Chapter Four

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I suppose bound was the right word. In a shocking turn of events, I found myself (along with the other members of Jack's crew) tied to the mast of the Black Pearl with Pintel pointing a pistol at my head. On the bright side, we'd managed to save Elizabeth. On the dark side, we were bound, some of them were gagged and Jack was trying to negotiate with Hector Barbossa of all people.

"Where's Jacqueline?" I hissed to Marty who was tied next to me. He shrugged and I started panicking. I'd been dragged off the Interceptor before I could blink or get to Jacqueline. Where the hell was she? I looked at Jack with wide eyes, hoping to convey the message. He had become quite close with our daughter although he remained petrified of fatherhood. Jacqueline was happy with him being her hero and idol for the time being, so he was lucky. He frowned and I looked around in the hope that he'd realise who was missing. His eyes flickered over everyone then widened. He'd noticed. I also noticed Will's distinct absence.

"Uh, Barbossa, you didn't happen to notice a small kid, about yay high with brown hair and an attitude did you?" Jack asked casually. Barbossa just smirked and looked at the almost destroyed ship. Oh no. Pintel just finished his threat when Elizabeth escaped from the (badly) tied ropes and ran towards the plank. I have no idea what she intended on doing but I couldn't blame her for panicking. Then the Interceptor exploded.

"NO!" I screamed and wriggled free of the ropes too. I launched myself for the plank but I was caught by at least three pirates. I struggled and kicked and shrieked and bit but they didn't leave me alone. The tears fell down my cheeks in merciless floods as I realised my daughter was on that ship. I didn't pay attention to anything that was going on around me; I just needed to see that Jacqueline was ok, that she was alive. But it was hopeless. The ship that she was on had exploded. Just like my ship had.

"Let. My. Mother. Go." I completely froze at that voice. I lifted my head, hair all over the place, and saw Jacqueline standing there with a pistol (I would be having a conversation with Jack) pointed at Barbossa. He began laughing and his pathetic crew automatically imitated him. Jacqueline just raised her eyebrow. "Listen to me, Hector Barbossa." He froze, staring at her in shock. "That's right, I know who you are. I also know that none of your crappy crew members can stop me fast enough before I shoot you. Vengeance is in my blood, I guess. After all, you marooned both my parents on an island." This bombshell caused Barbossa to gape, revealing his grotesque yellow teeth. His eyes travelled to Jack and then to me. "And I will shoot you. And I'm pretty sure William will as well, but I'm probably scarier than him. I do have better aim." Jack smirked and I rolled my eyes. She was just like her father.

"What are ye after, lass?" he asked, stepping forward. Jacqueline smirked. It was insane; she was only ten years old. But I was proud of her. And she would kill him, if she had to.

"Elizabeth goes free," Will blurted out. Jack and our daughter looked furious.

"Anything else?" Barbossa asked with a raised eyebrow. Jacqueline went to speak but was cut off again.

"The crew are not to be harmed," William ordered. I was growing tired of this. And where were Jack, Jacqueline and I in this arrangement?

"Agreed." I looked at Jack who looked back and shook his head minutely. Yeah, we were screwed.


"Oh he had to choose the same bloody island!" I cried loudly as I got out of the water. Jack was right behind me and Elizabeth was already on the beach and walking away in the distance.

"At least it's got good memories," Jack said nostalgically. He was analysing a tree nearby that I distinctly remembered pricking . . . unfortunate places. He grimaced and turned away.

"Yes, and the result of those good memories is still on the Black Pearl!" I screeched and Jack came to place his hands on my shoulders comfortingly.

"They won't hurt her, love," he assured me and I scoffed.

"They're pirates. They'll do what they bloody want," I pointed out and he sighed.

"Will won't let anything happen to her. He knows we'll get off this island and he knows we'll kill him if anything happens to her."

"Jack, I can't lose her. I already lost you, I can't lose her too," I whimpered, sobs cracking my voice and making my knees weak. I dropped from Jack's grip onto the dry, hot sand and began crying my eyes out. Jack immediately knelt down beside me and held me into his chest. I sobbed brokenly into his shirt, shaking with the force of my pain. My daughter, my little girl, was on that ship with all of those disgusting, perverted pirates and none of her parents.

"You're not going to lose her, Belle. And you're not going to lose me," he whispered into my hair. I shook my head woodenly.

"You can't say that. I've already lost you," I whispered back. I felt, rather than heard, Jack sigh miserably.

"And that was the worst mistake I've ever made, darlin'. I'm not going to make it again."

"I don't believe you."

"I'm not askin' you to. I'm askin' you to trust me."

"I trust you Jack. I trust you with Jacqueline. I trust you to get me off this island. I do not trust you not to leave me."

"I should've known that getting that trust back would've bin harder after I left ye the first time. But, remember Belle, you're different. And I love ye." Those words stopped my heart.

"What?" I asked quietly, refusing to lift my head from his chest.

"You're the best thing ever to happen to me, Belle Roberts, besides Jacqueline. I love ye and this time, I'm not leavin' without you." And I believed him. I knew all of Jack's tricks, lies and masks. But they were all out of the window in this conversation. He was being just Jack and I was so relieved.

"I can't believe you just admitted that." His laughter vibrated his chest.

"I didn't if ye don't say it back."

"Of course I love you, I always have. It's what fuelled my hatred of you and what convinced me that this adventure wasn't such a bad thing. I love you, Captain Jack Sparrow, but you have to stop being a bastard," I scolded, sitting straight up. He laughed in response and pulled me so that I was sitting in his lap.

"That's why you're different, Belle. You never do things conventionally," he teased and I raised a sceptical eyebrow.

"And you do?"

"Ok, ye've made yer point," he complained and I smirked, leaning in. And then, for the first time in just over ten years, I kissed Jack Sparrow. White hot fire spread through my body and pushed me closer to him, daring me to take in everything that was the infamous Captain. That kiss showed I forgave him for everything if he kept his promise. And he knew that. By kissing back, he accepted it and welcomed me back into his arms, where I belonged, once again.

"Oh please," Elizabeth scoffed and I stood up, pointing my single shot at her head. She froze in utter fear. She really was in need of some steel.

"Do you want to repeat that or keep walking?" I asked sweetly, clicking the gun to show I was serious. She gulped and kept walking round the island. Jack wrapped his arms around me from behind as I tucked the gun into my belt once again.

"You always were feisty," he said huskily, kissing and nibbling my neck.

"Yes, but as feisty as I am, I really don't want Elizabeth to see us playing grown up's, as much as she may need the experience," I stated and he moaned in want against my neck. I turned in his arms and placed a light kiss on his lips. "We could always drown her," I suggested cheekily. Jack raised an eyebrow.

"If William must keep our daughter safe, we must keep his little damsel safe," he pointed out and I shut up. Jack kissed me once more, knowing he'd won, before setting off for the rum. I hated to admit it, but I'd missed the stupid island.

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