A/N: Hello everyone! Now begins the sixth story of the Academic Series involving the Professor, my OC, in a revision of Series 6! Five stories come before this one (Reunion, Recuperation, Relapse, Rebound, and Revitalization) which really explain a lot about the Professor and the Doctor's relationship with her, so you should probably read them first :)

Some notes:

~8~ is a scene break

~/~\~ is a flashback (three per story)

'italics' is the Doctor/Professor speaking telepathically.

The Academic Series is based around the Doctor and Professor's POV, so some scenes are missing, those that include references to the Doctor can also be thought to include the Professor too.

A brief description of the Professor's 11th incarnation: hazel (brownish-green, with flecks of lighter green) eyes, strawberry blonde, wavy hair that is worn half up/half down by a green clip, and cheekbones that are slightly pronounced when she smiles. Her typical outfit consists of a colored tank top, a blue jean jacket, a knee length white skirt and white tennis shoes. She also wears a pair of black shorts under her skirt with a holster attached to her thigh to hold her sonic blaster.

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Space and Time

The Doctor was lying on his back on a small dolly under the console, working on it as he whistled.

"Can you check the reality compensators?" the Professor called up to him from where she herself was working below the console, showing Rory how to wire some things, replace the thermo-couplings and whatnot. The Doctor pulled a tube off the console and then reached up and flicked a switch, "Thank you!"

"Hey!" Amy called as she walked over.

"HEY!" the Doctor wheeled himself out, grinning at her a moment, before wheeling back under.

She pulled him out a moment later, "Listen can we talk?"

"RORY!" he shouted, a bit frantic, as he pulled himself back under.

Amy rolled her eyes and grabbed him by the lapels, pulling him out once more, "No, shut up. I just got a question that's all…"

"You okay up there?" Rory called, looking up at them through the floor, the Professor kneeling beside him with a small blowtorch and blackened goggles on.

"Yeah, fine, no problem!" the Doctor replied as Amy stood and looked down at her husband, her hands on her hips.

"What are you doing?" she asked suspiciously.

"Helping the Professor help Doctor..." he answered as the Doctor rolled back under. He turned to the Professor, "Um, it's humming is that okay?"

"It's fine Rory," she assured him, "We're just entering conceptual space."

"Imagine a banana!" the Doctor called, pulling himself out, "Or anything curved!"

"Actually don't," the Professor cut in, taking a small umbrella that had been lying down there and thumping it against the top of the floor just under the Doctor for a moment, "Since it's not curved nor is it anything like a banana!"

The Doctor nodded a bit, "Right, forget the banana," and rolled back under.

"Uh, is he helping you fly the TARDIS?" Amy asked them.

"Attach thermo-couplings 2, 7, and 11…" the Professor told Rory, unable to do it herself amidst returning to her welding, "Like I showed you," Rory nodded and walked off as the Doctor pulled out and rolled over to get up, walking to the console.

"How come he gets a go?" Amy asked, following him, "You never let me have a go."

"Uh, Doctor," Rory called, a bit panicked, "Don't. Seriously. I let her drive my car once."

The Doctor walked around her to the other side of the console as Amy rolled her eyes, "Yeah. To the end of the road."

"Yeah where, according to Amy, there was an unexpected house."

"Oh, he's jealous because I passed my test first time," she remarked as the Doctor walked back around her, leaning over to type something.

"You cheated. You wore a skirt."

The Doctor paused in his typing at that rather familiar situation.

"I didn't wear a skirt," Amy defended.

"Luck would have worked too."

The Doctor glanced at her skirt before standing up and walking around her, shaking his head.

"No, no, I did wear a skirt. But it was any old skirt."

"…did you happen to give her the skirt Rory?" the Professor asked him, sensing the similarity as well.

"No?" he eyed her curiously.

She patted him on the shoulder, "Hear that Doctor!" she shouted up to him, "Rory's a gentleman!"

"I told you a hundred times," the Doctor groaned, rolling his eyes, "It really was for good luck!"

Rory shook his head, pushing his questions to the side, it was probably some Time Lord thing he'd never understand. He looked up at the Doctor, "You ever see Amy drive Doctor?"

"No!" he shouted down.

"Neither did her driving examiner."

"Actually..." Amy muttered in thought, "It was this one...it was this skirt."

"Rory!" the Professor shouted a moment before the TARDIS lurched forward, nearly knocking them all down. All the lights went off.

"What was that?" Amy breathed.

"Rory dropped a thermo-coupling!" the Professor grumbled, whacking him on the arm lightly. She'd seen him looking up through the glass ceiling before it had fallen out of his hand.

"Oh how did he do that?" the Doctor walked around the floor to look down at them, "Did you tell him don't drop them?"

The Professor lifted her blackened goggles up, "Yes, I specifically mentioned not dropping them."

"It was my fault," Amy said quietly.

"Of course it wasn't your fault," the Doctor walked around her.

"It kinda was her fault," Rory told him.

"How can it be her fault?"

"Because it was my skirt," Amy told him, "And my husband. And your glass floor."

The Doctor looked down at Rory and then the Professor, a bit confused, but she just picked up the edge of her skirt meaningfully and nodded at Rory. His eyes widened, "Oh ew! Rory!"

"Sorry!" he called.

The Doctor shook his head and looked at the Professor again, "What were you saying about him being a gentleman?"

She just pulled the goggles off her head completely and rolled her eyes, tossing them aside as she made her way up the stairs, "We've landed," she reminded him, "Emergency materialization..."

He smirked a bit at having caught her without a retort and turned to the console, nodding, "We should be fine. Should have locked on to the safest space available," he pushed a lever up and the lights turned on.

"Or not," the Professor said.

The Doctor looked up at her to see her looking at something past his shoulder. He turned around slowly and his mouth dropped open at the sight of the TARDIS stationed on the floor before them.

"Doctor...what's happened?" Amy asked as he walked past them slowly, staring at it.

"Safest spot available," he murmured, "The TARDIS has materialized inside of itself."

He started down the stairs, walking towards the TARDIS as Rory and the Professor stopped at the top of the steps, "Is that supposed to happen?" Rory asked her.

She could only give him a look, "Take a guess."


"Spot on," she patted his shoulder.

The Doctor reached out to touch the doors.

"What are you doing?" Amy asked him.

"I have absolutely no idea," he whispered before throwing the door open and running in…only to come back into the room through the main TARDIS doors.

"Uh, ok that is a bit weird."

The Doctor put his hand through the door and it appeared through the smaller TARDIS doors, to which Rory laughed, "That is actually pretty cool."

The Doctor stepped through the main doors and out of the smaller TARDIS, "Oh, I'm glad you're entertained Rory," he started walking back to them, "Now that were stuck here for all eternity," he mock glared as he walked up the steps, "At least you won't be bored."

"Wait, what, we're stuck?" Amy's eyes widened.

"The inside of the TARDIS is now joined to the outside of the TARDIS," the Professor began.

"Worse than a time loop," the Doctor nodded.

"It's a space loop."

"Nothing can enter or leave this ship ever again."

They all looked over as the main doors opened and another Amy walked through, "Ok kids," she began, "This is where it gets complicated."

"Who the hell are you?" Amy eyed herself, stunned.

"I'm you from your future!"

The Doctor walked over to her, "Tell us exactly what's happened."

"Well, the exterior shell of the TARDIS has drifted forwards in time," the other Amy told them, "If you step into the box now, you step inside the control room a tiny bit into the past."

"I don't understand…" Amy shook her head.

"Neither do I."

"But you just said it!"

"No, I'm just repeating it," the other Amy explained as the Doctor rubbed his forehead, "I'm just remembering what I heard myself saying when I was standing where you are now and repeating it. I'm just repeating this too, and this, and this…"

"I still don't understand."

"You still don't."

"Ok," the Professor cut in, slightly amused, "When does this Amy step inside the box? We need to maintain the timeline."

"Ah, as soon as she slapped Rory," the other Amy replied.

"Ok," Amy nodded, fully prepared and ready to slap her husband.

Rory let out an unamused laugh, "No. Why do I get slapped?"

"Because we have to stick to the established chain of events," the Doctor explained.

"One mistake, the whole timeline could collapse," the Professor added.

"We'd end up with two Amy Ponds forever!"

"And then what would you do?"

Rory thought about it a moment before turning to Amy suggestively. Amy, guessing his thoughts, let out an outraged squeak and slapped him.

"Ok," the Professor laughed, "Into the police box, now!" she nudged Amy down.

Amy ran over to the smaller TARDIS door and paused, "What, and then I become her?"

"Yes, go, go, go!" the Doctor urged her on, walking back up the stairs.

Amy paused and glanced at herself as she leaned against the other side of the TARDIS, "Do I really look like that?"

"Yeah," she nodded, "Yeah you do."

"Hmm, I'd defiantly give you a driving license."

"Oh I bet you would."

"Oh," the Doctor groaned, "This is how it all ends. Pond flirting with herself. True love at last!" the Professor nudged him and he glanced at a still partially stunned Rory, "Oh, sorry Rory."

"Absolutely no problem at all," Rory murmured.

"Now Amy!"

"What's the first line?" Amy turned to herself.

"Ok kids, this is where it gets complicated," her other self replied.

"Gotcha," she nodded, stepping in.

The other Amy turned to them and ran up the stairs, "So, is that it? Are we ok now?"

"No, we're still trapped," the Doctor shook his head.

And then the main doors opened again and another Amy and Rory ran in this time.

"What are you doing?" the Doctor demanded.

"The Professor told us to get into the police box," the other Rory explained, "Well, from your point of view, you're about to tell us to get into the police box. From our point of view, you just told us to get into the police box. Which is why we got into the police box. Which is why we're here…"

"Do I have to remember all of that?" Rory frowned, confused.

The other Rory shrugged, "It sort of just happens."

"Hi!" Amy waved to herself.

"Hi!" she waved back.

"Hey!" the Doctor chastised, "Stop that!"

The Professor laughed, far too amused by all this, "Come on you two," she pushed Amy and Rory towards the box, "Into the police box, now, move."

"So what now?" the other Amy asked as Amy and Rory disappeared into the box.

"You two stay where you are," the Doctor ordered the other Amy and the other Rory before he and the Professor moved to the console.

"What are you doing?" Rory asked.

"We're setting up a controlled temporal implosion," the Professor replied, "It's the only way to reset the TARDIS."

"But unless we find exactly the right lever to control the implosion…" the Doctor winced, "We're all going to die."

"You don't know which lever?" Amy asked, incredulous.


The Professor just cleared her throat.

"Ok, I don't," he grinned, walking over to face them, but holding a finger up behind him to silence the Professor from spoiling his fun, "But I'm about to find out."

The main doors opened and another Doctor ran in, pulling another Professor after him, "The wibbly lever!"

"The wibbly lever!" he cheered, "Thank you!"

"I told you it's not called that!" both Professors shouted.

But the Doctor just grabbed her hand and pulled her to the box while his other self pulled his own Professor a bit past Amy and Rory, watching as the TARDIS disappeared. The Professor ran over to the controls and looked at the monitor.

"Yes!" she gave the ok, "We are back in normal flight!"

"The TARDIS is no longer inside itself," the Doctor walked back to Amy and Rory, putting his arms around their shoulders, "The localized time field is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all causality. But, just in case…" he looked down at Amy, "Pond put some trousers on," and walked off.

A/N: And now we have entered Series 6, where we discover who River Song is and get a game changing decision during the Christmas special (the last chapter!). I can't wait till you find out what both are. In terms of this being the first chapter, I always felt like the Death of the Doctor was a good place to end Series 5 and that this mini-episode came before The Impossible Astronaut so I thought I'd put it here as a little treat for you guys. Just imagine that this takes place just before the Doctor and Professor drop the Ponds off before disappearing for two months. Now there's only 3 hours till the next chapter :)

As for the title of this story, with all the memory altering the Silence have a hand in and the nostalgia in certain episodes, I thought Remembrance would be fitting when dealing with memory. Also a note, the next chapter (The Impossible Astronaut) will follow the Doctor/Professor's POV/timeline, not their future selves.

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