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It was like prison. The gray walls. The two bed, one against each wall. The windows that don't open. It was disgusting.

Maybe she should explain. Her name was Quinn Fabray and no she wasn't in prison, not a real prison anyway. She was in a young adults correctional facility aka Lima nut house.

But she wasn't crazy.

Not exactly.

She had a bit of an anger problem. And by a bit she meant freaking out a little bit, smashing up a car that just so happens to be a cop car and then punching someone who also happened to be a copper. You're probably wondering what got her so angry.

Nothing. Yes that's right nothing. She just wigged out because he felt a little under pressure with school, finals, graduation and college.

The last straw was her mother telling her she had to change her look. She didn't like the pink hair and piercings. Then Quinn told her she was gay and her mom just laughed and said 'no, Quinnie you aren't gay' and Quinn lost it.

"You must be my new room mate?" the voice said breaking Quinn from her thoughts.

"Looks like it" Quinn mumbled nodding her head towards her suite case.



Santana just nodded "Come on and I'll show you around"

"Is there even much to see?" Quinn asked following Santana out of the room.

"Canteen" Santana pointed towards the open room where a few groups of people and a few people in their own sat.

"Game room" the Latina pointed to the room with a pool table, Xbox and foosball table.

"And finally that's the cinema room"

"Yea, this place sucks"

"It does. The only thing that's stopped me from freakin' out is Brittany" Santana pointed to the blonde who was sat at a table on her own nibbling on a sandwich "They don't know what's wrong with her. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with her she just sees the world differently from everyone else"


"Not exactly. Come on well go sit down" both girls walked over and took a seat at the table Brittany was it "B, this is the new girl Quinn"

Brittany looked up from her food and smiled "Hi, I'm Brittany. I like your hair"

Quinn frowned but smiled back a little "Thanks"

"Why are you here?"

"I have a bit of a temper"

"Ooh so does San"

"What do you mean by a bit?"

"I might have trashed a car and punched someone"

"That doesn't get you sent somewhere like here"

"It was a police car and a police man"

"Ah, ok something like that gets you sent to a place like this"

"Who's he?" Quinn nodded towards the boy that was sat on the table a few over from them.

"Noah Puckerman. He's here for driving his truck into an ATM machine and tried to get off with it"

"What about him"

"Finn Hudson. I'm not actually sure why he's here but the boys an idiot"

"Her" Quinn pointed to the girl standing by the door.

Santana's face softened as Soon as she saw whom Quinn was pointing at "Sugar. She has Asperger"

"Santana has a soft spot for her"

"Not like that" Santana mumbled when Quinn arched an eyebrow at her "She's been here since I first got here"

Quinn just nodded "And what about her" Quinn pointed over to the tiny brunette.

"Rachel Berry. She's completely mute and doesn't really come out of her room unless she has to. She has social anxiety"

"So she doesn't talk?""

"She doesn't even look at you. You ask her something she wont even nod. She's been here for six months and I've never heard her speak, not once"

"I hear her sneeze once"

"Guess that's progress"

"Look I'm exhausted, it's been a long day so I'm going to head to bed"

"Sure. I'll be in at lights out if I don't stay in B's room"

Quinn just nodded getting up from the table. Before Quinn left the canteen she glanced towards the small brunette to see the girl was staring at her but she looked away the second Quinn turned to her.

Quinn woke up in an empty room and it was still dark out so Quinn assumed Santana had spent the night in Brittany's room like she had said.

Quinn stretched. Looking at the wall clock


There was no point in trying to sleep again, everyone had to get up at seven anyways so Quinn just pulled on a pair of sweats and a hoodie and walked out of her room.

She was going to go watch a little TV but stopped when she noticed Rachel sat at the same bench in the exact same position as when Quinn left last night. Quinn thought about leaving and just going to watch TV be decided against it and walked over to Rachel "Hi, I'm Quinn" the pink haired girl said, sitting down across from Rachel "You're Rachel right?"

Rachel didn't even flinch she just continued staring down at her food.

"This place sucks, eh? I feel like some sort of caged animal"

"Quinn! You aren't going to get a peep outta Berry so why don't you come sit with us?" Finn called and Quinn rolled her eyes.

"You know, Rachel might no talk but I would still get a better conversation over here, knucklehead" Quinn growled and turned back to Rachel who was looking up at her thought her eyelashes but, again, looked away as soon as Quinn looked at her "Ignore him. I've been here not even 24 hours and I know he's a idiot"

Nothing. But then again Quinn wasn't expecting anything this girl had been mute for a while.

"Berry, are we going to hear the voice of yours today or is it another silent day for you?" Quinn turned in the direction of the voice and saw a group of four girls standing there. The leader of the group was obvious considering the girl was standing in front of the other three girls, hands on her hips and a smirk plastered on her face.

"How about you shut the fuck up?"

"Ah, you must be the new girl with anger issues?"

"Spot on. You'd of though you'd would of taken that as a reason to stay away because trust me princess I will not hesitate to knock every one of those fake teeth out of your mouth"

"Why are you backing up Berry anyway? It's not like she can say thank you"

That would normally of been something Quinn would have reacted to but it was the giggles after that made her blood boil.

Quinn jumped out of her seat and turned towards the group, fist already in the air when Santana appeared "Not the best idea. Sit down and ignore theses bitches"

Quinn turned, frowning when she noticed Rachel was gone "Which room is Rachel in, I wanna make sure she's alright"

"She rooms with Britt, It's the room next to ours"

Quinn nodded and headed out towards the room, knocking lightly before shoving the door open noticing Rachel was sat on the bed knees pulled up to her chest and her head rested on her knees.

"Are you ok?" Quinn knelt down next to the bed "I'm sorry. I know you have that social anxiety thing so I shouldn't of kicked off but it's over now. Nothing to worry about"

Rachel didn't say or do anything but her breathing was a little more normal.

"Take it those are the resident bitches then?" Quinn leant head back against the bed with her legs out in front of her "I had chicks like that at my school. Hated every single one of'em. Most of all it was that giggle you know? The really high pitches one that makes dogs run for the hills" Quinn was sure her heard Rachel breath out a puff of air as if she was laughing, "If you ever don't wanna be alone I'm next door. You don't have to talk we can just sit and I can talk or won't, whatever"

After a few minutes of silence Quinn got to her feet "I'm going to get something to eat. I'll bring you something in since you didn't get to eat"

Quinn left Rachel's room and walked into the canteen "Is she ok?" Brittany asked as Quinn walked past their table.

"I guess" Quinn shrugged.

"This is Sugar" Santana nodded towards the girl who was curled sleepily against Brittany's side.


"Hi" the girl yawned, pressing her head farther into Brittany's shoulder.

"I'm just going to get something to eat and take some into Rachel"

"You can't take food outta here"

"Yea, watch me" Quinn mumbled walking up to the food bar and grabbing two sandwiches, shoving one in her pocket and opening the other one to eat.

"Why are you sticking up for Berry? And sneaking food out for her?" Santana asked when Quinn walked back over to the table.

Quinn shrugged "Just want to"

"Its good" Sugar mumbled taking a piece of Brittany's toast "It's about time someone looked after her"

Quinn just nodded, shoving the last piece of her sandwich into her mouth "I'll see you guys later"

"Movie in the move room at ten! It's a shit movie but better than doing nothing"

"Sure, whatever" Quinn mumbled, walking out of the canteen before the group could say anything else "Here, it's cheese" Quinn put the food down on the bed next to Rachel and sitting down on the floor with her back against the bed.

"There's a movie in the cinema room at ten but you probably already know that. Anyway we should go" Quinn said, smiling when she heard the rustle of bag that at sandwiches were in "I'll leave you a seat if you wanna come and if you don't that's cool to"

"I bet that's all you guys do here for fun. Movies and eat, eating is always good though" Quinn mumbled making sure to avoid asked questions "I'm going to go shower an get ready I guess I'll maybe see you in the movie room" Quinn got to her feet and looked at Rachel

The girl was staring down at her lap, hair covering her face.

Quinn just smiled a little before turning and heading out of the room, there was something about this girl that intrigued her, made her want to help her but first she needed a little bit more information on social anxiety

"I need you to tell me anything you know about Rachel's condition" Quinn took a seat next to Santana who frowned over at her.


"I want to try and help her"

"Quinn, she's been here for half a year and not uttered a word what makes you think you can help?"

"Just tell me"

"Ok, fine. Basically she just doesn't like being in crowded places or in a situation where she feels like she has to talk to someone. She panics. You saw her this morning right? When you almost knocked the lights out of Demi, that was to much pressure on her, there was to much going on so she booked it right out of here"

Quinn nodded "Yea she was hyperventilating a little when I walked into the room. What about people touching her?"

Santana shrugged "No one has ever tried to touch her so I'm not sure how she'd react" Santana said and turned to the girl "Why are you trying so hard? Apparently she hasn't spoken to anyone, not even her parents in like a year and a half. What makes you think you can just show up and she'll talk?"

"I don't think that. I don't know there's just something about her that makes me want to help, is that so bad?"

"You have a crush on her." Sugar said and Brittany nodded.

"Exactly what I was about to say"

"I don't have a crush on Rachel. I don't even know her"

"There's no other reason for you to try so hard"

"Maybe I know what it feels like for people to count you out. I mean has anyone ever tried to talk to her"

"Brittany did for a few days but she wouldn't even look at her"

Quinn just nodded "I'm going to shower. See you guys at ten"

"Just remember, Quinn. A year and a half so don't get your hopes up on her talking"

Quinn just nodded heading off towards her room.

"She's not coming, Q" Santana mumbled into the girls ear not taking her eyes away from the screen.

Quinn had spent the first half off the movie with her feet up on the chair next to her, glaring at anyone who came near it. A few girls even had to sit on the floor "You don't know that"

Santana held her hand that wasn't tangled in Brittany's up in defense "I'm just sayin'"

"Well don't just say!"

"Hey, blondie, I'm not the one you wanna be fighting with here" the Latina nodded her head towards the door where Demi and her 'friends' had just walked in.

"Seat" Demi growled, nodded down towards the chair Quinn's feet was up on.

"Well done! And who said monkeys couldn't be taught things" Quinn smirked and Santana, Brittany and Sugar sniggered next to her.

"You really need to be taught who runs this place don't you, new girl?"

Quinn howled out a laugh and threw her head back "And who would that be? You? I could snap your size zero ass in no time, Barbie"

"You're just some attention seeking teen with anger issues. Was it mommy or daddy that sent you here?"

"Back off!" Quinn growled getting to her feet.

"Thanks" Demi smiled and went to grab the seat but Quinn yanked it out of her hands before grabbing onto her collar and pushing her back.

"I said no" Quinn growled out, her voice so much huskier than usually.

"Fabray!" a voice yelled but Quinn wasn't listening she was to focused on the stare down she was currently having with Demi.

"Quinn Fabray!" when Quinn didn't answer again one of the people who worked there grabbed onto her arms and began pulling her out the room.

"You're fucking with the wrong girl" Quinn called back to Demi before her was dragged fully out of the room

"We do not tolerate violence here miss Fabray"

"No but it's ok for her to treat Rachel like shit! Just because Rachel can't stick up for herself!" Quinn snapped just as the workers closed her room door over "Urgh" the girl groaned sending a kick into her wooden cupboard effectively breaking the bottom of it.

"You gotta try and control yourself" Santana said walking in to the room.

"Don't tell me what to do"

"I'm being a friend here, Bruce Banner! You don't calm down, you do something out of line you get a tranquilizer to the neck"

"They don't really do that do they?"

"Don't think twice about it and trust me it's not nearly as fun as you'd think"

"Who would think it was fun to get tranquilized?"

"At first, me but now after seven first hand experiences its about as fun as a punch in the face"

"And that's never fun" Quinn mumbled, sitting down on her bed.

"No shit" Santana sat down on her bed "Look, you're alright and I don't know what your deal is. Why you're so angry and I get that Demi said something about your parents but she's wants a reaction out of you, just to see you tranqed. She did the exact same thing to me for the first few months I was here, she picked on Sugar knowing that it got to me"

"What's her deal? Why is she here"

Santana shrugged "I have my money on psychopathic but we've never really found out for sure"

"I was so close to ripping her head off"

"Trust me, we all have been but that's what she wants"

"Should I go in and see if Rachel's ok?"

"Why wouldn't she be?"

"It's just she didn't show to watch the movie"

"She never leaves her room, Quinn. But if it would make you feel better go check"

"I'll wait to see if I see her at dinner"

Santana nodded "So now that it's just me and you, you gonna tell me the big deal about Berry?"

"I've already told you"

"I don't care what you say, you're crushing on Rachel"

"I don't even know her. She hasn't even looked me in the eyes"

"Doesn't matter. I had a crush on Brittany the minute I set eyes on her and it took her a few days to get used to this place"

"Understandable, this place is horrible"

"It's better than most out there. The last one I was in didn't have any way of keeping yourself amused so I ended up fighting constantly so they sent me here"

"How long have you been in places like this?"

"Three years. Five different loony bins"

"Must be rough"

"I've gotten used to it. Look, Banner, I've got your back against Demi and her munchkins but just at least try to stay out of trouble"

"I'll try but that doesn't mean I'll be able to"

Santana nodded "I get it, Demi is infuriating. I'm going to go play pool with B and Sweet if you wanna come along later you're welcome to"


"Sugar, I forgot you don't know the nicknames, you'll get used to it" Santana said before turning and leaving.

Quinn sighed, falling back onto her bed. This wasn't something she wanted to get used to, she was hopping to be out of here in a month.

Quinn's mind switched from that to Rachel, did she really have a crush on the girl? She didn't even know. But what she did know is that, from what she saw those split seconds Rachel's hair wasn't covering her face, the girl was beyond beautiful. That wasn't a solo reason to have a crush on someone though, was it?

"Have you calmed down any yet, Quinn?" the oldest out of the three works here asked, peeking her was into the room and shook her head disappointed at the broken closet.

"Fuck off" Quinn mumbled, sounding board

"Now, Quinn..."

"Didn't you hear me? Fuck off!"

"I will come back in an hour"

"Don't bother" Quinn yelled as her door clicked shut.

God, this place sucks.

Quinn dragged her feet out of her room at five, heading towards the canteen for dinner.

The girl smiled when she saw Rachel sitting off in the corner of the canteen alone. Quinn quickly grabbed something to eat before taking a seat across from Rachel "Hey"

Rachel didn't look up or even flinch but Quinn knew she heard her "You missed a pretty good movie" Quinn mumbled taking a bite of her food "I mean it was only the lion king but gotta love Disney movies, huh?"

"That's not very badass is it? Liking Disney movies" a voice said making Quinn roll her eyes.

"Fuck off, Demi"

"Why are you ever trying to talk to her, surely you'd get a better conversation from Lezpez and her little group"

"What is your problem!"

Demi just shrugged, turning her attention to Rachel "Still no words huh? You know it's rude to ignore people right"

Those giggles again. They just sent shivers down Quinn's spine and she lost it "Fuck this" the girl mumbled before turning and sending her right hand to Demi's cheek and then her left into the girls stomach but that was all she managed to do before someone grabbed her arms an pulled them behind her back "No, let me go! She deserves this" jabbing her elbow into the persons stomach before there as a sharp pain in her neck and then everything just went black.

When Quinn woke everything was blurry but she knew she was in her room judging by the white walls. Quinn groaned and turned on her side, frowning when she saw someone at the bottom of her bed.

At first she figured it would be Santana but after blinking a few times she realizing it was Rachel "Rachel?" Quinn mumbled, her voice husk like she'd just woken up from sleep "Are you ok? I didn't mean to freak like that"

Rachel didn't do anything but even in her still groggy state Quinn could tell the girls breathing was normal "God, Santana was right, that does suck" Quinn whispered, groaning as her dragged herself up to sitting position an rubbing her neck were they had stuck the needle into.

"Again, sorry if that out there scared you I just... I didn't like the way she was speaking to you"

Rachel's head flinched to the side like she was about to look over but stopped herself "You can look at me you know? Im not going to hurt you "

Rachel didn't move and Quinn had to wonder if it was on her own accord that she wasn't looking at her or if there was something in her head that was telling her that it was dangerous and not to look up. Quinn didn't know how it worked.