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Warning: YAOI, MANO ET MANO SEXY TIME, it's gay sex.

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Berwald looked around the bar slowly. It was just like his friends to take him drinking for his birthday and then run off and hit on people. Well, his colleagues/friends and Matthias. There was a large difference.

Namely, that he and Matthias hated each others guts.

He turned back to his drink. Once he'd finished this one, he'd leave.

As he lifted the glass once more, something bumped into him lightly.

Turning around, he felt someone grab onto his shirt, as well as a small hand pressing against his waist. He looked down in shock to find a blonde partially bent over and stabilising himself using Berwald.

A second later he looked up at him. "I'm sorry about that, but the floor moved and I lost balance."

Violet eyes were framed by long lashes, blinking up at him. His skin was pale and smooth as porcelain, the same colour as the teeth that pressed into full red lips. Lips that twisted and grew redder as the teeth let go...

He tore his gaze away and recalled what had been said. "It's fine, you might want to sit down, though."

He helped the younger man into the seat next to him, and was met by a wide smile. "Hehe, thanks. I think I might've had a bit much to drink."


"But, it might've been just the right amount after all. You're really hot."

Berwald stared at the other man, whose head had tilted to the side, his smile now shy. (For someone who was quite obviously drunk, anyway.)

"Ah think you're beautiful."

The purple eyes widened, and fiery red spread up pale skin.

Berwald found himself wondering where else had turned pink.

A small hand pulled his head down and his mouth met those soft red lips. Their tongues dancing as they moved closer together, and Berwald's hands moved down to grip the other's hips.

They parted slowly and breathless, the younger looking surprised and pleased at his own actions.

"I'm Tino."


He bent down to cover Tino's mouth again.

One arm wrapped around Tino, Berwald finally got the keys into the lock and opened the door, still not releasing his lips. He chucked his keys onto the ground and closed the door, backing Tino into the wall.

Legs lifted off the ground and locked around his waist as he hoisted Tino upwards, bringing their heads to equal height. Breaking apart for a second made Tino giggle lightly and dive back to meet his lips again.

He could gradually feel the calves resting by his back tightening around him, squeezing their erections together as they kissed. One of Tino's hands was resting lightly on his shoulder while the other slipped between their torsos, unbuttoning his shirt.

Berwald was acutely aware of the brief touches on bare skin his opened shirt afforded, becoming more and more sensitive as the hand travelled lower and lower.

He gasped as Tino's fingers made quick work of the buttons and zippers of their pants, taking the time to press teasingly on his bulge and smirking. Taking advantage of the absence of his mouth, Tino let the hands on his ass take all his weight, pulling his t-shirt over his head.

Berwald felt himself grow harder at the sight, creamy skin just waiting to be marked. He bent his head to press his mouth to the collarbone and was pleased to hear a slight moan as his mouth played with the skin.

Tino had threaded his fingers into Berwald's hair, and with each lick and nip of his teeth he could feel him tighten his fingers. Experimentally he squeezed on Tino's ass and was rewarded with a gasp and fingernails digging into his scalp.

He slid Tino's jeans down with one hand sliding underneath his boxers, massaging the cheeks firmly.

Slowly, Berwald moved the hand inside his underwear downwards until one finger pressed against his puckered hole. He felt Tino's body tense, and so moved the finger around the area in an attempt to relax him. He renewed his attentions to his neck until Tino's body was practically limp in his arms and slipped his middle finger inside Tino to the first joint.

Tino was breathing heavier as he attempted to move around the intrusion to his hole, while being held firmly in Berwald's arms. Stilling for a moment, he rocked forward before pushing himself down onto the rest of the finger. Tino's head had moved to rest on his shoulder, and Berwald could hear him breathing, short pants of warm air caressing his ear. "Ber... Please, I want you..."

Berwald grasped Tino tighter and stepped away from the wall, long paces taking them through the living room and into his bedroom quickly. Slowly withdrawing his finger from Tino, he bent over the bed, placing him down gently.

With one more kiss, he backed away.

He'd never been more frantic to get his clothes off.

Turning around, he saw Tino sliding his boxers off his feet and stand up, catching sight of his stare and blushing furiously.

"God, y'r beaut'fl." He stood for a moment admiring the shy form. Thin and pale, light blonde hair barely visible trailing down towards his gorgeous member, totally erect and dark pink, moisture leaking from the tip.

He spread his hands over Tino's chest, flicking the hard nipples briefly, before taking his chin in a hand bringing his head to face him. The purple eyes were now partially glazed with desire, no sign of him wanting anything else. "Th's ok?"

He barely gave him the time to nod before sealing his lips.

Berwald grabbed the lube from his bedside table as Tino slid onto the soft sheets, one hand held in Berwald's and a small blush on his cheeks.

Once three fingers were covered in the shining liquid, Berwald knelt in front of the smaller man. His hand slid between Tino's legs, followed by his mouth bushings soft kisses to the inside of his thighs. His finger entered as gently as he could possibly manage, and sought to distract him further by lifting his mouth to the leaking erection and running his tongue from base to tip.

He folded his lips around the head and slowly began to slide down and cover the whole shaft with his mouth, moving at the same pace as he stretched Tino's hole with a second finger. He carefully widened his fingers as he continued to take the shaft in his mouth, enjoying the moans produced as he swept his tongue over the head.

His third finger slid in without too much difficulty utility about halfway in, where Tino couldn't help but let out a gasp of pain.

He moved upwards to kiss Tino gently. "I'm sorry."

Tino smiled and poked his tongue out playfully, which made Berwald swoop down and catch it between his teeth, sucking it inside his mouth.

By the time he released the other's lips his fingers were filling Tino, thrusting in and out slowly, and causing him moan into Berwald's mouth. Removing them caused Tino to stare at him reproachfully, though only until he lifted the condom from where he'd placed it next to the lube and handed it to Tino, groaning in pleasure at the sensation of the delicate fingers sliding the rubber onto him.

Spreading the lube liberally over his member, he positioned himself at Tino's entrance and looked down at the beautiful face that watched him in anticipation. A smile curved the red lips and Tino nodded, realising that he was silently asking for permission.

He began to push inside, the tightness sweet around him, keeping eye contact with Tino as the younger took him in, inch by inch. He traced tiny circles on the hipbone beneath one thumb.

A flash of pain went through Tino's eyes before they squeezed shut for a second, freezing Berwald. "Ah'm sorry-"

"No, just wait a second." He was breathing in and out slowly and moving a little around him. "Okay. You can keep going, Ber."

"Ya sure?"

"I want you inside me."

Berwald felt his fingers tighten on Tino's hips, but couldn't bring himself to release him as he slid further and further inside only loosening his grip as the last of his cock disappeared. A moan slid from their lips at the same time as he bent down to press a kiss to Tino's mouth.

"Fuck…" White teeth dug into the abused lips as Tino visibly suppressed involuntary noises. "Please, Ber, I need you to move."

He complied with the request, pulling out slowly. Before he was halfway out, Tino's hand was gripping his forearm and a look in his eyes that had him thrusting back in with more haste than he had planned.

A breathless moan left Tino's mouth and Berwald withdrew once again, a little further, before moving inside with only a little more control than before. The noise produced was louder than before. He gradually set up a steady pace, each thrust met wholeheartedly by Tino.

"H-harder… unhh-"

Berwald pulled almost completely from Tino and slammed back in. The shout reverberated around the room, followed by another and another as he drove into him. Tino's passage became almost unbearable tight until he erupted over both their chests, squeezing Berwald's member hard and bringing him to completeion within a few more thrusts.

Berwald took care to fall beside Tino once he'd slid out. The younger man was looking weary, and proved this assumption as he moved towards the larger body, his eyes drifting shut.

"Go t' sleep." Berwald brushed their lips together.

"Thanks." He had no chance to ask what exactly he was being thanked for, as Tino drifted off with a shy smile on his face.

Tino could feel a strangely comforting weight on his side, draped over his middle and curled around his stomach. Opening his eyes, he found it to be a large arm, complete with a huge, strong looking hand.

Of course. Berwald, the gorgeous giant he'd met last night.

He rolled over to face him and felt a twinge of pain.

Berwald, the gorgeous giant, who'd fucked him really well last night.

Resisting the urge to snuggle in closer, he realised that Berwald must have cleaned them both up after he fell asleep. The way he'd dozed off almost straight after they'd finished was pretty embarrassing.

He gave up and moved closer to the sleeping man. The arm around his waist tightened, bringing him flush against the broad chest. Broad, very naked chest. He peeked over the shoulder in front of him at the bedside table and almost squeaked in horror. It was almost 9! And he hadn't even told Lukas that he was leaving the bar with Ber…

He brought his head back down to lie on the pillow and really did let out a little squeak. Berwald's eyes were open and were staring at him.

"G'd morn'n."

"Hi." Tino found himself blushing furiously.

Berwald lifted his arm from around him (Tino did not appreciate its loss) and reached behind him, fumbling on the bedside table and facing him once again wearing glasses.

"Oh!" Tino lifted his hand to Berwald's face and fingered the glasses curiously. "You weren't wearing those yesterday."

"Was wearin' cont'cts."

"You look good with glasses." And he did. Although, the piercing blue eyes seemed a little hard and scary with them on.


Tino giggled.

"What were ya looking at?"

"Crap, I forgot about the time. I have to go, I'm sorry." He scrambled from the bed. Hurriedly he began to pull on his underwear and jeans. T-shirt, where was his t-shirt? He blushed as he remembered how he'd thrown it off in the entranceway. He retrieved and put it back on.

Okay, did he have everything? Wallet was in his jeans, so was his phone, he had his clothes on now…


He spun around to find Berwald standing in the living room with him.

"I'm sorry, I wish I didn't have to go, really."

The older man walked over and pressed his lips to his forehead. "Ah wish you could stay. Ah was wonderin' if-"

The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated furiously. He pulled it out, to find Lukas calling.

"Fuck!" He looked around frantically for where his shoes had gone after he'd flung them off while still wrapped around Berwald the night before… there! He ran over and shoved them on.

He looked back at Berwald and walked quickly over, pulling his head down to kiss him fiercely. "I'll see you around, maybe?"

His phone began to buzz again, making him turn and practically run from the house.

Tino splashed the freezing water of the school bathroom taps on his face. If that didn't get rid of the blush that had been present on his face after Lukas mentioned the weekend, nothing would.

God, that night had been good. Berwald was so sweet… and really bloody hot. He'd hit his prostate with unerring aim from the very first thrust. Maybe he could drop by and leave his number in the mailbox or something, so that Berwald could call him if he wanted.

Shit, he couldn't start thinking about that again, or his cheeks would be red forever.

Lukas had been really angry on Sunday morning, Tino thought ruefully. Although, it had been with good reason. He'd had to cover for him, pretend he was staying the night at his house rather than having amazing sex with the hottest guy he'd ever seen…

He was splashing more water on his face when the bell rang loudly.

"Fuck!" He had woodwork, and they had a substitute teacher today, who was apparently really scary. He ran as fast as he could to the other side of the school, where his classroom was, and skidded to a stop outside the classroom. Rehearsing apologies for being late in his mind, he opened the door.

"Tino Väinämöinen?"

He froze in the doorway, staring at the teacher standing at the front of the room.


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