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"Not much longer now."

The quiet atmosphere was almost suffocating between the two figures in the car punctuated only by the screeching of the labored windshield wipers brushing away the heavy rain from view while it pounded down viciously.

The speaker got no response but of course he wasn't really expecting one.

The writer took a daring glance, slipping his eyes onto the boy beside him. The younger Takahashi brother, Misaki had his head tilted listlessly against the window keeping his focus on the outside world as it passed by. In this state he looked so fragile, so breakable, as if another finger laid on him would shatter the boy completely. Akihiko wasn't going to let that happen anymore though, it was all finally coming to an end.

Akihiko noticed that the boy was shivering slightly, while his fingers trembled weakly at his sides. Goosebumps were visible on his pale arms. But what made the writer's heart sink the most was seeing the youth's bruised split bottom lip quake against the small soft breaths he was making. The window glass near his mouth fogged with soggy condensation.

The man could barely contain his concern for the boy.

Given this, he didn't bother commenting on his window; instead Akihiko was simply thankful that Misaki had made it out alive, that he himself had made it out alive too.

While keeping a hand on the wheel, Akihiko reached for the vehicle's heater. After turning it up he returned his hand back to the helm. The writer shot another look back at the boy giving him a faint smile. However, it wasn't as if Misaki even saw this smile of comfort and when Akihiko realized this, his smile gently faded. "I've put the heater on for you; let's keep you warm alright?"

Still Misaki said nothing.

'That Bastard...' he thought. Akihiko struggled to prevent the words from leaking out of his lips, not wanting to mention another syllable about his brother to the boy.

Turning his attention back on to the open road Akihiko ruminated on everything that had happened, questioning. 'Just exactly how did Takahiro become so malicious towards his younger brother?' All those twisted immoral things that he'd done to Misaki over the last decade in that attic came to mind. But Akihiko couldn't bring himself to think about them for long. It pained him immensely now knowing his former best friend was a corrupt and wicked man.


Suddenly Akihiko's ears perked up. It was the first time since they'd left the house that Misaki had spoken a single word and even now it sounded fainter than a broken whisper.

"W-Where?" Misaki stuttered, struggling with great difficulty to speak. His throbbing throat made his voice croak in between causing the teen to wince a bit.

"Where?" Akihiko repeated in a much more reassuring voice giving Misaki an extra boost, a comforting encouragement, so he knew it was completely fine to talk. Though just by hearing the boy's rusty voice the writer clearly had the impression that Misaki probably wasn't used to speaking much at all. Misaki may have been ordered by his brother to only speak when spoken and any back chat probably hadn't been allowed. Thinking about this made his blood boil causing him to clasp the wheel even tighter, so tight his knuckles suddenly, poppingly, cracked.

The author gave it a moment or two as he waited for Misaki to clear out his throat before he gave it another go.

"Where is the sun today?" Misaki murmured trying not to raise his voice, not wanting to cause any more pain to his throat.

More agony released itself into the author's heart noting from the small details in the teenager's tone that his throat probably hadn't recovered yet from all the abuse it had endured mere hours ago.

"The sun?" Akihiko's repeated the question in a somewhat lighter voice, trying to bring a positive attitude to the situation. 'What does he mean exactly?'

"There's only rain," Misaki offered sadly.

"Today," Akihiko pointed out simply but then it hit him. "But tomorrow, it'll get better."

Misaki didn't even acknowledge to the writer that he was indeed listening, as, for the boy the worrying deep inside him was building and his apprehension mounting.

The uncomfortable silence between the pair returned again as they stopped at a traffic light and uneasily paused while the torrential rain continued to batter the car. At that moment Akihiko swore he heard something as Misaki exhaled heavily but he didn't ask the youth to repeat it. He didn't want to force him to speak if he didn't want to.

"Tomorrow-," Misaki huffed out in another quietly labored breath. "Tomorrow I hope the sun comes back".

As the light changed its color from red to green Akihiko continued to drive again.

"So do I Misaki."

"So do I."

My Best Friend's Secret
Chapter One

"You're hurting me Nii-chan! N-No please Nii-chan stop it!"



"But you're hurting my ar-"

"I said quiet!"

Only a week had gone by since the two Takahashi brothers, both eight-year-old Takahashi Misaki and eighteen year old Takahashi Takahiro, had lost their parents in a car accident.

The day the Takahashis left their children unknowingly for the last time, Misaki was sick, his older brother was looking after him while they were on their trip. The two hadn't gotten very far away from home, however, when they decided to return to check up on their ill child. They had already given Takahiro a call to let him know that they were on their way home for Misaki. However, the storm had been terrible that evening and fate got in the way, causing them to skid off the road. A crash which cost both their lives.

The shaking eight year old dashed into the corner of his bedroom cowering like a frightened dog once he heard the lock slide into its latch. Misaki had never in his life experienced this side of his brother before his parents' death and he couldn't understand today what it was he'd done to provoke this this response.

Takahiro's tall, lanky shadow loomed over him as he drew near. Misaki ducked his head under his small arms bracing himself from anymore abuse until he heard the heavy sound of something metal unfastening. Misaki swallowed the thick lump that dangled at the back of his throat until he got the courage to take a small peek through his fingers.

The boy shrieked once he saw that his brother had unbuckled and slipped his leather belt off from around his waist. Takahiro had hold of the belt at either end raising it in front of himself before giving it a quick slick pull together, creating a mighty thrashing sound from the force of his action. Misaki flinched even more and shoved his hands onto his ears in the hopes the ringing inside would just stop.

"N-" Misaki spluttered; tears filled his eyes as he began to sob. "Nii-chan, you're scaring me!"

Misaki had already starting crying and he couldn't stop; it was a tendency he'd always had. It didn't help that he was scared to death and just wanted his big brother back, the Nii-chan he knew. And this wasn't him.

Takahiro didn't respond to Misaki's pleas, in fact, he craved more of his baby brother's tears. Deep down into his gut he wanted to scare him more because... he was beginning to like it.

So instead Takahiro gave his belt another quick lashing or two. He was stunned when his little brother stumbled upon his knees, skidded across the flooring and scampered for his trousers.

Misaki pulled Takahiro's pants at the knees, burying his face into his older brother's legs, sobbing endlessly. Rather than find mercy though, Misaki had the shock of his life. He experienced agony spark through his skull as his mop of hair was yanked backwards. His tear-filled emerald eyes met a pair of dark ones, glinting behind glasses. They were brewing with an anger he'd never seen

"Nii-chan!" he pleaded at the top of his eight-year-old lungs.

Misaki reached for his brother's hands in his hair, clawing at them and trying to tug them away with all of the little might he had in him, but the boy failed to free himself.

Instantly his stomach was greeted by a brutal kick. Misaki flopped over onto his side clasping his bruised gut as Takahiro carelessly, finally let go throwing him there like trash.

"N-Nii-Ch-," Misaki wheezed in heartbroken sorrow.

"Only speak when spoken to, little brother," Takahiro let out in a sharp flat tone. Its sinister sound made Misaki's skin crawl.

"Do not disobey me!" the older boy growled through gritted teeth. "Otherwise..."

Misaki's stomach had already done its best to calm down from its mistreatment but he hadn't been prepared for the next harsh battering he received from his brother's foot. The boy's body jerked when this happened. He tried to crawl over onto his other side giving Takahiro his back to shield himself away from any more beating.

Takahiro watched Misaki lying there in a curled ball, whimpering, shaking like a leaf, and he enjoyed every minute of it. The wicked teen coiled up the belt getting it prepared in his hands. Then he used his foot to roll his brother back over onto his other side to face him.

Fearful of more blows, Misaki rebelled against this and stayed in his position, whimpering pitifully.

"You will be punished!"

Behind its locked door the entire house filled with the eight-year-old's tormented screams. Takahiro thrashed Misaki a good number of times with his belt and foot, enough that blood appeared and the child passed out.

His belt-ripped clothes fluttered to the floor and Misaki was left in only his socks and "The Kan" boxers. When he came back around the boy noticed his own blood running from a rugged cut on one of his thighs staining the little chefs. This only made him cry more.

Misaki hesitantly turned his attention away from his stained underwear to his brother. When the tips of Takahiro's toes came into view, slowly he looked up. His heart beat faster than it had ever done before. He stared into his brother's cold eyes. He saw Takahiro's twisted smile with and the older boy's hand holding the belt up high.

Misaki knew exactly what was coming next and when it did everything went black again.

Misaki lay there on the floor in a dazzled daze of pain as time passed. The boy's body throbbed throughout. Everywhere, from his shoulders, down to his swollen stomach, his battered legs, and even his twitching toes ached. Misaki's body had become heavy as lead. He found he was too weak to move. All he could do was think.

'Nii-chan why are doing this to me?' He sadly questioned silently.

'Nii-chan have I been bad? I always try to be good,' he thought. 'Nii-chan I'm so sorry if I've been really bad but please no more...'

At that thought, a loose tear sagging in the corner of the boy's eye broke free and rolled away. It slivered along the bridge of his nose before meeting his lips, stinging the cracks with its salty taste. Misaki gradually moved his eyes around the empty, quiet room hazily but then they widened at the sight of his brother's belt left hanging upon the door handle. Sadly Misaki looked away again.

"No more..." he whispered.

Whole time Misaki lay there he hadn't even heard the flowing water coming from the bathroom but soon the sound came to a stop. Then shortly after this Takahiro emerged back into the room, although all Misaki could see of his brother were his feet heading his direction. The boy didn't object when his brother grabbed onto his sore arm and pulled, dragging his Takahiro across the floor like a rag doll. Misaki winced from the carpet burns that grazed his already raw knees and body. He was glad when they arrived into the bathroom on and the sensation stopped with the smoother laminate surface.

Misaki yelped when his brother, out of nowhere, lashed the back of a hand against the side of his cheek. "Why are you still on the floor? Get up and take your underwear off!" Takahiro heatedly ordered.

Misaki still had his hand grasping his sore cheek from the slap. He shyly pulled off his underpants while still on the floor. When he tried to stand up onto his feet though, it was too hard for him. His body ached; his legs wobbled and he found he had zero strength to even stand up properly. But Misaki's worry about this was needless as Takahiro scooped him up like a baby and dropped him into the scorching hot bath.

The child screamed nonstop as he tried to get out. Blistering water splashed everywhere soaking the floor, the walls, spattering the full length of the long bathroom.

Takahiro muttered angrily under his breath as the water drenched the front of his shirt while he did his best to keep Misaki in his place as he scrubbed him fiercely. "Stay still for crying out loud-" he fumed as he held the boy with one hand while the other collected the bath's water in the plastic jug and poured it over the wailing boy. "Misaki!"

Misaki experienced another smack or two on the back of his head. His distress worsened when he got soap in his eyes from all his flailing around. "It burns Nii-chan! It buuurns!"

"Keep-" Takahiro in rage threw the jug aside then smacked his brother again but this time on his back where his new wounds were freshly opened. "Still!"

Misaki couldn't take it anymore. He heaved a wave of water that rose up and splashed everywhere, including hitting the lenses of Takahiro's glasses. He suddenly wanted to fight back, to get his brother back for everything he'd done to him that night. Misaki slipped one of his short stubby legs over the edge of the bath as he prepared to make a break for it while his brother was still shaking away the water from his frames.

Unfortunately, this minor loss of sight didn't stop Takahiro.

Misaki was immediately pushed back into the boiling bath but this time Takahiro took hold of his younger brother and kept his head under the water. Even as he was wincing and biting his lip from the temperature of the water Takahiro didn't relent. He needed to show Misaki just who owned him, who he belonged to.

"This doesn't hurt you as much as it hurts me," he whispered to himself closing his eyes shut tightly from the flashbacks of their parents running through his mind. "This is all your fault, Misaki!"

He didn't keep Misaki under the water for too long. When he pulled up, the younger boy lunged himself over the edge of the bath coughing crazily from all the bathwater he'd taken in.

Takahiro made no effort to pat his back or comfort him in the slightest. Instead he watched.

After Misaki coughing had diminished and he'd grabbed his breath back, Takahiro slowly leaned over his brother. While the child was still panting and choking slightly he lowered himself to Misaki's level and smiled.

The tot suddenly felt a warm hand cup his chin forcing him to make eye contact. "Little brothers who are naughty must be punished, do you understand, Misaki?" he said calmly.

Misaki didn't say anything other than give a nervous nod which Takahiro felt against his cupping palm. "That's good, I'm glad you understand Misaki-" But Takahiro wasn't finished.

The boy made a whining sound in his throat from fright as Takahiro seized his chin tighter. "Now how about we finish off cleaning you up?"

Misaki remained still for the rest of his bath in the burning water, allowing Takahiro to pour it over him, every moment of it stinging his painful cuts, fresh bruises, and flesh. He sat still. Terrified of being dunked again he didn't try to fight anymore. 'What was the point in doing so?' Takahiro had won.

After they had finished in the bathroom, Takahiro led Misaki into his bedroom leaving the boy to throw on some fresh underwear and pajamas as he kept an eye on him. Even putting on pajamas was an ordeal for Misaki since the material rubbed against his tender skin and even stuck to a few of his wounds. Misaki pulled at the areas where they stuck at and whined softly with every adjustment because it just hurt so badly.

In the end the child gave up and just let his pajamas stick to his skin. Misaki reached for the covers on his bed, and pulled them over his head while curling up into a frightened small ball.

"Dear Kami-sama, please give-," he murmured to himself with his hands together. "

Just then before Misaki could even finish off his short little prayer the sheets were thrown off the boy and Misaki was tugged upright.

"Sit up properly!"

Misaki did as he was told even though it pained him doing this. He thought maybe if he listened to Takahiro he'd stop being so cruel to him and go back to the way he used to be. The boy asked no questions, only looking at what his brother was doing from the corner of his eye. He watched Takahiro take the cap off a spray bottle.

"W-What is that?" Misaki stuttered as he looked at it with frightened eyes while leaning away from it.

"Makiron," Takahiro replied snappishly. "Now hold still."

"Makiron?" Misaki repeated under his breath but just then he remembered he'd seen that spray before when his Mother burnt her hand on the pan once when she was cooking. Misaki simply remembered that she told him it would make her "better" and that it was "good." But what would an eight year old know about an antiseptic sterilizer exactly? Misaki felt his nerves calm down now feeling a tiny bit relieved that his brother was trying to "make him better" but it also saddened him to think about his mother again.

"It'll... make your wounds better," Takahiro struggled to even get these words out of his mouth. He too recalled this was the exact thing their mother would say. "No moving now."

Takahiro began to roll up his brother's pajama top and asked him to shovel his pants down temporarily while he sprayed the disinfectant onto each revealed wound. Misaki whimpered softly and flinched as it stung him all over, but he stayed seated until his brother was finished.

"Misaki," Takahiro called out just before the boy was about to try and get comfortable in bed again. Misaki turned his head over to the door with only the hallway light shining into the darkness of his bedroom. Takahiro lifted a finger and wagged it at him. "Misaki, bring your bedding and pillow"

Misaki climbed out of bed with the little energy he had left, picking up his pillow then placing it under his arm and dragging his bedding across the floor until he met his brother by the doorway.

"Follow me" Takahiro said.

The boy followed his brother all the way to the end of the hallway where they met the "other door." Misaki's bottom lip trembled at the sight of it. He knew exactly where it led and it terrified the living day out of him.

As soon as Takahiro grasped the door handle Misaki broke down into a fit of tears dropping both his pillow and the duvet. The boy had his head in his hands shaking it dramatically with his nails digging into his scalp.

"Nooo! Nii-chan! Not the attic! I-I'm afraid- There's monsters up there! They'll eat me!" He choked out in frightened sobs. "Please Nii-chan!"

Takahiro blatantly ignored his brother. Not even minding that Misaki had found the bravery to tug at his sweatpants, regardless of the fear he'd receive another smack or beating.

He turned the handle and yanked the door, it jammed a bit from disuse, but eventually Takahiro widened the door's opening and they both looked up the stairs which led to a tunnel of darkness.

"Come with me," he ordered as he switched the light on. Although lit it was less scary, this didn't convince Misaki one bit and still he stayed at the bottom of the staircase watching his brother climb to the top.

"Misaki, come now!" he demanded harshly.

As much as he didn't want to, Misaki picked up both his pillow and duvet. Miserably, with his head hung, he walked up the flight of stairs slowly, trembling as he stepped to the top. "Nii-chan can't I stay in my bed? Please?" he pleaded desperately.

Takahiro said nothing. Instead, he grabbed a pair of old crusted keys from the pocket of his sweat pants and opened up the second door's lock to the attic itself. When the two stepped inside, with Misaki keeping close behind his brother, it seemed no one had been up there in years. Takahiro yanked at an old dangling light above him, suspended from the ceiling which dimly lit the room.

The attic held all sorts of old rubbish, tattered boxes piled high in the corner of one side of the room to an old filthy wardrobe with its doors off the hinges. There were a few scattered tables and broken chairs covered in blankets of thick dust. Last, but not least, an old, torn futon stood against the wall. Takahiro went over to it and pulled it down with a thump, then He marched over to his brother who clung anxiously onto the door frame.

"N-Nii-chan?" Misaki spoke with questioning, large eyes as Takahiro tugged the tot away from the door frame and he hauled him over, pushing the boy onto the grimy bed.

Misaki landed onto the futon in a clump on his hands and grazed knees. He let out a loud moan from prickly twinges this caused in his bruised body. "Nii-chan!"

Takahiro came back to his brother with his arms filled with Misaki's sheets and pillow. He dropped these in front of him. "You'll sleep here," he said in a dry tone.

The boy began to feel more tears fill in the corners of his eyes. It hurt to sob at this point and Misaki wasn't sure if he'd ever cried so much in his entire life apart from when he found out his parents had died. Misaki pulled the duvet up to his chest and started shaking from far more than his fear when he found out just how freezing it really was in the attic.

"Nii-chan it's so cold...Do I have to stay here? Please let me stay in my room!"

Takahiro acted as if he hadn't heard a single one of the boy's frantic words. He headed back over to the door and on his way pulled at the light's cord. With a "click," again the attic was in complete darkness with only a light from outside shining in through a narrow dormer window. The teen stood there glaring at his little brother. He watched Misaki shake in the corner, the small boy's expression called out for mercy. However, it seemed Takahiro had none at all. His eyes narrowed at his little brother with pure and utter hatred. "From now on, Misaki, you will remain here," he announced.

That was the last Misaki saw of his brother before the door closed behind him. When he heard the sound of the key churning its lock inside the door, Misaki realized that he really was trapped. He slipped his duvet around him tightly until he looked like an Eskimo with only his nose peeping out.

"What do I do now?" he whinged in a small voice. "What do I do...?"

The boy sat there and cried for endless hours until he finally became completely exhausted. Misaki lay on the tattered futon with his knackered emerald eyes keeping their gaze on the window above with its small amount of moonlight shining through.

"How long will I be here?"

Scared, Misaki buried his head under the covers as he decided to go back to the small prayer he'd started earlier that was never finished. "Kami-sama, please give me back my old Nii-chan. Okay? All I want is Nii-chan back ".

After he'd finished his simple prayer, the tot did his best to get comfortable. He struggled to find a position he could stay in that didn't pain him, until he finally went back to lying on his side to stare at the window. He wondered if he'd be let out tomorrow so he could go to school and play with his friends. But deep down Misaki knew somehow that this was probably a false hope, that, for whatever his terrible offense was, now this wasn't going to be happening at all.

"Goodnight Mom," he uttered tearing up again.

"Goodnight Dad," he choked.

His small lips began to quaver at the last name he was about to say. But even after everything that had happened that night Misaki still loved him. "Goodnight-"


Misaki broke into another batch of desperate tears until at last he found himself softly drifting off into the refuge of sleep.

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