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"Good morning Dorothy," Blanche said.

"Whatever," Dorothy snapped.

Blanche sighed. For the past 6 months Dorothy had been mad at her. But to be fair Dorothy did make her spill something on her dress making it impossible to return. Besides the increase was not much. It was hardly noticeable enough to make a dent.

"Listen," Blanche said, "I don't like us fighting."

"Oh really," Dorothy said, "Do you think I enjoy it?"

"No. But you're still mad at me."

"I'm mad because you have no consideration for anyone except yourself. You fly off the handle at the littlest things."

"I do not," Blanche said tears filling her eyes.

"Okay look," Dorothy said, "I didn't mean to insult you but it's true. The way you acted was ridiculous. It really hurt my feelings that my friend acted the way you did. You're like my sister and you really betrayed me."

"Dorothy it was a $5 increase," Blanche said, "I didn't want to do it. I had to."

She looked down ashamed.

"Had to? What the hell do you mean you HAD TO," Dorothy asked.

It was then the mask slipped away and Blanche broke down.

"I lost my job at the museum," she began, "My mortgage was raised by 15%. I was still really upset by what I've been going through. Honestly I was drowning for the past year."

"Oh for GOD sakes Blanche," Dorothy said her anger slipping away, "If you had let me know about that I would have been glad to do anything I could to make things easier for you."

"How could I have told you," Blanche said, "You were going through Kate being sick. You were going through so much and I was going to bother you with my problems?"

"It's not a bother," Dorothy said.

Rose came into the kitchen.

"Good morning Rose," Blanche said cheerfully.

"Hi Blanche," Rose said, "Hi Dorothy. Blanche I'm going to be a little late."

"I thought you were past childbearing age," Blanche said confused.

"Very funny," Rose said, "I was walking home the other day when I saw a woman throwing up by the side of the road. I stopped to help her out and it turned out that she was real sick. At the hospital Doctors determined she would need an operation but she was homeless so-"

"Rose. Please do not tell me you invited her to stay here," Blanche groaned.

"No but I did foot the bill for her operation and put her up in a reasonably priced place," Rose said.

She walked away.

"You know," Dorothy said, "Rose has a point."

"You heard a point? I heard her telling about a sweet thing she did but I didn't hear a point."

"We're out here feeling sorry for ourselves because of things that are so stupid and yet there are people out there that is suffering worse then us. We need to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking of others."

In just 45 seconds Rose had really made them think.