My Best Friend's Secret

Chapter Twelve

Cozily the sleeping boy lay there buried underneath the old dusted sheets not that he minded that they had any stains or marks on them since his body heat was soaked through he was extremely comfortable. Over time he'd gotten used to his surroundings, including the crumpled futon he never felt on a daily basis.

Misaki wiggled his bare toes as he grinned wider in his sleep. Currently he was in a beautiful dream regardless of the throbbing pain that scorched the back of his throat and sick ridden stomach from his intake. If anyone could had seen him they would of not recognized the once happy bouncy boy with coloured that filled his rosy red cheeks only now to lay eyes on a ghostly pale child who looked as if he'd aged years.

But that didn't stop him from his delightful doze there he was thinking about one of the many memories where it was his birthday; the pretty cake with strawberries planted around the each dressed in icing sugar and chocolate syrup wrote "Happy Birthday Misaki", him blowing out his rainbow candles with his father planting a hand on his shoulder and his brother Takahiro laughing whilst their mother snapped a photo of the trio.

It was such a magical day Misaki spending the whole day at home and not stepping out the house to go anywhere else simply because when he woke up he could recall their being a ton of colourful balloons that were blown up and ready filling the living-room, a couple of presents just for him stacked on the small coffee table with sparkled tassel covering them not forgetting the tiny silver stars too and his favourite meal was cooked that evening. It wasn't anything fancy, just a day focused on him but the real reason why it was special was that he was surrounded by the people he loved the most in the whole wide world.

Misaki was certain he was drooling, still imagining he had his mother's home baked cake stuffed in his mouth. It's delicious, tasty vanilla mush getting stuck around his milk teeth and the oozing fresh cream on his tongue mixed with the sour yet sweetness of the sugary strawberries going down his throat.

The whole sensation was immense, Misaki really missed his mother's cakes and a few of the wonderful dishes his father made as well. If it wasn't Katsu curry then it'd be Takiawase with chopped tender meat, tofu, fish and simmered vegetables or even Tonkatsu.

Although it took a turn when the tot began to feel a totally new feeling which was mixed with a tiny bit of pain but mostly pleasure. He had no idea where this was even coming from, which was it? His mouth? Misaki knew her cake was lovely but this was really strange. His arms or gut? Not there either.. Unless.


It definitely wasn't there too.


Nope not even there.


Soon there was a new scent that took it's toll. No longer the musty smell of the attic he'd been breathing in, instead it was a rather hideous pong that raided the boy's lungs. The smelly stench came closer and closer to him even the weird feeling he was experiencing became quicker. Unable to dream away like he'd been doing for the past god knows how many hours Misaki slowly opened his eyes in a flutter.

The stink made him grimace it was awfully terrible yet when his murky vision cleared up he saw a familiar face in front of him or you could say more or less above him until everything was now clear he saw his drunken brother hovering over him.

Wearily he blinked at him now a tint of confusion over taking him. He wondered as to why Takahiro was looking at him like that, Misaki tilted his head in a puppy like manner unable to understand why his brother was smirking the way he was and then wanted to know where his hands were leading to.

"Nii-" But the boy was cut off with a finger before he was able to say anything then looked over at his brother again who had his other one on his own lips smiling at him lustfully.

"No speaking" He hushed.

Oblivious as any other eight year old would be Misaki saw the way he lifted another leg around his side so now both were equal and the teen was officially on top, in control. He placed his weight on Misaki's lower half though it seemed more of a squat since he was so small.

"Is Nii-chan playing a game? This is a strange game if he is..."

Roughly he started to run his hands up and down Misaki's fragile torso then along his arms including the rest of his frame when his hands stopped they halted at a certain place.

"Why is Nii-chan putting them there?"

Then one of his hands gave it a rub while the other had it firmly in it's place the touch sent tingles down the younger one's spine in somewhat of a happy chill. The hand moved then the other skipped over to the hem of his boxers pulling the front down he slipped that hand in causing it to tousle and turn inside.

Misaki's cheek shot into a deep red he fixed his eyes on another object in the room; anything even if it was the window just to get it off his mind. The reaction it caused forced Misaki to squeal out a high pitched moan when quickly he clamped his hand over his mouth in shock.

"W-What is happening? Why did I just do that? This is weird.. It feels nice.. But Nii-chan is acting strange again!"

It continued for a good ten minutes with Misaki lay there in his pit squirming, giving little soft mewls and pulling faces of enjoyment Takahiro was in his element but the fun hadn't started yet.

"You like that, don't you Misaki?" He slurred. "Though I don't see why you get to have all the fun, ne?"

"Nhn... N-Ni-Nii-chan" He squeaked desperately Misaki couldn't understand why his underwear in a rush felt so soggy it was also getting stickier it seemed too.

Takahiro swooped down to Misaki's level moving his lips to the boy's ear he snickered at first the laughter ringing down against his ear drum. Misaki hitched his shoulder to the back of his ear from it being so ticklish then his brother slammed it back down against the futon. He neared more towards his ear then all of a sudden dipped his thick tongue down into it, twisting and twirling it around carelessly regardless of its flavor Takahiro wanted to savor this terrific moment.

Misaki yelped out he was becoming more flustered. "W-Why is N-Nii-chan..Nghh..ngh"

The tongue traveled along his earlobe then downwards all the way to his collar-bone where it twiddled. Out of nowhere Takahiro's thirst bubbled he had to do something other than this, he couldn't take it anymore.

From his rough body language Misaki could tell something had changed in him although his pissed expression still remained the same the movements with his hands how they felt him up, the areas they lead to such as the boy's butt cheeks Misaki's eyes grew wide when his boxers were shuffled down his legs and discarded somewhere on the attic floor. The way Takahiro slithered his fingers on to them both when squeezing them like a piece of meat Misaki wailed when his nails dug in.

Takahiro hung his head hung down where his bangs were smacking his eyes Misaki couldn't quite hear what he said as it was a quiet muffle.

"Misaki is still a virgin, right? I do everything for him, I must protect Misaki, after all he's mine so I should be the first." He whispered.

The youngster was awestruck, he couldn't understand a single thing. "Nii-chan?

"Oba-san, Otou-san, forgive me."

"N-Nii-chan why are you asking for them?" Misaki worded quietly. "Are you praying?"

The alcoholic wrench coming from Takahiro was itching the boy's stomach he had never smelled it before. Misaki watched his brother lean on to him further quickly he grabbed one of Misaki's thighs then the other he traced his thumb against his delicate skin the boy felt so sleek and smooth he adored the softness but the hunger was rising.

He cocked them around his own waist as high as they'd go due to Misaki's discomfort he began to wriggle like a worm which annoyed Takahiro.

"Oi, stay still" He ordered though it didn't sound too serious because of the drink.

Unzipping his own trousers he let his own snake out it's cage at the sight of it Misaki was stunned looking at his own then his brothers was a huge comparison.

"Nii-chan, is this a game?" Misaki asked curiously.

It wasn't really the first time he'd seen his brother naked like that they had bathed together many times in the past plus they were boy boys and they shared the same blood so it was really much of an issue.

"Yes" He lied pressing his finger on his fine lips again. "Now hush,"

"But Nii-chan-"

"Be quiet"


The echo of a slap filled the attic where Misaki held his red raw cheek in his clasp he knew he was about to cry even his mouth was wavering. He had to be brave he didn't want to start whimpering like a baby in front of his brother.

Misaki was forcefully pulled so he met his brothers throbbing cock the tot's back arched when he felt the pressing of a solid object struggle in-between his bottom. The thickness of it grazed against his cheeks at this Misaki pulled a panicked expression at his brother but he wailed more when it began squeezing inside of him. No lubricant or any other slippery solution was used just to make it easier for the boy Takahiro was too out of his head and heartless to bother giving any to him.

"Ah! N-No Nii-chan s-stop!" Misaki was terrified. "I-I don't like this!"

He whinged when his member shot up inside of him bit by bit breaking down his walls of innocence. Dampness of his own tears dribbled down his cheeks the whole thing was horrible Misaki wanted to scream but when trying nothing came out the agony was electrifying between his loins.

"Nh.. Ahh.. Owww.." He cried out. "S-Stop St-op pl-please stop!"

This game they were playing Misaki didn't ever want to play it again if it meant it hurt this much. When he tried unbuckling his thighs from around his brother Takahiro only secured them even more he couldn't hit Misaki in fear he'd retaliate so instead his legs were the only way he could pin himself down. The heavy weight of his brother crushed him it wasn't great for his breathing or his sore sick stomach.

"Nii-chan.. No more.. Nooo"

He began thrusting now he'd edged his dick in a relaxed position inside Misaki. Each thrust was like the grazing of sandpaper, just complete utter pain. As the slapping of flesh began Misaki gazed at his brother with tearful eyes noticing that he wasn't looking at his brother he had his head down again as Misaki's pants mixed in with his brother's fearsome grunts he didn't dare say another word.

The boy didn't know how he could be this patient instead he had to close his eyes for a while he wanted to fall back into his sweet dream again when his family was complete. But trying to remember at the same time was difficult, at the faster pace of the thrusting Misaki's arms swam for the bed sheet so he could grasp on to it, stabbing his finger nails into its fabric.

"Kami-sama, please make Nii-chan stop! It hurts so bad!"

"Ow..Ah..Nnh.. Nii-channn" Misaki sobbed. "S-stop.."

It wasn't as if Takahiro couldn't hear him he was blatantly ignoring his cries and quickly he was getting fed up. Taking his hands away from Misaki's thighs he slid them upon his small torso then slowly started slipping his t-shirt away from under his arms then tossing that aside too.

He had held of the creek of Misaki's neck he could see his eyes were closed and the other hand wandered to his belt taking it he snaked it around taking both ends of the belt he yanked tightly making the tot jilt from the stopping of his air supply and his eyes bulged.

"N-Nii" Misaki wasn't able to breath properly. "N-Nii"

The older one laughed hysterically at the sight of his younger brother. "Ah, that is much better, wouldn't you agree? I told you to shut your fucking mouth."

Smirking viciously he said. "Tsk, tsk, little brothers who don't listen must be punished, isn't that right Misaki?"

All he could do was cry while struggling to breathe Takahiro continued thrusting inside of him, at times he would pull on the belt just for a reaction and others he'd loosen it so he could bite his lip at the sight of his younger brother choking and spluttering yet the whole thing was somehow arousing.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" He chuckled his breath tickling Misaki's gut yet once again. "I had to spoil you Misaki, that is what big brothers do."

At that moment Misaki didn't care he knew older brothers didn't do this type of thing to their younger siblings especially not choke them like this. All he wanted was to be left alone in that attic, to be able to sleep for entirety in this dreams that would be everlasting.

Just nothing but happiness even if he wasn't alive running around with his friends at break in the playground, or visiting fairgrounds, growing up finding a good job and meeting a beautiful woman. Because when he wasn't awake he was no longer here in this attic only the pleasant ecstasy of his own world.

Takahiro had soon gotten bored using his belt so Misaki was released from it his brother didn't even stop when he had the chance to catch his breath back on his side Misaki coughed non-stop still annoyed him.

Yanking the younger ones mop of hair he took a turn and slammed Misaki's face down the boy hadn't realized he was no longer on his back now on his knees. His neck ached badly he was sure it was bruised and swollen but he couldn't even lift it as Takahiro had kept it down when he started pounding from behind.

Misaki felt like a dog on his knees, it was like the P.E activities they used to play in school when they pretended to be wild fearsome animals that made sounds. Misaki's favourite was being lion because even if it never fitted his personality at least he knew he was loyal, strong and alarming so no other animals could stand in his way. It was a shame he couldn't be like that in reality, so he could transform into one and stop his brother from pushing him around like this but mostly prevent the abuse..

"I wish I was stronger" Even thinking about it caused him to cry more.

"Shit.. You're so damn tight" Takahiro groaned. "Fuck.. Misaki.. Ugh.."

"I want to be a lion just like the one from the storybooks!"

"Oh.. Ugh.. Misaki" He murmured between pants.

He wasn't sure just how much longer his legs could stay there until they gave out completely. The boy became dizzy everything was just a blur his head rang, his throat hurt, stomach churned and arse ached painfully. Dropping to his knees was a huge mistake Takahiro nudged him with his knee hard Misaki sobbed buckets until he was able to get up on his legs again.

"Stop.. Please.. Kami-sama make it stop!"

"Don't be so selfish and lazy Misaki, do as your brother says" Takahiro spat as small splatters of spit marked the boy's back. "Foolish, foolish boy."

It didn't last much longer until Takahiro called it quits and Misaki collapsed on his front sweating and trying to breathe properly. He couldn't stop himself coughing at all even trying was a pest. His brother knelt beside him grabbing his own back too, he recovered quicker than Misaki and when he did he wanted more.

Sneakily he placed a hand on Misaki's forearm like a rag droll he pulled him upon his back again Misaki didn't even have the energy to fight back and what was the point in trying anyway.

"Not again.. Not again.. Please no"

And just as he thought it had come to an end it started again but this time for a different purpose. Takahiro wasn't content just yet, he yanked on Misaki's other arm and pulled him upright Takahiro was the one on his knees this time startled Misaki was surprised when his was facing the greedy cock before him.

"Suck it"

As simple as it sounded Misaki was baffled. "N-Nii-chan?" He croaked.

"I said suck it" His voice picked up now sounding angry.

"B-But it.. It has just been.. Up my bum" Misaki said the thought of it turned him green but he recalled the last time he threw up. "I can't just-"

"Fucking suck it before I hit you!"

Misaki wasn't even fast enough when he winced at the cold hard smack across the jaw Takahiro lashed at him. He struck him twice or so before Misaki picked it up in his mouth and began doing as he was told.

"It's so big and wet.. I don't want to do this.."

"P-Please don't make me do this Nii-chan" He couldn't do it looking down he said. "There's white stuff coming out.. A-And it's on my legs too.."

Another hard blow was given and a sudden kick in the stomach too. "I won't ask you again Misaki, suck the bastard thing before use that pissing belt over there and hang you from the damn ceiling!"

Misaki's eyes expanded when he saw the finger pointed at the belt the craziest thing was that Misaki knew his brother was serious and meant his word. And so he took it into his mouth again softly he started sucking at it as if it were a straw considering the salty taste wasn't really what he expected.

"That's right, that's right, keep at it now" He grinned. "Do as I say, alright? Don't forget to swallow either."

The boy nodded at his instructions he had to do his best to please his brother. And so he slurped it as tastefully as he could the palate of salty semen with its thousand of tiny swimmers filled his mouth and left down his throat smoothly.

"Suck harder" He gasped.

He did this with more force Misaki then felt the hand of his brother reach into his hair firmly and ruffled it. "Shit.. That's amazing.. More Misaki"




Not only was his neck swollen but so were his lips now from the rugged shaft he was glugging from. "Damn.."

Then everything was so swift once Takahiro reached him peak he ended up tackling Misaki down on the battered futon squealing the boy wriggled around from the weight on top of him. Vigorous arms pulled him to face his brother when gradually his lips met Misaki's damp cum filled ones, inside his tongue danced his Misaki's who tried hiding it away at all costs. It was wrong, so wrong.

"N-Nii" He muttered in the kiss. "S-Sto-p"

"Why is Nii-chan kissing me? And why is his tongue in my mouth?!"

The tot could even taste the alcohol unknown to what it really was but it wasn't nice. They didn't even break once Misaki thought he would be passing out soon with Takahiro's tongue deep down his throat playing a jolly game of tonsil tennis Misaki needed air right now.

"S-stop!" He mumbled.

"I might die if he doesn't stop!"

Misaki howled into the kiss when his brother dipped his hungry down tongue more then began grinding his groin against his own, dry humping their areas scrubbed both little and small Misaki found it more strange when he became aware of the prickly hair that started to scratch him. His brow deepened at the sensation if only it would just finish.

"I can't take anymore.. No more.. Nii-chan"

Once things slowed down Takahiro lifted himself from Misaki now satisfied that he was in a sad mess, crying to himself and his cum cooling between his thighs. The older one cleared his throat as he straightened out his work shirt and pulled up the zip on his flyer. Grabbing the belt he slid it back round his waist grinning to himself he flickered his gaze over to Misaki who had moved on to his side burying his face into his pillow to silently sob his heart out.

"Now, now, surely it wasn't that bad Misaki in all honesty I had a great time" He jeered with a laugh. "Who knows, hm? We could probably make a habit out of this."

Misaki stiffened at the last part of his sentence. What did he mean by making a habit out of it? Sure Misaki wasn't the brightest but he wasn't that daft surely.

"No.. Oh please.. Don't Nii-chan" He hoped to God inside.

His brother stood upon his feet he took a long hard stare at Misaki trying to figure out everything that had just happened. It was an incredibly filthy thing to do to someone you were supposed to love and protect then he thought back to his parents.

"They would understand, you deserve everything you get, you killed them." His eyes narrowed on the boy then automatically he began walking away when they had closed shunning Misaki.

Before he could forget he picked up the boy's underwear and sloppily he threw them at him without care so they met his head.

"Stop fooling around, I want you clothed the next I come up here which will be dawn." He said coldly.

Misaki hadn't budged an inch he was still hiding away in his pillow. "Goodnight, Misaki."

And with that the door shut and the latch slipped back into its usual place.

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