This is the last chapter of this. I know its the worst ending ever and i might in the future go back and change the ending but right now I want to concentrate on other projects I'm doing and this was giving me so much writers block anyway. Sorry to all you fans out there. please don't hate me

She'd woken up beside Rachel for the past five days but she always had some reason to get up and leave. Like right now she had promised Santana she would spend breakfast with her because Brittany had a counseling session and Sugar's parents were visiting. Quinn untangled herself from Rachel, smiling when the brunette frowned in her sleep and wrapped her arms around Quinn's pillow.

"Holla, Q-tip" Santana said as Quinn sat down across from her "Where's your shadow?"

"Asleep" Quinn yawned, ignoring Santana's dig.

"You need to be a little less obvious to. Sarah might start asking questions"

"There's nothing going on with Rachel and I so she doesn't have anything to question"

"Maybe not right now there's not"

"I don't wanna talk about this, alright?"

Santana held up her hands "touchy"

Quinn glared at Santana.

"Look, all I'm saying is that there has got to be something about you for Rachel talk to you. She must feel something for you and I know you feel something for her"

"I don't do feelings"

Santana smirked, standing up and looking at Quinn "You remind me a little of myself before I met Brittany"

"Where the hell are you going?" Quinn snapped as Santana walked away.

"Sugar'll be coming out soon"

"What the hell did I get up early for then!"


Quinn rolled her eyes, getting up from her seat and heading back into her room.

She smiled at Rachel who was sat on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest "You ok?"

Rachel nodded "I want you to come with me"


"The councilor session. I want you to know what's wrong with me"

"There's nothing wrong with you" Quinn assured, kneeling down in front of Rachel and pulling her hands on the girls cheeks.

"There's a reason I'm like this and I don't think I can tell you on my own"

"I'll come with you. Of course I will"

Rachel nodded, "I was to be there five minutes ago"

Quinn nodded, standing up "You're sure about this?"

"Really sure"

"Ok" Quinn held her hand out towards Rachel and both girls left the room, heading along the hallway to the councilors office.

"Fabray. What're you doing here?" Rebecca asked, eyeing the girl suspiciously.

"Rachel wants me here"

"Is that true?" Rebecca asked, looking at the brunette who nodded faintly "Ok. I'll let the doctor know. Best behavior, Fabray. I mean it"

Quinn nodded, saluting the woman as she left to talk to the doctor.

"Ok, Rachel, Fabray. The doctors ready for you"

"Miss Berry" the doctor smiled as both girls took a seat across from her, Rachel's grip not loosening on Quinn's hand "And Miss Fabray. Can you tell me why you're here?"

"Rachel asked me to be here"

"She asked you? As in with words?"

"No, telepathically. Of course with words"

The doctor nodded, jotting down something before looking back at Quinn "And do you know Rachel's back story?"

"No, she said she didn't think she could tell me on her own"

"Do you want me to tell her miss Berry?"

"You don't have to do this, remember" Quinn said and Rachel lifted her eyes to look at Quinn before glancing at the doctor and back to her feet.

Rachel nodded and Quinn let out a breath, not entirely sure what she was about to hear.

"Ok. Well a lot has happened to Rachel. Her parents were murdered when she was ten, she was the one who found them, so she got sent to live with her grandparents. Of course that was bound to have an impact on Rachel's life and then she started dating this boy Jesse. Her grandparents said she was happy at first but after about a year he started controlling her, telling her not to wear make up, not to show to much skin, telling her who she could talk to and when she could talk. If she talked to someone she shouldn't have, or wore something she shouldn't her would hit her. Like real beat her, sending her to hospital multiple times, so, we guess, Rachel just decided it was better not to talk at all rather than risk a beating. After a while people clicked on and Jesse got arrested but Rachel still asked talked since. Well until you"

Quinn swallowed, willing herself not to be sick because that just reminded he all to much of her sister and just the thought of someone hurting Rachel made her sick.

She felt Rachel shake next to her and she could tell the brunette was crying so she didn't think twice about wrapping her arms around the brunettes shoulders and pulled her tight against her "It's ok. You're ok. No one will ever do that to you again. I promise"

Rachel just sobbed against Quinn's neck, her hand fisting the fabric of Quinn's shirt.

"I'll just leave you two for a second" the Doctor said, seeing that there was no way Rachel would talk around him.

"Sh. Please don't cry Rachel"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't you dare apologize. None of that was your fault" Quinn said, tears pooling in her eyes at the thought of Rachel thinking that this was her fault. The pink haired girl pulled back and rested her head against Rachel's, both her hands on the girls cheek "Don't you dare think you deserved any of that"

Rachel bottom lip trembled slight but she managed to stop herself from sobbing again.

"You wanna go read in our room?"

Rachel nodded, still trying to catch her breath.

"Ok, lets go" Quinn took Rachel's hand and lead her out of the room "We're going back to our room"

The doctor nodded "thanks for coming with her today"

Quinn just nodded, heading down the hallway and into their room "I feel like you should know that your mean a hell if a lot to me" Quinn said and it seemed to catch Rachel but surprise, the brunettes her snapping up to look at Quinn.


"It's crazy, really. How much you've ended up meaning to me"

Rachel frowned, the corner of her lip twitching slightly as she wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck and hide her face in her arms "Thank you"

Quinn just nodded, wrapping her arms securely around Rachel's waist.

Quinn woke up and instantly smiled when she felt Rachel next to her again. This was getting a bit of a thing, Rachel crawling into her bed when she was asleep but this time Quinn intended on being there when the brunette woke up this time.

The pink haired girl yawned, unwrapping the arm that was over Rachels waist an pushing the hair out of Rachel's face. This causes Rachel wriggle and open her eyes, staring blurry eyed at Quinn.

"Morning, love" Quinn mumbled and Rachel smiled, pushing her face into Quinn's neck "This is becoming a bit of a habit of yours isn't it? Climbing into my bed halfway through the night"

Rachel looked up at Quinn, fear shining in her eyes "Sorry" the girl whispered moving to get off the bed

"Hey, hey" Quinn pulling Rachel back lightly, wrapping her arms around Rachel's waist "I didn't say I didn't like it. It's an amazing surprise to wake up to your beautiful face next to me" Rachel blushed, resting her cheek on Quinn's chest "You're beautiful Rachel, I don't want you to ever think otherwise because of what Demi and those bitches say" Quinn mumbles into Rachel's hair, pulling back slightly when Rachel tilts her head up to look at her.

"Thank you"

"I'm just telling you the truth, sweetie"

Rachel smiled, running her hand lightly up Quinn's arm and onto the girls cheek making Quinn close her eyes slightly "Don't moved" Rachel whispered leaning up towards Quinn but stopped when Quinn moved forwards slightly "Please, just, don't move"

Quinn nodded laying her head back onto the pillow and looked up at Rachel who was hovering over her. Rachel didn't move for a second, staring down at Quinn before tentatively leaning forward and softly pushing her lips onto Quinn's for about five seconds before pulling back.

Quinn smiled up at Rachel, waiting for the girl to say something or look at her but instead Rachel just smiled to herself before letting her forehead rest against Quinn's cheek "Sorry"

"Ooh no, dont be"

"You don't mind"

"Of course I don't mind, I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you but I didn't want to push you"

"Thank you"

"For what"

"Not writing me off. I didn't say a word to you for a while but you just didn't give up"

"there was something about you that made me want to be with you. Constantly. I still feel it now"

"I felt it to and I did want to talk to you I just- I just..."

"Hey, calm down" Quinn said pulling Rachel closer to her side "I know you wanted to but you couldn't and I understand that, you've nothing to be sorry for, love"

"I don't know what this feel is that I have for you. It's all warm and fuzzy but I don't know how to label it"

"Why do you have to label it? If it makes you feel good don't over think it"

Rachel just nodded, laying back down on the bed next to Quinn.

Quinn didn't know exactly what would happen to them in here or even outside of this place but what she did know was that she was falling in love with this girl in front of her and, for the first time in her life, feeling that didn't scare her.