own sister, so don't you dare tell me you didn't know her personally." He let his grip go and Kori glared back, staying put.

"I knew her quite well." A smirk appeared on her lips and his expression didn't change.

"But I cannot say I know her anymore. She simply vanished from my memory." She flicked the ring on her finger, turning her gaze away from him and out at the sky. "Although, I do remember the day she left you Titans."

Kori had completely lost it. The moment she said those words, her eyes drew in a few tears but she blinked them away, channeling her rage to disguise her broken heart. Dick on the other hand was awaiting the response, hoping to find out where Starfire was once in for all.

"Do you?" A twisted smile met Dick's eyes, his annoyance become visible with each passing second. She was asking him this?

"Where is she?" He snarled. It was in a snap of a finger that Dick had the weight of another person on him. Kori had thrown herself at him, a fist up in the air ready to strike, but before she could even plunge her fist forward, he had already pushed her off and pinned her down. "I asked you a question." He growled, his face and her own only an inch apart.

"Tell me why she left." She hissed back, kneeing him in his stomach and pushing him off of her.

"I don't know." He panted, holding his stomach and staring back at Kori with a grimace.

"Yes you do." She snarled, getting back up to attack only to be tripped by Dick's sudden sweep of a leg and pinned her back down. This time he sat on her instead of around her.

"You want to know so bad, why don't you ask her?"

"She's gone." She thrashed around, trying to get out and away from him, but without her super strength, she could only endure.

"Where?" He insisted, tightening his grip around her wrists.

"Why?" She insisted.

No answers could be revealed until one of them broke and the leader could only take so much. Dick, feeling this whole thing was hopeless for the night let her go. "This isn't worth my time." He mumbled, standing up straight and walking off towards the roof access.

"You should stop searching, Dick." He could hear the voice threaten him, his body tensing up and lips twitching into a scowl. Spinning on his heels, Dick turned around to say something back only to stop thinking about a good comeback and stare.

In her hand, Kori had the ring.

No ring, no allusions.

"It's not worth your time." She moved towards him, dropping the ring in his hand.

"Starfire?" Softly, he questioned with the ring in his hand, looking at her with pain in his heart. He had just fought the person he had been looking for without even knowing it. Did this mean he could be okay again? Starfire was here, he knew that for a fact—so why did he feel horrible still?

She didn't answer.

She couldn't even believe she took off the ring. She was trying to justify her actions to herself, but each time she was about to feel free from the guilt of doing it, she'd just go back and realize that he knew who she was. She wouldn't even get the information from Rachel anymore.

"Kori Anders…as in Koriand'r?" Dick spoke up, scoffing and shaking his head. "I can't believe it was all right here and I couldn't even put it all together. All this time, it was you." He admired the ring in his hand, examining it with a miniature smirk.

"Give it back." Kori placed her hand out, the expression on her face unreadable. Dick did as she requested with a smile on his lips. After everything that had happened, you'd think he'd be confused with how he felt.

"You don't know what Kira did, Star—" He began to explain, but Kori cut him off short, walking right past him and saying "I don't care anymore."

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