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Chapter 19 – Date

Harry cursed when he hit the ground. He wouldn't recommend tackling a portkey, that's for sure. Though his eyes snapped open when he noticed that he wasn't hearing the crowd that had been watching the third task.

He jumped to his feet, his wand in hand, and looked around.

His eyes narrowed when he took in the unfamiliar surroundings. He had no idea where he was, nor why he was there.

Movement from behind made him turn around, his wand never wavering.

"Good-evening." a familiar voice reached his ears and he almost lowered his wand.

"Mr. Nacht."

Nacht flicked his wand and the fire in the fireplace roared to life and the candles lit themselves. Now that he had more light he could make out the room a little better. It was a dinning room, as he had thought; old but well cared for. Dark wood flooring and deep blue walls. There were several paintings on the walls, though only one of them was a portray. The man, he appeared to be a little over middle aged with black hair and deep blue eyes and refined features, in it had his eyes fixed on him. It was as if he was analyzing his every movement. There were two windows on the farthest side of the room that went from floor to ceiling and he could see the outline of a rather large garden. Then his eyes landed on a small, round table that was set for a two person dinner.

"Really Mr. Nacht; if you wanted a date, you just had to ask." he teased slightly. He knew that, technically, he had been kidnapped, but at the moment he truly wasn't afraid. And even though he knew he shouldn't he had missed Tom.

There was a slight smile on Tom's lips.

"I don't think my ego could have taken the rejection." he teased right back. He seemed somewhat lighter to Harry. True, there was a slight edge of nervousness around the man, but it was almost completely overshadowed by determination. As if he had come to a decision and would see it through no matter what.

"So you decided that the best option was to kidnap me?" he didn't even try to hide the sarcasm.

"Something like that," Tom replied, stepping fully into the room, "Please, Harry, take a seat." he said, holding out a chair for him.

Harry complied. He didn't see the pleased smile on Tom's lips but he could almost feel it. Tom took the seat opposite him and a second later a house-elf popped in, leaving beverages.

"The reason why I brought you here isn't because of a... date, for lack of a better term." Tom told him a few moments later.

"Yes, I suspected that. Though the setting is quite misleading."

"I have a few things to confess, and I admit that I opted for this setting because after our talk you may not want to be in my presence any longer. I am a selfish man, if I cannot have another chance to be with you than I will take the opportunity to enjoy it while I can."

"Why would I no longer desire your company?" his eyes narrowed, his magic starting to dance just under his skin.

"I was not completely truthful pertaining my identity." Tom stated, sipping his wine.

In front of Harry's eyes Tom's features started to change. A very complex glamor falling away. Harry took the man in. He had been handsome as Tomas Nacht, but the man sitting in front of him now was sinful. Harry wanted to pat himself on the back for managing not to droll. However as soon as he looked at his eyes he felt his mind shut down.

He had never seen those eyes, but he knew who they belonged to. He had read about their owner almost obsessively and no matter how much the descriptions of his physical appearance changed, there was one thing that remained the same; his eyes.

"Voldemort." not a question, a simple statement.

A pleased smile appeared on the man's lips.

"You truly are exceptional." Voldemort put the glass back on the table. Harry was surprised to see that in the meantime their meal had arrived. Though from the looks of it, it was only the appetizer.

Harry did the most logical thing possible, he picked up his fork and tasted the dish. Alright, maybe it wasn't all that logical. But it was the polite thing to do. If a Dark Lord offers you dinner, you eat it. No matter how shocked you are.

Tom, no, not Tom. Voldemort followed suite, savoring the excellent dish. It truly was excellent, at the very least the Dark Lord had taste.

"As you can see, we have a lot of things to discuss." the Dark Lord continued.

"Yes," Harry was proud of himself for not sounding the least bit affected, "I would appreciate if you would be so kind as to explain what is happening."

"As you suspected I never died. I was wounded and weak, no more than a spirit, but not dead. In my quest to gain my powers back I found my way back to Hogwarts. I had a relatively simple plan, gain my body back and kill you." Voldemort stated, then took another bite, as if telling your dinning companion that you had planned on killing them was the most natural thing in the world, "Then you came along and everything changed." Voldemort actually sighed, "I must confess that, just like the sheep in the Wizarding World, I had expected you to be the Golden Boy of Gryffindor, the perfect little Savior of the Light. Just with one look at you I knew I had been wrong. Still, it didn't change anything, you had to be eliminated. However when I saw just how gifted you truly are I started to consider the option of making you a Death Eater. That only lasted until I spoke to you. Even as young as you were, I knew you would never follow."

"Quirrell." Harry stated, after both of them had taken a sip of their drinks.

Voldemort seemed pleased with his deduction.

"Yes. I was possessing him. Only partially at first, but after the Sorting I took possession completely. As you can guess I gained my powers back, but you were still a mistery to me. I wanted to know more about you. I wanted to know everything about you. So, Tomas Nacht came to be."

"Tomas Nacht doesn't exist." Harry stated, he ignored the pain he felt at that realization.

"No, he does exist. I am Tomas Nacht." Voldemort stated fiercely, "Almost everything I told you about Tomas Nacht is pertaining to me. I just altered a few things, such as where and when I was born. Everything else is the truth."

"You're a half-blood?" Harry couldn't help but sound incredulous, "The man who champions the purist cause is a half-blood?" he knew he should show the Dark Lord a little more respect, he wasn't suicidal, but he just couldn't help himself. He knew that he was talking with the Dark Lord, but that comfortable feeling he had with Tomas Nacht was still there.

"Very few people know that. My first Inner Circle, my Court, and a few of their children are the only ones that know."

"Why?" Harry asked him, his eyes narrowing, "Are you ashamed of your blood?"

Voldemort sighed, and closed his eyes. Harry always knew just what to ask, didn't he? And he couldn't lie to him. Well, he could, but he didn't want to. That was what all of this was about.

"For a while, yes, I was." he confessed. It tasted bitter confessing such a thing, "I was young and it angered me beyond anything else that I was a half-blood. How could I, someone who was more powerful than any of those stuck up purebloods, be a half-blood. Lower than them in this world where only magical power should matter? Fortunately I grew up. I am not ashamed of my blood any longer, but by the time I felt like that, I needed an army and the purists were a ready made army."

"So what do you fight for?"

"I think, that what I fight for now, isn't the same that I fought for then."

"That still doesn't tell me what you fight for now."

"Tell me, Dark Lord, what do you fight for?"

Harry almost stopped breathing. His eyes fixed on Voldemort. He tried not to react, but he knew that he hadn't been able to hide his shock.

"How?" he almost hissed.

"I have known for a while that you had the potential. As soon as I saw you today I knew what you were."

"How?" Harry repeated.

"You can feel it too, Harry." Voldemort told him, "Let your magic free, listen to what it tells you."

Harry closed his eyes. It may not be the best move when in the presence of a Dark Lord but it was the easiest way for him to concentrate fully on his magic. Not even a second later he almost gasped. He could feel Voldemort, it was as if all his senses were telling him what Voldemort was. Some ingrained instinct told him to run, to leave. Another part of him though was overjoyed, his magic was overjoyed. It had found a match.

He opened his eyes and stared at the other Dark Lord.

"That's how I knew." the man told him, a small, knowing smile on his lips, "How long?"

"Today." Harry replied, knowing what the man was asking.

"A fledgling Dark Lord than." a smirk curling his lips, "My little King sure is growing quickly." he said teasingly.

Harry narrowed his eyes.

"You knew from the beginning that I wanted to meet you. You, Voldemort, not you Tomas Nacht. Why create Tomas Nacht, knowing that I wanted to know you."

"It was too soon for people to know that I was back, and even though I'm sure you wouldn't have told anyone I couldn't be sure how you would react. I suspected, but I couldn't be sure. So I found a way to get to know you better. Besides I wanted you to feel comfortable with me, being a Dark Lord usually leaves people... shall we say; less than comfortable?"

Harry had to contain a snort. Well that was one way to put it.

"Why the name Tomas Nacht?"

"A couple of reasons; I had already used an alias with the name Nacht, so it was fairly easy to create documents stating that Tomas Nacht was my former alias' son. My true name is actually Tom, I found it funny that I was practically screaming it to Dumbledore's face and he didn't even suspect anything. He believes that I hate my name because I share it with my muggle father. I used to for a while, but as stated before; I grew up. My mother named me Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"TMR." Harry whispered, "You gave me those books."

"I did. Were they useful?"

Harry actually snorted.

"Both collections are my favorite books." he confessed and was a little surprised when Voldemort's eyes lit up with pleasure.

"Will you answer a question I have had for quite some time?" Voldemort asked him, leaning forward just a little bit, betraying his eagerness.

"What question?"

"What did you do to Jugson in your first year?"

Harry chuckled and leaned back on his chair. First year... it seemed lifetimes ago.

"Would you rather see it?" he asked, rather curious to see how the Dark Lord would react to his offer.

"You would trust me with your mind?"

"Do I have a reason not to?"

Both knew what Harry was offering. It was more than seeing his memory about what had happened, it was a show of trust. Trust that if broken would never be given back. Harry was taking a chance. He was showing the Dark Lord that even though he hadn't been completely honest with Harry that everything wasn't lost yet.

Their eyes locked and Voldemort slipped inside his mind. The memory was in the forefront of his mind, making it so that Voldemort didn't need to search for it or dive all that deep into his mind.

The Dark Lord was surprisingly gentle when viewing the memory. Not intruding in all the other things in his mind. A little later he slipped back out, a sadistic smirk on his lips.

"Even when you were that young you were already such a beautiful tease." the Dark Lord told him, eyes lit with pleasure, "I would love nothing more than to see what you would do now."

"Well... I do have a pet now." Harry informed him nonchalantly.

"Oh? Do tell."

"My dog didn't like the Slytherin rules. He barked so much that I came to the conclusion that he had to be trained. He's such a good dog now. I'm rather sad to see him go at the end of the year, but it can't be helped. Though I'm sure he learned his lesson." Harry chuckled remembering the Durmstrang student.

The boy was broken. It didn't really surprise him, after everything the boy had gone through. He had shared his pet with his court, some of his Ouroboros were quite sadistic. Besides none of them had forgotten what the boy had said to him when they had introduced the Court. They had made him suffer. He was truly sad to see him go, he had been rather good for stress relief. Though they made sure never to leave visible harm on him. It just wouldn't do to have the professors looking into why he was hurt.

Voldemort chuckled darkly, his blood red eyes lit with sadistic glee.

"I can't help but wonder how you ended up so different from what everyone was expecting." Voldemort murmured more to himself than to Harry, but Harry heard him anyway.

"I believe that what we experience influences who we become." Harry replied, "Though I also think that some things are just born with us. Maybe if I had grown up with my parents or with a loving family I wouldn't be quite the person I am today. But I would still have my magic, still be able to do the things I do. Maybe I wouldn't be as bloodthirsty as I am now, but I doubt that. I'm not sadistic because the boys at the orphanage bullied me. I enjoy hurting people, I think that has nothing to do with how I was treated. My hate for muggles though... that I have no doubt comes from being raised in the orphanage. If I hadn't been raised there, then I wouldn't have a reason to hate them, so I wouldn't."

Tom nodded. He understood what Harry meant. He felt the same way. He hadn't become a Dark Lord because of how he was treated, he had become a Dark Lord because he wanted to, because he believed that he could change things for the better. He enjoyed torturing not because he was bullied, he just enjoyed it. Sure, he had been gleeful when he had gotten his revenge on the bullies in the orphanage, but he hadn't become who he was because of them.

The second dish arrived and he watched Harry take a bite. He didn't even blink. He didn't want to miss a second. It made him realize just how enchanted he was with Harry.

"You're a Dark Lord now." he said, "It changes what I had planned slightly. But the main reason why I brought you here is the same." killing curse green eyes focused on him and he couldn't look away, "I brought you here to tell you the truth about myself and to ask you to join me. Not as a follower," he added when he saw the narrow eyed glare aimed at him, "As an equal, a partner. You are young, you have much to learn. But I would be willing to teach you everything you want and give you a place at my side."

"And now?"

"I'm still willing. But you already are a Dark Lord, you have your own followers and I know they will follow no one else but you. We would have to organize things in a slightly different manner, but aside from that you would still be my equal."

Harry took a sip of his drink and sighed.

"I don't know how things ended up like this." he confessed, "I wasn't trying to be a Dark Lord."

Voldemort's expression showed his surprise for only a second. More than what he usually allowed.

"You achieved all the stages by chance?" he asked almost incredulously, "That's impossible, one of the first things a wizard or witch has to do to become a Dark Lord is to acknowledge that they are a Dark Lord."

"I did that today."

"Well..." he was a little speechless, Harry never ceased to surprise him, "That's unexpected. Do you know all the stages necessary to become a Dark Lord?" when he saw Harry shaking his head his eyes widened slightly. He had no idea that it was even possible for someone to become a Dark Lord without consciously trying to become one. It was almost as if Harry was born for that role, "I see." he whispered.

"Would you tell me?" Harry asked him and he could do nothing but nod.

"One of the first things, usually, is declaring that you are a Dark Lord. It isn't just saying: I'm a Dark Lord. It's analyzing everything you do, how you act, how the people around you act and consciously state to yourself that you are a Dark Lord. You have to truly know, with every fiber of your being that you are a Dark Lord.

"The second part is divided into several pieces, that usually are related to one another. The first is spreading your beliefs, then it's to assemble a support base, and the last is gathering followers. Again this isn't as simple as it sounds. You must be sure of your own beliefs and make others follow those same beliefs. They must truly believe in them, in you. The support base isn't the same as followers. You have to have people who believe in you and your beliefs without them being your followers. People who are ready to help you, to support you, should you need it. Then your followers. They must be loyal to you above all else. Then they must be marked, they have to willingly pledge themselves to you. The pledge must be accepted by Magic, their mark will be a result from that.

"The third, and last, is your magic. This one is quite simple. Either your magic is able to make you a Dark Lord, or it isn't.

"All of this is judged by Magic. If you meet all the requirements, then you become a Dark Lord. If you don't... You'll just be a powerful and influential wizard."

"It's rather simple." Harry murmured, "Three major points, each with several stages that must be accomplished. It reminds me how a Court is established."

"Salazar based the steps needed to establish a Court on the process of becoming a Dark Lord. He was a Dark Lord so he knew what was needed. Though, naturally, it is a much simpler process."

"Why aren't there more Dark Lords?" seeing as the process was rather simple the world could be swarmed with Dark Lords. But there usually weren't that many Dark Lords. Usually there is one or two every two or three centuries. Having Grindelwald, Voldemort and now him so close together was quite rare.

"Because most don't have the magic for it." he explained, "No matter what you do, if your magic isn't enough then you can't be a Dark Lord."

"Enough? What does that mean?"

"Just that. If your magic isn't right then you can't be a Dark Lord. I'm not talking about your level of power, though that is somewhat important too, I'm talking about how your magic is. How it feels, how it reacts, how you control it, how it responds to you, how others respond to it. All of it. When all is said and done, either it's enough or it isn't. There is nothing you can do to change it. We are born with our magic, we can't change it."

"I see." whispered Harry, taking another sip of his drink.

Tom let him think about everything he had told him. Harry was truly a fledgling Dark Lord. It was fascinating to watch. Especially since Harry had done it without even trying. He had never heard of such a situation.

"What do you want from me?" Harry asked him.

That was the question wasn't it? He wanted everything from Harry.

"Everything." he told him, "I didn't lie to you Harry, when I told you I wanted you. I'm still Tomas Nacht, Harry. Everything I desired from you when you knew me as Tomas Nacht is something I still want form you. But I want you to be my equal too. I want a partner. Someone that can be at my side, someone to rule the world with me. Imagine it Harry. Both of us together, ruling a world where magic reigns supreme."

He didn't even try to hide the passion he felt. He could see it. Harry would be adored by the masses, they would worship his little King. He was sure of it. And they would envy him because he was the only one who could have Harry.

"We don't want the same things." Harry whispered, "I'm not a purist. I don't believe in their policies. I can't fight for something that would consider me inferior just because of my blood."

"We can compromise." he knew that if he played his cards right that Harry would agree. Harry was fiercely independent, he knew that. However he also knew how Harry felt about him, that second task had been quite useful. Now he just had to convince Harry to give in, "I don't believe that purebloods are superior, nor do I believe that half-bloods have no place in our society. I had something against muggle-borns, but it wasn't about their blood. It was because of their beliefs. About their muggle ideas that they brought to the wizarding world. If we find a solution for that, then I have nothing against them."

"What about your followers?"

A dark chuckle left his lips.

"They are my followers. They'll do as I say, one way or another."

Harry's eyes shone with malicious glee.

"Can I watch?" he asked, a smirk appearing on his lips and Voldemort laughed.

"You can play with them if you want to."

Harry's eyes shone with pleasure and he chuckled again. He could already see his little King tormenting the Death Eaters. He knew Harry would have them on their knees in seconds. And he would look delicious doing so. He truly wanted to see his little one torturing some poor soul. He was sure that he would enjoy it immensely, maybe even more than when he was the one doing the torturing.

They were silent for a few moments, enjoying their meal. He knew that Harry had a lot to think about so he remained silent, letting him ponder over everything. He had to admit that he was slightly surprised by how well it was going. He had expected at the very least for Harry to lose control of his magic. True, he hadn't thought that Harry would be a Dark Lord when he had gone over this plan of his, but even so Harry was being remarkably calm about the whole thing.

"Why were you at Hogwarts in my first year?"

"I needed something that was being kept in the castle." he answered, trying to decide if he should tell him more. Part of him didn't want to, but another part of him, slightly bigger than the other, was actually really excited to finally have someone to share his secrets with. Someone whom he could trust. "The Philosopher's Stone was being kept in the castle. I used it to gain my body back." he enjoyed the way Harry's eyes widened slightly.


"I created a ritual that used the Stone's aspects of longevity to restore my body. I merged the ritual with Soul Magic and a sacrifice. I believed that it would bring back the body I had the night I attacked you, however I slightly miscalculated the characteristics of the Stone. The Stone reverts the body back to it's prime, so I gained the body of my twenty-five year old self."

"That was around four years ago, correct?" Harry asked him and there was a slight trace of awe in his voice that stroked his ego quite nicely.


"You still look twenty-five."

"Yes, I do." he replied, quite pleased with Harry. There was nothing that escaped him, "The Stone wasn't destroyed by the ritual."

Harry's eyes widened slightly and then he laughed. He couldn't look away from him. He loved seeing Harry laugh. He looked so alive, so free.

"The most powerful Dark Lord in the last centuries, immortal." Harry murmured, a delighted smile on his lips, "I was right." he stated smugly, "You would never let anything as common as Death stop you. Still, that leaves the question; why would an immortal Dark Lord want me?"

"I'm old Harry." he stated, because he sometimes he truly felt it, "I was always alone. Even when I had my Court I was alone. They tried their best but they were never my equals, they were never enough. Besides, I never allowed them to get close to me. I didn't want to have any weaknesses, and human emotions and attachments were weaknesses to me. By the time that I started to want companionship I was far to jaded to seek it. I was alone for a very long time, Harry." it still pained him somewhat, he had craved companionship but he had felt that they were all beneath him. None of them were worthy. They bored him. Even so, he craved it. But none of them were ever good enough. Then they started to have families of their own, then they died in his service, others died because of illness, or were locked up in Azkaban. So he started to pull away. The more his court dwindle the more away from humanity he pulled himself from, "Then I met you." hadn't that been a glorious day? "Even when you were only eleven, you made me fell alive again. You brought back my joy in living. You make me young. I told you Harry, I would rather you be my weakness than not have a weakness at all." he knew what life was like without weakness, without emotion. He didn't want to go back to that. He didn't want to go back to being a shell.

"I'm never alone." Harry whispered and closed his eyes.

He knew that. He had seen how Harry's Court was with him. They were so similar but so different. Harry's Court was close to him, and Harry truly belonged to them just as much as they belong to him.

"But... they aren't my equals either."

"You can be my equal." he whispered, "Just like I can be yours. You told me that you couldn't be with me because I wasn't yours. But I can be. Just like you can be mine. I can be your mentor, your teacher, your companion, your partner, your equal, your lover, just yours. And you can be mine, my joy, my life, my companion, my partner, my equal, my lover, just mine."

Harry looked at him and there was longing in his eyes, so much longing. He was so tempted to just grab his little King and kiss him. But he didn't, he knew that he couldn't push to much. He had to give his serpent time. And he would, he could be patient.

"What about my Ouroboros?" Tom's eyes lip up with triumph. That was as good as an acceptance.

"They are your followers. Just as the Death Eaters are mine. They'll work together. They'll obey us, everyone will obey us, but they will be your followers. Do you have any other besides your Court?" a slow nod was his answer and a smirk appeared on his lips, "Do tell." he purred and an answering smirk appeared on Harry's lips.

"Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They aren't marked. I have been thinking about a few things... Sleepers I call them."

"Sleepers?" he didn't even bother to hide his curiosity.

"Yes, Sleepers. When my Court kept expanding I thought about keeping some of them hidden. No one knows that Fred, George, and Neville are in the Court, it was what they wanted, they said it could be useful, so the idea came form that. Followers, not marked, not known to anyone beside myself and the Court. They would spread, infiltrated every branch of the government, every business, every home. Waiting. Sleepers." Harry took another bite of his plate, "Of course, it's only an idea at the moment. And Sirius and Remus know about each other, but they are the first Sleepers. Ouroboros will be the marked followers. Though my Court will be different, of course."

Voldemort leaned back on his seat, his eyes gleaming with pleasure.

"We'll rule the world Harry," he whispered, promises overlaying his every word, "You and I, no one would stop us." he was sure of it. "Join me, Harry. Side with me and I'll give you the world." he meant every word, he would lay the world at Harry's feet. He would do it. They would worship his little King, just like he deserved.

"You don't need to give me the world." Harry replied, his eyes shinning with life and power, "We'll take the world for ourselves. You said I would be a partner, an equal, then we will take the world together."

Tom looked at him, his eyes alight with magic and laughed. A true, joyful laugh. He was one step closer to having his little one.

He raised his glass, a wicked smile on his lips.

"To the future. To Magic." he toasted, Harry joining him with a laugh. Both thinking the same thing; the world had no idea what was coming.

The plates vanished and dessert was served.

Both enjoyed the first few bites in silence, marveling on how things changed in just a few hours.

"Do you know what happened to the letter that I never received?" Harry asked a little while later. He had to stop himself from devouring the dessert, he had never tasted such a delicious tiramisu.

"Yes," Tom replied, a sighed escaping him, "It was no one's fault, I'm afraid." he couldn't believe that he had almost lost his serpent because of something as simple as a misplaced letter, "Charon was attacked by a falcon, he was able to defend himself, but the letter fell and he wasn't able to retrieve it. I found it not to far from the manor, under some bushes. I was able to track it because it had my magic all over it."

"How do you know he was attacked?"

"I saw a nest nearby, I assume that he flew near it and the falcons attacked."

Harry nodded, taking another bit. He missed the ravenous expression that briefly appeared on Tom's eyes when he uttered an almost inaudible moan.

"What should I call you?" Harry asked, with an adorable tilt of the head. Though Tom would never speak those words aloud. He liked living, thank you very much.

"Tom." he replied, not even thinking about it, "I'll always be Tom to you."

The warm smile he got in return was far to innocent for the teen sitting in front of him. But he treasured it. Knowing that Harry was still so comfortable around him meant more to him than what he thought possible. He had been afraid that Harry would distance himself from him, even if he accepted the position at his side. Fortunately it seemed that he shouldn't have worried.

"What have you been doing these last years?"

"Mostly organizing the Death Eaters that didn't got to Azkaban. Though I didn't call all of them, only those in the Ministry and those in my Inner Circle. I needed to know how things were in the Ministry. However, mostly, I've been waiting for you. Many of my plans revolved around you. I needed to know your choice before I did anything else."

"And now?"

"I want to introduce you to the Death Eaters. Then I have to see what to do about my followers that were sent to Azkaban. After that, we'll plan our next step together. Though anything major after that will have to wait until you are seventeen and free of the trace."

A wicked smirk appeared on Harry's lips.

"My Court and I don't have the trace anymore." he said innocently and Tom's eyes widened slightly.

"You broke the trace? How?"

A delightedly laugh escaped Harry.

"I had Marcus poke around the Ministry. When our bodies hit seventeen, the trace brakes. We toke aging potions."

"And it doesn't reply itself when you revert back to your actual age." Tom concluded to which Harry nodded. "In that case I think we should have your Ouroboros present as well, don't you?"

"Do you really think they would stay away?" Harry inquired with a somewhat put upon air making Tom chuckle. From what he had seen he didn't think they would leave Harry's side no matter the consequences.

"Then we will arrange something for the summer vacation. I believe it's time for the world to know that I'm back. As well as to introduce the new Dark Lord."

"I believe I need a name."

"Yes, I believe so. Have you thought about one?"

"No. I have no idea. Would you mind picking one?"

"It would be my pleasure." he would have to see what would fit his little King best. He already had a few in mind.

"How will you contact me over the summer? I adore Charon but it takes a bit of time to deliver letters."

"I've already thought about that." he replied, taking out his wand and acciong a small package. He gave it to Harry, telling him to open it.

Inside was a small hand mirror encased in silver with small snakes engraved on the metal.

"We'll use communication mirrors. I have that one's counterpart. If I need anything I'll just say your name. It will warm up when I'm calling. If you can't answer immediately the mirror will turn blue to indicate that you missed a call. You can reach me the same way. You just need to say my name."

Harry nodded and put the mirror in his inner pocket. He would keep it with him at all times.

A clock in a nearby room chimed and Tom sighed.

"You'll have to go. They must be looking for you already and we can't risk them finding you."

"I know." Harry replied, though Tom was pleased to see that he didn't look all that happy either.

"Come." Tom said, getting up from his seat and holding out his hand for Harry to take. He summoned the cup to them and pulled Harry closer as soon as Harry took his hand. He relished in having Harry so close to him. He sneaked his arm around Harry's waist and apparated them away.

Harry's grip on him tightened slightly when they landed and Tom chuckled when he saw the glare aimed at him.

"Hate apparating." muttered Harry, after he got his balance back. "Where are we?"

"Somewhere near Glasgow. You'll be able to take the Knight Bus to Hogwarts. Since the cup was always meant to be a portkey just tell people that the coordinates of the cup must have been wrong. It happens occasionally, all it takes is one wrong number. I've already altered them to match our current location. I trust you won't have any trouble with that?"

"No, I'll have no trouble at all." Harry replied, taking the offered cup.

Tom pulled him close again, marveling how Harry's body fit perfectly against his own.

"See you soon, my little King." he purred against Harry's ear, delighting with the shiver it produced and apparated away.

"Smug bastard." Harry muttered, a smile playing on his lips and lifted his wand.

A second later the purple bus stopped in front of him and he grinned, he had a part to play.

What felt like an eternity later the damn bus stopped in Hogsmead and Harry sighed in relief when he got off. Dear sweet Merlin, he would never, ever, ever, ride on the blasted thing again.

He took a minute to get his bearings and then made his way towards Hogwarts. He was a little giddy but he did his best to get his emotions under control. Though he was sure that if people noticed his excitement he would be able to pass it of as happiness for having won the Tournament. Speaking about winning the Tournament, he'll have to tell Rita to write a nice piece about it. Something tasteful but that would leave no doubt about his power. They had done it right in the previous interview. Cedric and the others casually mentioning how advanced he was magically had given it just the right touch. He wanted people to know he was powerful without it sounding like bragging. A delicate balance was needed to achieve that.

He reached Hogwarts and wasn't surprised to see that the stands were empty. He knew he had been gone for a while and the professors had most likely sent the students back to their common rooms so they could organize a search party for him.

He heard sound coming from the Great Hall and went towards it, guessing that the professors would be there.

He was right. The professors were there, along with a squadron of aurors, the Minister, his Court, minus Fred, George, and Neville. The champions' families were also present, Remus and Sirius looking ready to murder Cedric's father. He could guess why, since the man was looking utterly unconcerned with his disappearance and Harry could hear him talking about disqualifying him for running from the third task. At a second look even his Court looked ready to murder the man.

None of them noticed him standing by the doors.

He cleared his throat and let just a sliver of his magic touch his Ouroboros.

They froze and as one turned towards him.

"Harry." Theo whispered. That one word was filled with relief and Harry almost felt bad for worrying his Court so much.

It was enough to get everyone's attention and the next moment people were surrounding him, shouting questions at him. Demanding to know where he had been.

"Silence!" Dumbledore's voice cut through the noise and Harry almost thanked the old man, "Now, if you would let Mr. Potter speak, I'm sure we will find out what happened."

Harry smiled gratefully at the old man, then looked around, slightly sheepish.

"I'm sorry if I worried you." he told them, "But it really wasn't my intention. I just grabbed the cup and before I knew what was happening I was somewhere else. I... well... I panicked." he admitted, looking embarrassed, "I had no idea where I was, and I had no way to contact anyone. I just... yeah, I panicked." he repeated, ducking his head.

"How did you get back?" an auror asked.

He blushed and looked down. A moment later he looked at the auror and a sheepish smile appeared on his lips.

"After I calmed down I remembered that I could call the Knight Bus. It left me in Hogsmead a little bit ago."

The auror chuckled, a smile on his lips.

"Mr. Potter, would you let me look at the cup, please?" the man asked him.

"Eh... sure." he gave him the cup, looking at him curiously. He noticed that the other aurors were observing the situation but let the man lead. So he assumed that he was higher ranked than the others. Even Dumbledore seemed alright with letting the man take care of things.

The auror cast a few spells at the cup, two of them producing a parchment with numbers and names on them.

"From the information I have it's a simple error in coordinates." he said after a studying both parchments.

After that declaration Dumbledore seemed to slightly slump with relief, though most people there didn't notice. Harry did and couldn't help but wonder about the man's reaction. Maybe he could ask Tom later.

"Are you sure, Kingsley?" Dumbledore asked, interrupting whatever Fudge had been about to say.

"Yes, Albus." the auror, Kingsley, nodded, "As you can see, it only has that one set of coordinates. It is likely that the person responsible for creating the portkey just made a mistake."

"Good. Very good. You aren't hurt, are you, my boy?" Dumbledore turned towards him, his eyes back to twinkling.

"Oh, no. No, I'm fine." Harry smiled, "Just a bit tired."

"Yes, I would imagine. Maybe you should go rest than. I'm sure your friends are anxious to get you alone and fuss over you for a bit before they let you go to bed." Harry was sure that Dumbledore was doing it just to see him suffer. He could see that was exactly what his Court was planning on doing.

"Now wait a minute." Fudge exclaimed, pushing the aurors out of his way, "We have to award the price for the winner of the Tournament."

"Minister," Harry's voice was soft, though his eyes were chips of ice when they locked with Fudge's eyes, "I am truly tired, would you mind terrible much if we did the ceremony in the morning? I'm sure that even the professors are tired and would rather rest. No one would be able to truly enjoy the ceremony in the state we are."

"I... I... Yes, of course." Fudge mumbled, "We'll have the ceremony tomorrow morning." he stated formally and Harry smiled at him.

"Good. Again, sorry for all this worry." Harry bow his head to the aurors, thanking them. "Good-night."

A second later his Court was around him, leading him out of the Great Hall. Cedric ignored his father calling him and continued with them down to the dungeons.

A whispered charm from Adrian and he knew that the twins and Neville would be joining them shortly. He noticed that they were heading towards their usual room and he chuckled, he should have guessed that they wouldn't have believed his story. He had planned on telling them the truth, he had just thought that he would do it in the morning. Apparently they had no wish to wait that long.

He took his usual seat and the others spread out around him. Marcus looked around curiously for a few moments, he hadn't see the room since he had left Hogwarts and they had changed it a little bit.

A few minutes later the twins and Neville arrived, all three of them looking relieved to see him unharmed. They took their seats and looked at him.

"What happened?" Theo asked when he didn't say anything.

"Voldemort is back." he stated bluntly and was rather pleased with the hard edge that appeared in their eyes, "He has been back for a while now. All of you have met him. He went by the name Tomas Nacht."

Their flabbergast looks were quite amusing. Though Harry admitted that the information he had given them would have left anyone in the same situation.

"What?" there was only a trace of incredulity in Graham's tone.

"The how's and why's don't really matter." Harry told them, "What matters is that I joined him. Don't worry," he added when he saw their looks, "I'm not, nor will I ever be a Death Eater. I am a Dark Lord and he knows that. He offered me a place as his equal. Both of us ruling the world, changing it for the better. None of you will be Death Eater's either. You are Ouroboros, you will always be Ouroboros. My followers. You will always be mine." he assured them and they all relaxed, looking far happier with the situation. "I'm not sure how things will go from now on. We are stepping on stage far earlier than what I had anticipated, but I assure you that we will be ready for it. During this summer we will be introduced to the Death Eaters. You as my Inner Circle, and I as the new Dark Lord." he could see their excitement growing at finally being introduced as his followers. "I will call you before the meeting. I want to leave those Death Eaters with their jaws hanging when they see you." a smirk spread on his lips, already imagining his Ouroboros dressed for the occasion. "This summer Ouroboros will rise!"

They went to their knees. Eager, sadistic smiles on their lips.


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