Last Sacrifice Spoilers! Bloodlines Hints!

Tatiana P.o.V

Ever since the since that stake was driven through her chest she had found herself floating around in darkness as a ghost, attracted to the light spirit uses gave off. She saw many things now that had escaped her eyes when she had lived. Some things pleased her but as always many things didn't, and other things she didn't know what to feel about.

When she'd seen Guardian Belikov and Rose smiling at each other across the room as the girl was meant to be instructing the newly graduated dhampir's, she felt disappointment they would have been the ultimate guardian duo for the new queen had their feelings not gotten in the way, though when she thought more about it may haps their feelings were what made them act so in sync.

What ever the case she did think at lest the educated and dedicated human girl Adrian was so obviously attracted to was a step up from the rebellious dhampir. That wasn't saying she approved of either match of course.

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