Well Celesitas burned to death,Twilight and that lot have been sliced apart by a demonly possesed knife,but Im not done yet!. Maybe...just maybe there might be a happy ending!.


Canterlot was buried under the ground as Chopper did her work perfectly,the dark gods would be pleased. Now stood before me all of the citizens of Equstria,no doubt wanting to kill me.

I couldnt destroy them all on my own,even with Chopper,but she had her own see after burning Celestia,Chopper had taken the ponies horn off,and now the most powerful magic of all was in my hands.
"Look before me,I am your DEATH!".I screamed as I raised the horn to the sky,then Chopper too. They connected and the sky turned blood red,a sign of the dark gods blessings.
"Be praised with these offerings,and turn this worthy horn and your own blessed knife with your greatest powers,and allow me to vanquish my foes!".My voice was amplifed with the knife and the horn.
As a sign of thier appectence,the ponies before me exploded internally.
"Thank you,o mighty ones!".

Location: Florence, Colorado:ADX Florence Facility.
"Get up you piece of shit,its time for the chair!".The guards dragged me out of my bed and beat me up before I was transffered to the chair room.
I had enjoyed my dream as I walked through the prison for the last time,this would be the final time I would ever see the bright white walls,the smell of life and the rubbish meals. I was already bound and gagged so I couldnt speak or rebel agasint my will,but I was fine infact.

My steps rebounded off the hard floor as my prison jacket was filed away and Chopper was found,she went away to her own little hell.
The guards walked me to my death,but infact I wasnt really bothered.A few days ago I had been dreading this since I was on deathrow for two years before I was finally convicted to electruction by a damm chair. I wasnt fearing death,I had my fun by murdering ponies in a dream and well being convicted to a death similiar to this for doing THAT was enough to creep the people watching me die,the smile on my face never broke.
Even when I was strapped in tight and bound to my death I didnt reply or try to break free.
Even when the electricity went on and I was stuck by the chairs horrific power I didnt say anything.
Even when my flesh became crispy and when I screamed for death in my final moments.
Even when I saw what awaited me in when my brain began to shut down.
Even when my ribcage became to fold under the pressue.
Even when my heart stopped beating.
Even when Chopper,my beloved knife broke to pieces in a room over four KM away.
Even when I could breath no more and my eyesight faded into blackness.
Even when I realised that...it was just a dream.