My Best Friend's Secret

Chapter Ten

Finally after a couple of hours Akihiko had gotten Misaki to bed. It'd been tough, he had not stopped with his crying. Shockingly Misaki had started beating his head against the floor in distress from the traumatic memories that still crippled him. Drastically the author tried pulling the teen back to his senses, dragging him away from the ground and throwing him over his shoulders.

Big mistake.

Misaki wasn't used to being man handled by anyone else apart from his brother. Terrified from the sudden touch he wailed loudly and began screaming hysterically. Akihiko wasn't enjoying it either, he felt the teen shaking like a kicked dog, doing his best even though Misaki pounded hard with his fists on to his back which started to hurt.

Instantly emerging into the teen's room he had to pin the teen against the matress, Misaki kicked the sheets off in rage, hitting his head on to the bed frame though it came to an end when Akihiko had held of him tight. All of his energy drained completely leaving him helpessly sobbing until his gut ached.

"Misaki" Akihiko murmured into his messed mop of hair.



Underneath him the teen's frame jolted more. He felt afraid, just so utterly alarmed. It had been a long time since he had witnessed something like that before. The last time Misaki could ever remember those "positions" was over ten years ago. How his brother held him of him the stench of alcohol ringing in his breath, hissing every snide little word into his ear.

Recalling the way he was bent over forcefully, his delicate thighs edging apart and something long, thick and large entering him. A disgusting foreign object shattering his walls. Snatching every bit of innocence he had left in him, almost as if the boy was a pure clean ocean and then when his brother stood in it he pissed and shat.

The teen's dreary head shook into the mattress at that moment he didn't want to pull away from it. Instead he wanted to stay that way and smother himself until he could no longer inhale another breath. There had been times in the attic, but Misaki did not really know what suicide was from a young age but leisurely as he grew up depressing thoughts about death and harm to himself slipped into his mind more often. Wondering whether or not it'd just be better if he were dead.

His shoulders dropped when he sighed then lifted his head staring blankly at the wall infront of him. Yet, something inside of him told him to keep going. It was strange after everything he'd been through there remained courage.

"Hey, you." The author tousled his fine locks softly. "No more tears."

The teen bit down on his lip again.

Slowly Akihiko released him now that he'd calmed down. "We don't have to talk about what happened, I'm sorry for pushing you and apologise too for being insensitive to the subject." He soothed.

"But please, no more taking this out on yourself. It's not your fault, Misaki."

Keeping his lavender gaze on him the teen didn't budge, he looked so lifeless.

He muttered out a small laugh to himself. "Heh, I know it's probably easy for me to say, isn't it? Afterall, I wasn't the victim here."

It was true, Akihiko hadn't been the one up there in that attic for the remaining years of his youth. He wasn't the one who was poisoned, beaten and sexually assaulted at a young age. He felt pretty shitty now.

Silence took its toll again. Akihiko edged his way to the end of the bed, thinking it would be better just to leave Misaki to rest now. He needed some time alone, it'd be good for him.

Then a sudden tiny voice spoke out.


His eyes widened when he turned round seeing Misaki wedged up on his knees. There in his new pyjamas, a sad distrait torn teenager who had nobody. Nobody but him.

Inching closer to him Akihiko little by little raised his hand Misaki watched it consciously wondering exactly what he was about to do. Then closing his eyes tightly in fear that something bad would happen to him, feeling the warm sensation of the author's palm on his throbbing forehead did he sadly open his eyes. A pang of guilt washing over him, he trusted Akihiko didn't he? So why was he being so afraid..

Akihiko rubbed his swollen temples as if they were a precious gem, Misaki was his new little treasure.

"It's quite red, if were lucky it might not swell up too much" He sighed. "Oh Misaki, what are we going to do with you? Hm?"

It was adorable since he'd gone crossed eyed at one point from the touch.

After a few moments he removed it away. It felt rather awkward when he did, Misaki was staring at him in such a way that it sent his body burning up. He noticed the teen's cheeks flushed at their tone of bright rose-red and that nervous gesture he always did biting his lip.

Swiftly he looked away.

"How about we get you to sleep now? Otherwise you'll be tired all day tomorrow, as for me, well I've got coffee."

Tilting his head at the author he repeated the word "coffee" in such an interest.

"Yeah, for me." He started grabbing the sheets, dragging them from under Misaki and pulling them over his timid frame. "Bed for you."

"And anyway Misaki, you'll be visiting that center this week for your treatment. You'll be needing all the rest you can get, so now please do get some sleep."

Poor Usami Akihiko after vowing that he would never have or want children it seemed the future had different plans for him. Not that Misaki, well, technically he was still a child. But getting him to bed really was a task, now he knew how those poor suckers in the supermarket felt on a daily basis with their own crying little darlings in the prams. Imagining trying to get them to sleep was a fearsome thought.

"Stay" Misaki voiced bluntly.

"Misaki, I really do need to be getting back to work as much as I-"


Akihiko slid a hand throughout his silver locks, wearily sighing out loud. "Oi, Misaki."

"S-Stay..!" He raised his voice louder. Misaki even tossed his bed sheets off, frowning at the author he threw his legs over the side of the bed ready for jumping out.

"Oh hell no" He hissed quietly to himself and only flipped his legs back over when tucking him in yet again.

"Misaki, stoppit." He said very sternly, he didn't like where this was going.





"STAY!" He bawled angrily.

Misaki suddenly spluttered out into a new batch of tears. He felt so annoyed, why wouldn't Akihiko just stay with him, was he really that bad? Misaki didn't want to be alone, he hated being alone, even at night. He hated being lonely, he'd been experienced it all his life and now that he had Akihiko.. Somehow he didn't feel as empty any more.


The teen buried his face into his hands, the fact the pyjamas were too baggy was a good thing actually since he used his long sleeve as a tissue for his tears and soggy wet nose.

"Y-You don't want me do you? N-Ni-C-Chan didn't! N-Nobody likes me! People leave always like M-Mum and Dad a-and I know I annoy you too!" He sniffled. "I wish I wasn't me!"

Akihiko froze.

"I-I don't like being me!"

And that was when the writer found his arms automatically wrap around the exhausted teen who had no more tears left to spare. Planting the rest of his body on the side, he embraced Misaki lightly. Their bodies meshing together like that as felt good.

Misaki was in bliss, the authors hot breath tickling the hairs on the back of his breath when inhaling in his fierce scent of cigs and cologne.

He snuggled further into him, enjoying every second and within that moment the loneliness vanished.

"You don't annoy me whatsoever."

"I like you just the way you are." He comforted."You're fine."

"Misaki is fine."

He couldn't exactly just leave the boy now. Akihiko resorted to collecting his laptop and bringing it into Misaki's room. He was leant against the wall, legs dangling over while he had his laptop on his knees and Misaki on his lap just under his arms who was "apparently" sleeping.

"What does that say?" Misaki asked in such a small voice.

It hit Akihiko again that Misaki didn't really know how to read or write. It looked as if he was going to have to tutor him at some point.

He never commented about it though instead he just ruffled his hair.

"I'm writing about romance."


"Love, I'm writing about love Misaki it's the same thing." Now remembering he wasn't that great with big words.

"Love.." He heard the teen repeat sounding sad and hollow.

Misaki didn't really want to fall asleep, he felt absolutely exhausted and just wanted to watch the author type some more.

"Love" He said again. "N-Nii-chan said that once to me"

Akihiko arched an eyebrow at the teen. It was surprising how Misaki could easily say his name let alone after all the cruel things he did to him.

"That was when he wasn't bad, Nii-chan used to be good." Misaki's voice started to break on the last part.

"Mum and Dad used to say it too."

"And I'm sure they loved you very deeply aswell Misaki, don't forget that." He continued playing with his fine locks.

"Even if I killed them..?"

Akihiko's hand flopped on the keyboard unable to even write another word. "What happened to them Misaki was an accident."

"B-But Nii-" The teen was cut off.

"He used that against you, year after year Takahiro told you it was your fault. Misaki, his wound was unable to heal properly and so he took it out on you."

Misaki turned to his side dodging knocking or nudging the laptop he looked up at the author with such confusion. "He had no other way for a release."

"However, that's no excuse to treat you the way he had Misaki. Don't you understand?"

The teen's eyes expanded at their widest. "Nii-chan.. Never t-told me that"

"Then what did he tell you?"

"Always.. He always told me that bad things would happen if I went outside, naughty men would get me and take me away to hurt me." Misaki stammered. "I-I had to.. Be a good boy for Nii-chan.. He said he'd take care of me.. I tried my best to please him but it never worked.."

Akihiko couldn't believe he was hearing this rubbish. So it was true, he had brainwashed Misaki into believing those lies.

"That's what he wanted you to think" He added. "Instead, he kept you locked up for his sake."

Misaki moved back to facing the laptop staring at it in a daze. "At home, sometimes I would get sad."

"I thought about dying" Misaki said openly. "If I died then I would see our parents and I'd never have to see Nii-chan ever again.. I wouldn't feel anything any more and I'd be happy."

How could someone at such a young age even have thoughts about ending their own life before it had even begun?

"Are you happy now?" Akihiko asked.

Merely he felt the teen bob his head in response, clearly he was.

"Will.." Misaki said shyly unsure if he wanted to go ahead with what he was saying but Akihiko was already all ears open.


"Will.. You show me how to do what you're doing?" The teen questioned. "N-Not today.. Someday.. But I want to do that too."

"You mean write?"

He nodded again.

"Didn't you learn to do so in school?"

Misaki had to think long and hard back to his school days before any of the abuse or death of his parents. He could remember it very vaguely, not so well though.

"I can't remember.." He admitted weakly.

Akihiko did sympathize with Misaki. It had been a long time since he'd had any education at all, even when he was being schooled it would had only been beginners books and spellings tests. He couldn't blame him for that.

Pleasantly he smiled.

"I'll teach you"

He moved his hand from the teen's hair brushing it against his small shoulder when softly he rubbed it in fine circles. Misaki's face was a picture, he was so delighted that the author would be tutoring. He had a good feeling about this, this man seemed to know what he was doing.

As a thank you Misaki wiggled further into him, Akihiko felt so warm and comfortable Misaki was getting dozier.

"How is your head now?"

The teen's cheeks glowered hotly, he found it unbelievable that this man cared for him so much. He was so concerned for him? Though it saddened him, reminding him back to the days of his brother's kindness.

"I-I'm okay." He blushed more feeling the author's large yet wool like touch on his forehead.

When silence swept back in Misaki had to break it.

"I want to be as good as you.." He murmured.

It wasn't long until Misaki drifted off into a wonderful deep sleep. Akihiko had heard his last words, pleased as he was he'd of liked to believe that would happen.

"You'll have your own dreams to follow soon enough."

Staring at him slumber like that made his own heart pace rapidly. Stunned Akihiko found himself leaning down to him but forcefully pulled himself back.

He just smiled again instead.

"Goodnight, Misaki."

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