Goddess' Love

Nicknames for Main Characters

Sakura – Forehead Girl / Billboard Brow / Sakura-chan / Hokage's Apprentice / Blossom or Cherry Blossom / Cherry / Saki, Saku or Kura / Saki-chan / Saku-chan / Kura-chan

Tenten – Panda / Bun – Bun / Nine – Nine / Tennie / Weapon's Mistress / Youthful Flower / Ten-chan

Hinata – Shy / Hina-chan / Hinata-chan

Ino – Ino-pig / Blondie / Shopping-crazy blonde

Sasuke – Sasuke-teme / Teme / Uchiha / Sasuke-kun / Sasuke-san

Naruto – Dobe / Idiot / Baka / Naruto-kun / Uzumaki / Naruto-san

Shikamaru – Lazy ass / Shika-kun / Nara / Shika / Shikamaru-san / Pineapple Head

Neji – Neji-kun / Hyuga / Teme 2 / Neji-san

Gaara – Panda-chan

Kankuro - Puppet-chan

Temari – Tem or Tema / Tema-chan

Hi no Megami – Goddess of Ka (Fire) - Sakura

Chikyū no Megami – Goddess of Chi (Earth) - Tenten

Mizu no Megami – Goddess of Sui (Water) - Hinata

Hikari no Megami – Goddess of Hikari (Light) - Ino

Kaze no Megami – Goddess of Fū (Wind) - Temari




Inner Person


Chapter 4 – Returning

3 years passed since their teammates and senseis left Konohagakure on that long term mission. Reports after reports were received from them on how the boys' training was doing and that the senseis are extremely pleased with their progress. Though the last message they sent made Tsunade's blood boil in rage.

Dear Hokage,

We have decided that we need 4 new kunoichi to complete the three man team, and we have already chosen them. They are very skilled in combat and cooperation, and our students approve of them full heartedly. We did not forget of our students back home, so please inform them that they are no longer needed on the now full team. The boys are improving more and more each and every day, and we wouldn't like to slow them down with Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten, who were and, no doubt, still are, the weakest link in the original team.

Yours sincerely, K.H, K.Y, A.S and G.M, the senseis of a happy team.

The last sentence after the initials made her rage go up ten folds. She have shown every letter to the 4 kunoichi, who has returned from the Land of Oni a year ago, and they always made funny remarks after they read them through.

What they said about this one was,

"We have decided that we need 4 kunoichi to complete the three man team! We are here you know!" Ino have said the first sentence in a chipmunk voice, then screamed the second one out.

"They are skilled on combat and cooperation, my ass" Tenten snorted out

"Aw, I'm touched. They did not forget about us!" Hinata have said this in a touching voice, then she mockingly said the second phrase in a happy voice.

"Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten who are and no doubt still are the weakest link in the original team! How can they know this for sure?" Sakura huffed with a disgusted voice.

"...Wow. The senseis of a happy team? That's just low" Temari have commented as she read the last sentence on the letter. She have become a Konohagakure ninja, as requested by Tsunade, though she does the missions that includes going to Sunagakure.

"Kakashi must've have forgot the phrase he have taught Team 7. 'Those in the ninja world who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are lower than scum'" Sakura have said this happily, then when she got to 'Team 7', her voice broke a little.

Today though, would be different.

Today, the group will return to Konohagakure from the 3 year long mission...

Front Gates

Instead of Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane guarding the gates in the little wooden space, it's Sakura and Ino, who have volunteered to be with Sakura to get back a few minutes with her 'rival'.

Sakura was unwillingly chosen to go this post today, and both she and Ino knew that Tsunade was playing matchmaker... again. The young looking Hokage have purposely tried to get them to date, her excuse being 'I want to be an Auntie soon' to which the group of 5 kunoichi have destroyed her office in fury and embarrassment... Oh, and the Hokage Monument have lost a small piece of stone from the place Sakura have made Tsunade fly into. That girl have hit the Hokage, and the latter just took it jokingly.

Here they were now, sitting at the hard wooden chairs in the wooden stand, bored to the core. Now they understood why Izumo and Kotetsu hated this job. It has nothing entertaining in it, just watching the trees on the opposite side, it was practically taunting them that they were trapped in a stand while the trees were basked in sunlight.

This is not a job ANBU should do! ….. Oh, did I forget this fact?... Pardon me. Here we go.

During the one year since they have came back from the Land of Oni, they have reached Chunin, then Tokubetsu Jonin, but they have skipped Jonin, as requested by the Hokage, and they have been offered to join ANBU, an other request by the Hokage. They have accepted of course, liking the way they earn respect.

They are required to wear their masks at all costs, even inside the village walls. Each of them had different coloured masks with different designs.

Sakura had a white tiger mask with red outlining for the accessories and around the eye holes. The red representing the element she was the Goddess of. (Fire)

Ino had a white lion mask with orange outlining for the accessories and around the eye holes. The orange representing the element she was the Goddess of. (Light)

Tenten had a white bear mask with green outlining for the accessories and around the eye holes. The green representing the element she was the Goddess of. (Earth)

Hinata had a white fish mask with blue outlining for the accessories and around the eye holes. The blue representing the element she was the Goddess of. (Water)

Temari had white hawk mask with grey outlining for the accessories and around the eye holes. The grey representing the element she was the Goddess of. (Wind)

They all knew that the boys were to return today, that's why they didn't want to be anywhere near the gates, or the village in fact. Both Ino and Sakura were in full ANBU gear, consisting of black clothing and grey chest armour, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on their back-waist and a signature spiral tattoo on their shoulder. They also carried a sword that was strapped to their back.

They entertained their selves as they activated their different coloured eyes. Sakura's eye bled red and it glowed like fresh blood through the eye hole of her tiger mask. Ino have erupted into a fit of giggles and promptly fell of her chair.

Their physical appearance didn't change much at all. Their hair was still long, reaching mid-thigh. Ino's bang have grown long, reaching to the bottom of her breast. Sakura's hair was still up in a high ponytail, held back by a red ribbon, but two thick bangs framed her face.

All 5 kunoichi have matured over the years, and let's just say, they have gotten an unwanted male attention. The population of single males in every village or town they visit, stop and stare at their body like it's a piece of meat. Tsunade can't blame them though, because their bodies have filled in their clothes very much.

With their Goddess powers, they have earned a small friend, who are Spirits.

Sakura gained a floating fire flame that was the size of a baseball, and it had small, narrowed and glowing red eyes. His name was Katon.

Hinata gained a floating blue droplet, the same size of Katon, and it had small narrowed and glowing electric blue eyes. His name was Suiton.

Ino gained a floating yellow star, the same size of Katon and Suiton, and it had small, narrowed and glowing orange eyes. His name was Koton.

Tenten gained a floating green leaf, the same size of Katon, Koton and Suiton, and it had small, narrowed and glowing emerald green eyes. His name was Doton.

Temari gained a floating ball of silver air, the same size as Katon, and it had small, narrowed and glowing grey eyes. His name was Futon.

They appeared when their owner wishes to, or when they sense that their mistress is in danger.

Right now, as Ino got up and back into her chair, Koton appeared next to her, while Katon made his own flashy appearance as he sat on Sakura's shoulders, though never burning her clothes.

"I can feel them. They are nearby. Maybe 5 minutes until they arrive. And I can sense 4 unfamiliar chakra signatures with them" Katon have spoken up as his red eyes gleamed with fury.

"Must be our replacements" Ino muttered with venom as she crossed her arms over her fully developed chest. Koton looked at Ino worriedly, before he sat down on her shoulder and nuzzled her neck.

Their spirits knew of everything that has happened to them in their lifetime, because when they have been in the Land of Oni, they had the past Goddesses' power sealed inside them, and so, their Spirit friends have been created. The fact that the spirits were boys didn't affect the girls from loving them.

"They're getting closer" Katon growled out as his eyes flashed and flicked to the gate. "I can feel arrogance"

"100% the pricks of the group. And we both know who they are" Sakura smirked underneath her mask. Ino burst out laughing with her head thrown back as Koton have gotten off her shoulder before he would get hurt.

Sakura and Ino heard a slight buzz from their ear device and second later Tenten's voice broke through.

"I can already see them. Oh, EW! Those sluts are the girls that was supposed to be our replacements? How the hell can they be good combat and cooperation? Cooperation maybe when they are doing what they are good for in bed"

"Tenten. This subject is inappropriate! Er, but I agree with you that they don't look good in anything." Hinata commented as she joined in with the conversation.

"Girls, don't be fooled so easily. Remember the time in the Academy when they taught us the appropriate appearance that a kunoichi should look like. If you appear weak looking, your opponent will underestimate you and you will have a high chance of winning the battle" Sakura spoke

"Well said"

Both girls froze at the sound of a familiar bored voice that belonged to the famous Copy-Cat Nin and Sakura's old sensei, Hatake Kakashi. Katon and Koton have sensed them before they stepped foot through the gate and they hid behind their mistress, silently hissing like a cat.

Ino and Sakura turned their head slightly to look at them. Their rages are now off charts at the boring stare of their past sensei. Their teammates have looked at them slightly surprised of the ANBU masks but they returned their attention on their new teammate.

"Hn. Welcome back you lot and welcome to Konohagakure you 4" Sakura said with no hint of emotions as Katon hissed behind her. She then turned away from the group of ninja and started on reading a scroll. Ino joined her, not wanting to look at the men that have betrayed her.

"Talk to us once they're gone" Hinata's concerned voice broke through their communicating devices, but the girls stayed mute.



The group of freshly arrived ninjas made their way down the dusty road slowly. Kakashi's and Asuma's mind dark with thoughts.

These girls have grown...

They watched the sun disappear behind the high cliffs of the Hokage Monument.

And it looks like they made it into one of the highest ninja rankings...


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