Last time: Yugi and Yami faced each other an intense duel. While Yugi put up a good fight, he ultimately fell to a combination of Reborn the Monster, the Book of Secret Arts, and his own Dark Magician. But after beating Yugi, Yami was approached by Kari…who had finally had all she could take.

Taking A New Host: Part 6

There was a standoff between Yami and Kari. Usually, whenever Kari and TK stood so close to each other, it was always an amorous exchange, but this was far from a loving encounter. This wasn't TK she was standing by, it was Yami in TK's body. For Yugi, the shock of losing had taken a backseat to the scene unfolding before his eyes. While it looked like Yugi had lost Yami, Kari looked like she wanted to stick up for the poor soul who seemingly had no say in all this: her boyfriend, TK.

"You may have beaten Yugi, but this isn't over yet," Kari said. "I want one last chance to get my boyfriend back!"

"You aren't challenging me to a duel, are you?" Yami asked curiously.

Kari sweatdropped. "Uh…no…I think it's pretty obvious that if I challenged you, you'd wipe the floor with me." She shrugged the sweat off. "No, I've got something simpler in mind. We each draw one card and whoever draws the card with the highest attack points wins. If you win, then I'll learn to live with you and TK sharing one body. But if I win, Yugi gets the Millennium Puzzle back and you leave my boyfriend's body forever!"

Yami chuckled. "Kari, I've played this very game many times before. I've never lost. You have no chance of winning."

"I don't care!" Kari cried. "Considering what's on the line, I'm more than willing to take a chance. But if you're so sure of your victory, then I'll make it more worth your while. You said I reminded of you of your first wife, so…if you win…I'll let you spend one night alone with me."

Yugi's eyes widened. "WHAT?!"

"Somebody's feeling confident," Kaiba muttered to himself.

Yami looked to be in shock. "You're willing to risk that much? Very well. But let me assure you that, despite that one ugly incident, I am a perfect gentleman…as you shall soon see tonight. Aibou, we'll play with your deck."

Yugi took out his cards and shuffled the deck. Then he laid them on a tree stump nearby. Everyone stood seated on a bench, anxiously awaiting Kari and Yami to draw their card. Kari drew a card first and held it close to her chest so no one could see it.

Kari turned her card over. "Gaia the Fierce Knight."

Gaia had 2300 attack points. There were only two other cards in Yugi's deck that could top that. Yami slowly reached for a card. Kari closed her eyes.

"I can't bear to look," she said softly.

Everyone was on the edge of their seat, including Yugi and Joey, who had leaned a few inches closer to get a better view of the outcome. Yami pulled the card, but dropped it on the ground. The wind briefly turned it over a full revolution, giving Yugi and Joey a very brief glimpse of the card before it landed face down. And the news wasn't good.

The card was the Dark Magician.

Yugi moaned softly in despair. His last hope was gone. Yami picked the card up off the ground and held it to his chest, but Yugi knew what was coming. The Dark Magician would beat Gaia by 200 attack points. Yami had seemingly won again.

But suddenly, the Millennium Puzzle glowed brightly, blinding everybody for a few seconds. Once the light faded, Yami still held the card in his hand and to everyone's shock…Yami looked at the card and sighed, before turning it over to reveal…

"Kuriboh. Looks like I lost."

Yugi and Joey couldn't believe what they saw. Having seen that she won, Kari's face brightened. Tristan and Téa breathed a huge sigh of relief and Kaiba just remained indifferent.

"Yugi…you saw what I saw, didn't you?" Joey whispered.

"I saw it," Yugi whispered back.

"But…but…that's impossible."

Yugi disagreed. "That's the Heart of the Cards."

Yami turned to Yugi and smiled. "The Heart of the Cards was on your side today, Aibou. Looks like you and I shall be reunited." He turned to Kari and bowed respectfully. "And I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you. I hope you do not still think of me as an evil spirit."

"No, I don't think that," Kari sighed. "I just think you and Yugi know how to take a fight too far."

Kaiba chuckled. "And to think, it all started over me."

"We made a mistake, Kaiba," Yami said fiercely. "Yugi and I let the second duel with you create a rift between us. But if anything, this whole experience will bring us closer together and we will never let anything divide us again! And you'll see it firsthand when we have our third match!"

Kaiba took his dueling disks and slowly started walking out. "I'm sure I will. But it won't be enough, because I'm still the better duelist. Farewell for now, Yami. We shall have our duel as stipulated, but it won't be right now. We'll duel when I'm good and ready and you and Yugi had better prepare yourselves, because when the time does come, I will crush you and prove once and for all just who the world's best duelist is!"

"Yeah, keep walking, Kaiba," Joey mocked. "You don't want any part of Yami and Yugi now that they're back together." Then he thought of something. "Hey, Yuge? So does this mean TK has to take the Millennium Puzzle apart?"

"Yes it does, Joey," Yugi answered. "And once he does, I'll have to put it back together again."

"Didn't you tell me that it took you eight years to put that thing together?" Joey pointed out.

Yugi did a facefault. "You're right! How am I supposed to put it back together?!"

Kari put a hand on Yugi's shoulder. "Leave that to us."

Yugi couldn't believe how fast things were going. Eight years worth of work were going by very quickly. He continued to put each piece of the Millennium Puzzle together with hardly any trouble at all. Of course, he wasn't alone.

"And…this piece goes here," TK said.

"Can I ask you something TK?" Yugi asked as he put another piece together.

"Sure, Yugi. What is it?"

"How is it that it took me eight years to put the Millennium Puzzle together and it only took you one night? How did you do it?"

"I don't know what to tell you on that one," TK replied. "Honestly, it was as if I knew just where every piece went."

Yugi eyed TK curiously. "Are you sure you don't have a Millennium item, yourself?"

"Uh…no…I just have a Digimon."

"A what?"

A little pig with wings came out from underneath the table. "Digimon! D-I-G-I-M-O-N! I didn't hear him stutter."

Yugi examined the strange little thing. "A Digimon? I've never seen anything like this before."

"Not many people do," TK said. "We've had Digimon invasions that people would rather forget."

"Aren't you even going to bother to introduce me?" the pig huffed.

"Oh, sorry. This is Patamon, my partner."

Yugi couldn't take his eye off Patamon and snickered. "It looks like something I'd see in Téa's deck."

"I heard that, Yugi!" Téa shouted from outside.

For the next couple of hours, TK and Patamon coached Yugi through the construction of the Millennium Puzzle. The task turned out to be so much easier…eerily easier than the first time around.

Finally, there was one more piece to put together. Yugi put the final piece together…and the construction of the Millennium Puzzle was once again complete. Yugi breathed a sigh of relief and a chuckle of joy. He eagerly put it around his neck. The feeling of the ancient pyramid hanging over his neck was a feeling Yugi had sorely missed.

Yugi had a bad feeling that the Puzzle wouldn't work like it did before, but those anxieties quickly went away when the Puzzle began to react.


Just like in the old days, the Millennium Puzzle reacted and emitted its light. When the light faded, there only remained the figure of Yami Yugi, just like in days past.

TK marveled at this sight. "Wow! So this is the real you!"

After about a minute of maintaining his confident pose, Yami extended the hand of friendship towards TK.

"Before anything, I would like to apologize to you, TK. I overstepped my bounds and made a mess of your daily life. For that, I'm sorry."

TK accepted the handshake. "It's not like my life's so normal, anyway. Just promise me that you and Yugi will never fight like that again."

"You have my word."

After the handshake was broken, Kari walked back into the apartment. "Is it o…whoa!"

Kari was also amazed at the sudden appearance of the real Yami. Indeed, his self-confident exterior contrasted from that of the innocent Yugi.

"So that's the real you?" Kari asked. "You almost look cute…for someone who tried to take over my boyfriend's body."

Yami sighed deeply. "I deserve that. I never meant to frighten you, Kari. But believe me, this will never happen again. Please accept my deepest apologies. If there's anything I can do to amend for my actions, please…don't hesitate to let me know."

Kari smirked. "There is ONE thing that'll make me feel better."

"What's that?" Yami asked curiously.

Kari answered Yami's question…by slapping the taste out of his mouth.

Yami rubbed his cheek and chuckled. "I guess I had that coming. Well, my friends…with that, I believe my time has come to depart. I bid you farewell."

TK smiled. "Be sure to stop and visit."

"Of course, if you don't want to, I won't hold it against you," Kari added with a grin.

Yami took a bow and stepped out of the apartment. He found his friends waiting for him outside. And they looked happy to see their old friend again.

"I know that look," Joey grinned. "You're back, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am, Joey. And now…we can go home."

For TK, this was the best feeling in the world. His body and mind were finally his own again. He didn't have to share anymore. And the strange Yami was finally out of his life.

"I hope I never have to go through that again," TK sighed. "But you've got to admit, Kari, he turned out to be ok in the end."

"I still sense something dark about him," Kari muttered.

"Like evil?"

"Well…at first I thought it was…but now it feels different. It's more like a feeling of…angst and uncertainty. Like he's searching for something."

"Weird. I hope he finds what he's looking for. But in the meantime…"

TK leaned over and gave Kari a peck on the lips.

"…I'm happy with what I have."

Kari couldn't help but blush…and be happy this whole ordeal was over…

…just like TK was.

The bus ride home was an awfully long one, but there was one thing still bothering Yugi. It was the outcome of this whole thing. And he decided to address this with his Yami.

/ Yami? Can we talk? /

// I had a feeling you might have some questions, Aibou. What's troubling you? //

/ It's about that game you played with Kari. Yami…I distinctly saw the Dark Magician go flying to the ground. How is it that when you picked it up…it revealed Kuriboh? /

// Yugi, you should know better than anybody about the Heart of the Cards. It shouldn't surprise you that destiny brought us together again. //

/ But…Kari doesn't know about the Heart of the Cards. So if that didn't happen because of her…it must have happened…HEY! It was you! Yami…you rigged that game! You lost on purpose! /

Yami chuckled. // You know me very well. //

/ But why? /

// The answer's simple. I never seriously intended to stay behind with TK. This whole ordeal was meant to teach you a valuable lesson. You need me, Yugi…as much as I need you. //

/ As much as you need me? /

// Aibou…I could have stayed behind with TK, but the fact is…I still need you. Most of my memories are still hidden from me. And I cannot recover them within TK. I need to recover them within you. I need YOUR help. //

It was all starting to make sense to Yugi now. Yami was indeed a mighty being and had a lot going for him. But he was still missing something. And Yugi didn't forget the vow he made to his friend. He promised to help him find his lost memories.

/ I will help you, Yami. After all…that's what friends are for. /

Yugi Moto and Yami, the ancient spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, were friends. And they would stick together through thick and thin.

And the search for Yami's memories would continue once the bus reached Domino City.


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