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She was running, a looming sense of urgency gripping her heart as she flew towards the commotion and clouds of smoke and ash in the center of the city. What if she was too late? As she landed in a dark alleyway she managed to catch a glimpse of a spiky haired teen throwing explosive towards the alien girl who in turn shot discs of green light back at him. This was getting out of hand, how was she ever to unite them when they were fighting first and asking questions later?

Suddenly she was forced to duck behind a pile of garbage as a green elephant was thrown towards her before it turned into a…a boy? Her eyes widened a bit as she finally saw him up close, from a distance he had just appeared to be a weird green masked hero but now she noticed he was almost…. Shaking her head as he got up and staggered before running back out into the thick of the battle, she couldn't place the sudden clenching that she felt in her gut. Thankfully it seemed the alien girl had caused a distraction by kissing the spiky haired teen full on the lips and leaving.

At this point she saw a large billboard start to fall in slow-motion, the green teen directly below it and somehow unaware of his impending doom. Urgency filled her as she lifted her hands to form a barrier to protect him only to find that her hands remained by her side, forcing her to watch as the heavy steel and wood crushed the boy beneath its mammoth weight. A scream ripped through her as she vaulted towards the accident site. "NO!"

"NO!" She jolted upright, hand clutched to her chest as she felt sweat dot her brow while her heart thundered in her chest. With a dry mouth she glanced to her clock to see that she had an hour left before it was time to leave, allowing her the time to slump forward with her face in her hands as she reminisced about her dream. Why was she so upset? Why did she feel like she should be mourning his death by going on a rampage and making the landscape around her look exactly how her heart felt? Why him? Why was it always him?

Taking a deep breath she stands up from her bed, forgetting for a moment that she was in heels and staggering before righting herself and heading to the bathroom. Once there she slammed the lid of the toilet up and relieved herself of her lunch, a dark swirl of her tea mingling with saliva and the toilet water swam in her vision as she continued to heave despite her stomach having nothing left to it. This went on for a little longer until finally she managed to calm herself enough to be able to close and flush the latrine, standing up and rinsing her mouth out before heading out of her room to find something to settle her stomach…perhaps her peppermint tea.

She didn't anticipate anyone to be there, her eyes having been trained on the floor as she mused about her dream and its meanings. However when she was bending over in front of the fridge to find something to snack on a piercing wolf whistle filled the room, causing her to jump and crack her head on the side of the fridge as she straightened up. Violet eyes raked the room until they met emerald ones…smug emerald ones. Suddenly her heart began to choke in her throat as she blindly reached for her cloak only to realize she left it in her room on the bed, she felt exposed and vulnerable under Beast Boy's appraising gaze.

"Wow Rae, what bet did you lose and how can I thank them?" He joked, leaning against the counter as he allowed his eyes to linger in places that he knew he'd get blasted through the wall for staring at. He didn't care; he was enjoying this far too much to worry about the consequences right now. Usually it was Star that dressed in such revealing clothes; it was a real treat to see the succulently curvy Raven in an outfit that flaunted each and every tantalizing curve she possessed. He didn't miss the crimson streak that clashed on her pale face; in fact it made him smile even more knowing that she was self-conscious despite not knowing why she would be with a body like hers.

She swallowed hard, forcing herself to glare at him for staring at her so openly as if he had earned the right to do such. "I didn't lose a bet…" She growled at him, slamming the refrigerator shut as she turned around to start a pot of tea. Her entire body felt hot as she knew he was still staring at her in a way that made her feel as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. "If you have to know, I have a date tonight. I'm going to a club." She said hotly, seething at the fact that he was butting into her personal life while taking pleasure in the very fact he was. She decided to make him a little jealous, revenge for flaunting every single girl he had been going out with nonstop in the past few weeks. "I met a guy while I was out today, he's well known and he insisted that I join him at a club." Using her powers she read his emotional state and was pleased to find a spike of jealousy and frowned at her teapot when she found concern and protectiveness there as well.

"What do you even know about this guy Rae? What if he's some freak? What if he tries to hurt you?" He stepped forward to stand behind her, ears down as he began to worry for her while fighting back a sudden rise in possessiveness that he occasionally felt whenever he saw someone staring at or talking to her. Placing a hand on her shoulder he couldn't help but breathe in her scent, lavender was most prominent followed closely by the scent of…well…books. He was surprised to find her tensing up under his hand and he could hear her heartbeat accelerate to astronomical speeds, her very skin trembling. "Rae are you okay?" He asked with some concern.

She suddenly shrugged her shoulder out from under his touch, all but plastering herself against the window across the room as she kept her back to him. "Don't touch me." She said quietly, her voice hostile as she battled her emotions. Several spider web thin cracks began to creep across the windows while a bulb inside a lamp shattered and the glass fell. Her face was flushed more now and her arms were wrapped around her torso as she continued to fight the foreign emotion, feeling lost as to how to combat it if she had no idea what it even was. "Just…leave me alone Garfield." She said softly before transporting herself to her room and curling to her knees on the floor. "Nevermore….must…consult….Wisdom…" She panted, curling her pale fingers around the handle of her meditation mirror and whispered her mantra before being sucked into its depths. When she reopened her eyes she was standing on a long bridge of rock in what appeared to be the depths of space. Emitting a sigh she closed her eyes as she transported herself to where Wisdom was, opening them when she heard the soft mantra that Wisdom always chanted. Spotting the yellow glasses-wearing version of her she softly steps forward, not saying anything as Wisdom knew why she was there. As if proving this the emotion opened her eyes, glasses flashing in some makeshift light. "It's love…desire….any of the names you wish to label it. We're in love."

Raven recoiled in horror eyes wide as she whispers. "No….but I've taken every precaution! How is this possible?" She wailed, clutching at her head while Wisdom remained calm.

"Because we've focused on one type of boy, what we thought was our type. He isn't our type, or at least he wasn't until we fell for him…then he automatically became our type which is different from our preconceived type." Wisdom said solemnly while Raven snapped her head up. "Who he? It's Logan isn't it?" She demanded, the yellow-robed emotion smiling in an annoying all-knowing manner. "Yes." This answer enraged the dark empathy enough to snap out of Nevermore and into the life outside of her own mind, her eyes glowing with anger. "Stupid Logan with his stupid fame, how dare he sneak into me like that?" She snarled, hurling a giant chicken across the room where it hit the wall with a cluck. A slow smile curled on her lips as she lost the glow in her eyes, straightening up as she formed a plan. "Okay…so if I just act disinterested he'll go away…" She murmured, placing a thin finger to her chin in contemplation before realizing it was time to call the man in question. Pulling out her cellphone she dialed the number on the slip of paper, the phone ringing only twice before the familiar voice clicked on the line. "Hello?"

"Logan? It's Raven….from the book store." She said evasively in case Beast Boy was trying to listen in. Sometimes she really cursed his animal hearing.

The voice on the other line brightened. "Hi! Oh you probably want to know where to meet me, well meet me at the Monkey Bars. It's about four blocks west of the comic store we met at. I'm a little tied up at the moment so can you meet me there at say six forty-five? I'm arguing with my agent about my plotline." Raven smirked a bit at the semi-joke before hearing a soft voice ask who was on the phone, a voice to which Logan replied something garbled before returning to the call. "Look she's getting agitated that I stopped to answer your call so I'll meet you there okay?" Like that he hung up, leaving her to stare at the phone in shock. Thankfully there was a soft knock on her door to pull her thoughts from what just happened, forcing her to cross the room and open the door to…nothing?

A soft mewl came from the floor, causing her to look down to spot a tiny green kitten with a small note in its mouth with her name on it. Arching a brow at him she steps to the side for him to pad into the room and bound onto her bed where he drops the note and mewls again with his ears down. Sighing heavily she shuts the door and moves to the bed to pick up the note, opening it up and causing the kitten to look hopeful. She felt a bit more than surprised as she read the note, having not expected this from him.

Dear Raven,

I'm sorry I invaded your space; I guess I forgot for a moment that you hate being touched. As an apology would you consider going on a date with me tomorrow? My treat! I know this really great vegetarian place that will blow your mind! Can you forgive me Rae?


P.S. I trust you so sorry for getting on your case about the date guy

Her breath suddenly vanished as she read the last line, folding the letter up and setting it aside. She turned her head to look at the kitten only to find that sometime while reading the note he had changed back to his usual self and was on his knees facing her with a sorrowful yet hopeful look. "So Rae? Will you go out with me tomorrow?" He asked, hands clasped out in a begging motion.

She arched a brow at him, watching him for several long moments which made his anxiety rise as he began to grow nervous of her answer. "I don't know Beast Boy…." He lifted a hand to cut her off. "Raven, we're alone. You can call me Garfield okay? It's my real name after all." He gave her a lopsided grin that she couldn't help but return softly. "Fine….Garfield. I don't know…if the date with Logan goes well then I will probably be seeing more of him. I'm not like some people who change dates as often as they change meals." This made him frown at her, standing up and clench his fists. "You don't have any right to judge me! At least they like me unlike some people who don't like anyone!" He shouted at her before storming out of her room and slamming her door shut, leaving behind a bewildered empath.

Bowing her head she looked to the note, feeling suddenly sick as she dropped it and ran for the bathroom just in time for the porcelain to capture her empty heaves. The retching echoed off of the bathroom loudly, the noise making her feel even sicker. The noises were not missed by the only other teen in the place, his ears flattening as he felt sorry for her but was still too hurt to go back in. Instead he decided to visit his room to change into club clothes, pushing open his door and turning on the light only to fall backwards at the sight of a spotlessly clean room. "Wh-what the heck?" He stammered, stepping in and glancing around. "It's….clean!" Only then did he see the gleam of plastic on his bed, jaw dropping as he darted over to pick up the comic. "No way….I thought they were sold out? How did this get here?" He spotted the note with his name written on it in a beautiful calligraphy, knowing there was only one person who could have written it. Eagerly he opened it, careful to not rip it as his eyes scanned the three line note.

Beast Boy,

Saw this when I was out today, cleaned up your room so you wouldn't ruin it.


While it was short it was completely and totally Raven, it made him feel bad about yelling at her and he glanced at the clock. It was six thirty and he still had time to reconcile with Raven before he had to leave to meet Logan…wait…Logan? Wasn't Raven going out tonight with a….nah Logan was a common name it was probably some gothic pretty boy with normal ears. Excited he quickly and rather clumsily changed into a pair of Tripp pants with his purple and black high-tops, tugging on a Mega Monkeys shirt where the monkeys were all wearing skeleton masks and holding bloody chainsaws he rushed out of his room and pounded on Ravens. "Rae open up!" When she didn't answer he pushed open the door only to be greeted by nothing, causing him to frown and glance around the suite for her and found nothing. Sighing and figuring she already went out to meet her date he trudged out, sticking her note into his wallet fondly as he went to meet his own date at the club Monkey Bars.

By the time Raven got there she was having doubts about this, Beast Boy's words of concern echoing in her head. What if he's a freak Rae? She scoffed at that, according to most she was a freak. Straightening her shoulders she walked to the doors and leaned against it to wait, not that she had long as a bouncer tapped her shoulder and gestured for her to enter. Once inside she was met with the sight of an impossibly high ceiling that was dripping with…well monkey bars. People were hanging from them, dancing on them and in general acting like monkeys. Sure there were cages with dancers in them but those were on the second level of the club just up the stairs, it seemed to grow more adult the further up you went. She spotted Logan over at the bar and walked over to him, earning a wide smile from him that made her heart flip-flop as she sat down.

"Wow you look great! Who knew that the club would look so good on you? You really are a rare one." He complemented her, shouting over the din. He slid a drink to her that was dark and fizzing; causing her to draw a conclusion it was a soda and downed it in a gulp and earning another smile. "You sure know how to take your drinks, you sure you're a minor?" He teased her, making her blush a bit as she just nodded and spoke into his mind where it was quieter.

"So, been to this place with many other naïve girls?"

He looked surprised and shook his head. "Nah only you and I hope it'll be only you as well." He smiled at her and reached over to clasp her hand. "I want to introduce you to a friend of mine tonight, he should be here in a few moments but I want him to be a surprise so can you stay here? Just tell the tender to put it on my tab and I'll pay for it, oh you may want to stick with what you've been drinking." He said with a slightly hungry smile as he slipped off the stool and disappeared into the crowd of bodies writhing to the music. Shrugging she turned her back to the crowd and ordered another drink, not knowing it was a jack and coke light on the jack.

Elsewhere in the club:

Beast Boy arrived with his date, a leggy Japanese girl who colored her hair pink and black and blonde with it teased out and crimped. She was dressed in ripped clothes and had several piercings along the sides of her nose but she was incredibly attractive. Beast Boy didn't particularly like the piercings but she was in a band so who was he to judge? At any rate Logan Zabrathian waved to him from the door, ushering the pair in and waiting while they gazed up at the place in awe. At least Beast Boy did, his date was more eyeing the comic book author's tight jeans and slightly unbuttoned black shirt. Logan leaned close to Beast Boy and spoke in a deep voice to be heard over the music. "The girl I told you about? She's over there at the bar with the green top and white skirt, managed to convince her to meet me here tonight. I'm gonna so score with her tonight." He said with a smirk, giving the green teen a nudge as he pointed towards Raven. Beast Boy's eyes bulged out slightly at the sight of Raven downing drinks, one leg casually draped over the other and causing her already short skirt to ride up her thighs a bit more. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bright from the alcohol that she was unknowingly consuming, she actually looked….relaxed.

When Logan made the comment about scoring with her Beast Boy felt a sick curl of anger in his stomach, the Beast inside him lifting its head and growling in possessiveness. Raven was his and no pretty boy was going to take her away, no matter how famous and how much Beast Boy idolized him. Sending Logan an angry glare he stormed through the crowd, eyes only for the dark teen as he fought to reach her. Once he did he grabbed her upper arm, leaning in close to growl into her ear. "Come on Rae, we're leaving." He glanced back at Logan and his date, watching her try to flirt with the comic star only to be snubbed as the man stared challengingly at Beast Boy. Meanwhile Raven tugged herself from his grip and frowned at him. "No, I'm allowed to have dates just as much as you are. Now go and leave me alone." She hissed, marching away from him and moving towards Logan where she spoke into his mind again.

"Come on; let's go up a few levels." She grinned and led him to the stairs where he followed willingly and soon he took the lead, bringing her to the third level and into a private room where he shut the door behind them. The room was small due to the large silk covered bed in the middle of it but it was to suit its purpose. Tiredly she sank down on it, feeling exhausted for some reason. "Logan…I don't feel so good." She whispered, pressing a hand to her head and closing her eyes. As she did she missed the leer that he flashed her way, not noticing him start to walk towards her slowly. "You do? Well maybe you should lie down? Here take this, you'll feel better." He held out a small pill to her and a glass of water, both of which she took willingly as she wanted the headache to go away.

The pill was a mistake, a few moments after she took it the room began to swim as she collapsed backwards. She heard the sound of a zipper coming down, causing a panic to rise in her chest as she began to connect the dots. The drinks, the pill, the room, even Beast Boy? Had it been a part of a plan to take advantage of her? She felt her skirt being pushed up, bile rising in her throat as she felt fear pin her down for the first time in a long time.

"Poor Raven, I'm going to give you a night to remember….but you're not going to remember a single thing." He whispered into her ear, sliding her panties down her legs and tossing them aside. Silent tears leaked down her cheeks as she felt like her body was lead, she couldn't even summon her powers let alone see straight. Suddenly she felt an intrusion in her followed by blinding pain that caused her to scream aloud before she felt a hand cover her mouth, a soft grunt coming from above her. "Shut up or I'll choke you until you knock the fuck out." He snarled to her, pushing himself into her completely to the point that she whimpered beneath his hand. "Oh I'm sorry, is this your first time? Well tough I'm going to get paid back for those drugs and drinks bitch…you may not be much to look at but your body is fantastic. Who cares how creepy your face is?" He laughed, drawing his hips back and driving them back forward into her over and over as he took pleasure from her despite her virgin blood soaking the sheets below them and staining her white skirt.

It seemed to go on forever, weaving in and out of consciousness as he continued to rape her until she heard him shout out and shove into her again. "Oh fuck….god you're so tight." He growled, pausing only for a moment to grin down at her. "I could push into you and get you knocked up….but then I'd have child support so screw that shit….I'm just gonna fuck your ass." True to his word he flipped her onto her belly, her blood smearing onto her stomach and thighs as he pushed his bloody member into her anus which elicited a loud scream from her. This reaction earned a slap to the back of her head before his fingers closed around her throat. "What did I say about screaming? Now you're really gonna get it you ugly bitch." A strangled sob left her just before she heard a loud blast, suddenly she was dropped and the intrusion was gone from her. Leaving her free to curl up and tremble as she heard shouts and scuffling as well as the sounds of fists contacting flesh, soon it was quiet and gentle hands cautiously touched her shoulders. Just before she blacked out she felt herself lifted up with something soft, warm and familiar draped over her.