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Outtake Baby

Renee sent Charlie out for some vanilla ice cream swirl, which didn't sound so bad compared to her other strange cravings, except it was mid-February and there was a snow storm outside. Charlie reluctantly went, knowing it was better to just give her what she wanted rather than listen to her lecture about the reasons pregnant woman get food cravings. He knew that since she was 38 weeks along it would almost be over.

Charlie hadn't returned when Renee felt a bit of pressure along her back. She thought nothing of it. All through her pregnancy it seemed every move the baby made had caused her slight pain. She continued to rearrange the living room to distract herself from her thoughts about Charlie in the snow. Suddenly, the pain intensified. She crumpled to the ground incapacitated.

"Bella!" she yelled. "Bella help!"

Her daughter came leisurely down the steps. "What's the emergency?" she asked jovially thinking it was just another food craving. Bella's smile dropped from her face when she caught her mom down on the carpet. "Are you okay?"

"I can't get up. I'm in too much pain."

"Omigosh! What kind of pain? Are you in labor? Where's Dad?" She bent down to help her mother stand and get to the couch.

"Out getting ice cream. I sent him about an hour ago."

Bella pointed to the window. "In that?" The snow was falling in heavy chunks. Evening had set in and visibility was next to zero.

Renee nodded.

Bella ran to her cell and dialed her dad's number. The phone beeped. She looked at the screen with a huge red stop sign. "No Service."

Bella's head dropped. She tried again with the same response.

"Mom, the phone's not working."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it's not working. There is no service."

"Oh no, I think my water just broke." There was a puddle forming on the ground from the liquid pouring off the couch.

"Mom, you can't have the baby here! We are going to need help."

"Ahh!" Renee yelled. "Contraction! I'm having a contraction!"

"I'm going to call Jacob."

"Ow-wow!" Renee was rubbing at her enlarged belly. "What is he supposed to do and how are you even going to call him?"

"Like this. Jacob!"

Jacob's face appeared over the second floor railing. "Is it safe to come out?" he asked sheepishly. He had been covertly watching the scene downstairs.

"What the hell is he doing here?" she roared.

"We have to watch Schindler's List for history class and since I'm grounded I can't exactly go and watch it elsewhere."

"But why is he here?"

"It's his movie," she said in an obvious tone.

Jacob descended down the steps. "I don't know what you want me to do?"

"Your dad's a cop. Don't they train for this type of emergency?" Bella questioned in a slight panic.

"Sure but they trained him not me."

"You just get over here!" Renee called over to him.


"Ahh!" She heavily breathed through the pain. "Yes," pant, "you!"

He walked over to her and she grabbed him by his collar.

"Mom!" Bella hollered.

"You are going to help me or so help me whatever you've been doing with my daughter I'll make you regret it," she uttered menacingly. "I may not be able to stop you two from having sex, but I can be darn sure you're going to be safe about it."

He tried to pry her fingers off his black shirt. Believe me Mrs. Swan, I already know the repercussions of having unsafe sex. I don't need an up close reminder."

"OW! Shit, this hurts! What I wouldn't give for some Demerol," Renee screamed.

"Mom, you cursed."

"Bella help me prop up. This baby is coming now."

"Maybe I should try the phone again—"

"Honey! I'm a nurse. I'll talk you through it. Jacob, help me get my underwear off."

"Maybe Bella should—"

Renee pulled him to her face. "My husband is not here. And since you're a man, you are going to have to take the heat for him. Now Help me!"

"Okay, okay." Jacob reached underneath her dress and pulled off her cotton undies. "Holy shit!"

Bella came over to her mom's side and helped her sit up. She prop some couch pillows under her mom's knees. Renee kept moaning in pain as she tossed out instructions for items they'll need and what Jacob should be seeing.

"I'm feeling the urge to push. Am I ten centimeters dilated?"

"How am I supposed to know? I don't have a ruler," he answered.

"Stick your hand in and measure with your fingers. The width of each is about one centimeter."

"Stick my hand where?!"

"In my vagina to feel if my cervix is fully dilated."

"OOOH NO! This is too Mrs. Robinson for me. You're my girlfriend's mother."

"JUST DO IT! I'm not supposed to push unless I'm fully dilated."

"Ugh, there is so much gunk coming out and now you expect me to touch it? Sorry Bella, but this might be too much for me to handle. I don't think I'm going to stay for the rest of the movie." He reached in with his eyes closed. He felt the soft tissues of Renee's birth canal press against his hand. His face contorted to show his disgust as his lower lip was pulled tensely downward.

"Ew! Yeah, you're at ten." His mouth swallowed a bad taste of saliva and vomit.

Renee forced her legs against her chest in a semi-fowler position. Bella held her mother's hand.

"Okay, at my next contraction I'm going to push. Jacob, be ready to catch the baby. Here it comes. Ahh!" her face changed to an odd blue as she forced her pelvic muscles to squeeze out the baby.

"Come on Mom, push! Push!" Bella encouraged.

"I think I see the head," Jacob announced. A rigid hairy skull peaked out the edges of Renee's entrance. He placed his hands beside it and guided the baby along.

Renee took a breath and pushed again. She screamed in agony as the pain felt like it was ripping her apart.

"It's coming, it's coming!"

"Use the blanket," Renee yelled.

"This is really gross," Bella claimed as she witnessed her boyfriend pulling the blood and mess covered baby out and wrapped it in a blanket.

"Honey!" a voice came from outside.

"Dad!" Bella ran to the door to let him in. He looked like the abominable snowman. He was covered head to toe with snow.

"You won't believe—" Charlie took in the scene and pulled off his wet attire. Bella pulled the afghan off the loveseat and wrapped it around her father.

Jacob handed the still silent baby over to its mother. Renee quickly took a bulb syringe and used it to suck out the fluid in the baby's nose and mouth.

"Why isn't it crying?" Bella worried. Jacob shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

Renee turned the baby over onto its stomach and thumped its back once.

"Waaahhh!" The cry echoed through the otherwise quiet house. It seemed everyone let out the breath they were holding at the same time.

"That is the sweetest sound I've ever heard," Charlie claimed as he came over to kiss his wife's forehead.

Renee swaddled the baby in the blanket and opened her top to nurse the baby.

Bella walked over to Jacob. She gave him a thankful and proud cuddle. "You did a great job. You should go into medicine."

"Hell no! I'm not doing that again. "Ever!" She gave a small giggle.

Renee heaved. "The placenta is coming."

Jacob moved out of the way as Charlie crouched between his wife's knees. "Push, honey, push," he cheered.

Two pushes and it was out. It was even grosser than the whole birthing process. This large blob of an object in its blood and blackness was still attached to the baby via the placenta.

"We need to sever the umbilical cord. Someone please get the bandage shears out of the first aid kit," Renee instructed. She tied the cord and Bella had the shears.

"Who's going to cut it?" she asked. Bella turned to Jacob.

"Not. Ever," he uttered.

"I'll do it," Charlie stated. "After all, this is my . . . I have no idea if it's a boy or a girl."

"Girl," Jacob spoke up. "I've seen way too many vaginas today."

Charlie ignored the comment, but gave a short laugh. "I have another girl."

He cut through the thick cord while Bella tried to call the hospital.

Jacob took a peak at himself covered in blood and amniotic fluid. "I better go home to shower and change."

"I don't think so," Charlie piped up. "There's no driving in that blizzard outside. I had to abandon my car by the ice cream shop, which was closed by the way." He looked at his wife with distaste. "I had to walk all the way back." He was still shivering in his partially wet pants.

"Hello, hello?" Bella called into the phone. "Hey my mother just gave birth in our home." There was a voice responding back. "No the baby is okay. My mother is nursing her. My mom is an ER nurse."

"Tell them the apgar was 7/9 and the baby looks about 7 pounds. The cord was cut and my bleeding has gone down to a trickle," Renee informed.

Bella had held out the phone. "Did you get all that? Okay, we'll keep an eye out." She gave over her address and held onto her phone in case of further instruction. "They said it looks like the storm is letting up. They'll send an ambulance over soon."

"What are we going to name the baby?" Renee asked.

"How about Stephenie?" Charlie suggested. "It has a nice ring to it?"

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