My Best Friend's Secret

Chapter Thirteen

Akihiko could feel his heartstrings being torn away from their seams when Misaki gave him that particular look. His expression was so anxious, his piercing large eyes shown such insecurity and unsteadiness he was certain the teen would probably back out within a second.

"Misaki, stop. It isn't as if you will be on your own, you'll be accompanied through the entire day with other Doctors and Nurses." He said ever so smoothly. "No one is going to hurt you, they're professionals who know how to do their job and if there are any problems I'll collect you, understand?"

Although the Author hoped to god he didn't have to pick up Misaki at any point in the day other than when his session had ended. He wanted him to get used to his new surroundings at the center, he needed to get out and meet new people. Take a step forward in his life and actually live it instead of being that former and present hermit that he is.

Misaki's gaze soiled deeper into his own those big green eyes pleading more causing him to grunt a sigh. "My, oh, my Misaki give it a rest..."

Now only remembering he'd left his car keys up in his office Akihiko skipped back up the stairs to fetch them but his footsteps weren't alone when he heard light pattering follow him.

Snatching them from beside his laptop Akihiko spun so quickly on his heels he would have sworn that if Misaki had been any close his elbow would had knocked him over senseless. He gasped with fright, frowning at the teen he dodged past him and expected Misaki to run after him though it wasn't surprising that he didn't.

"Oi, Misaki" He said sternly. "Come on"

As if he was budging from his spot Misaki seemed to had spouted roots into the ground he wasn't shifting. "Misaki" He repeated now getting annoyed, flickering his eyes when he rolled them impatiently.

"You're going to be late" He established louder.

The teen saw the way he balled his eyes at him and mockingly Misaki did that too swiftly he turned his back on the author when hopping on the armchair then glomping on to Akihiko's favourite bear Suzuki-san.

"Misaki, why can't you comprehend about how important this is for you? You're going to finally take a step and get your life back on track for the better." He stressed. "Now get up"

Childishly Misaki pouted at the Author then snobbishly stuck out his tongue. "No"

"What do you mean no? You've got rather cheeky lately, and quite frankly I won't tolerate it now haul ass!"

The youngster scowled when bashing his face full on into the bear's wonderfully fuzzy fur if only he could just stay in his hunched position all day. He didn't want to go to the center, he was nervous but mostly he didn't want to part away from Akihiko. It'd only been him at his side now that his parents and brother were gone from his life, so there was no one else to count on.

"No..." He muttered puerilely. "I don't want to go!"

Akihiko spent another five minutes trying to leer Misaki away from the sofa he couldn't make any sudden moves again so reasoning with him was all he could do. "Misaki, just give it a try if you don't want to go again then.. You don't have to" He said almost sounding defeated.

At this the teen craned his head looking up tearfully at the older man Akihiko's brow rose when he noticed this. "Why are you crying?"

Misaki nervously fumbled with Suzuki's ribbon locking it around his little finger as he spoke his first words wobbled. "I-I want to just stay here, with you."

"When I'm with you.. I-I feel happier" Misaki's eyes suddenly married his own. "I used to cry so much, every day that I couldn't cry no more I-I felt my tears were used up and I was empty" He stopped chewing on his bottom lip.

"Like there was nothing... But not with you.. A-And if we're apart then..I.."

A tear trickled down the teen's flustered cheek he looked away now only realizing exactly what he'd just said to the author. But it was the truth and Misaki had always been honest from a very young age, it's how he was raised by his parents. It was never okay to lie.

Akihiko shook his head then strolled over to the timid teen he crouched on one knee in front of him where he sat. He was going to give it a go being brave he moved his head gradually to Misaki's face though his hand was shaky he used the back of it to brush ever so gently across his teary cheeks. Wiping away the dampness he snaked his thumb under his eye removing the wet remains and the tip waved across Misaki's sharp soggy bottom lashes like a soft gust of wind.

Not moving his hand away Misaki gave a light smile towards the older man, it wasn't wide or bright as Akihiko had hoped that he could one day see. Still, it was Misaki's own little grin and Akihiko didn't stop himself from doing so either.

This boy was so precious.

"Ready?" He said.

Uncertainty drained back into Misaki's eyes but he kept his small smile and nodded. "O-Okay"

The writer rose back up to his feet towering over the teen with his hands in his pockets. "Let's get the car started"

The clinic was a big place at first Misaki was alarmed at the amount of nurses and other patients there were but once he found out that he had been located upstairs to another floor that turned out to be a lot more quiet and peaceful the teen's nerves finally calmed down.

"Remember when you were in hospital, Misaki? You were nervous at first and then you settled sometime after?" Akihiko said to him looking down at his side in the other seat.

"Yes" He squeaked.

"You'll do the exact same thing here."

Misaki looked around the waiting room they were the only two sat there apart from the doctors that came in and out so often, it wasn't so bad. Then he wondered something else which was when he turned to the author and innocently he asked "Is there people here like me too?"

"Not all are in the same position as you since other patients may have had different situations" Akihiko said although Misaki's gaze was pushing him for more answers. "Some.. For instance may have learning difficulties when other people have just came out of hospital who could had been well before their injury but now they need help with walking, speaking and such."

"Misaki, there are many reasons why people have ended up here though I may be wrong." He added.

"Is it bad, that I'm here?" The teen whispered.

Akihiko shook his head. "No, it's not."

Once silence sneaked in through the back door Misaki had to break it. "When... When I was in the hospital at night-time I would have a lot of bad dreams and I'd wake up crying."

"The dreams don't come back anymore but they were always about Nii-chan" Misaki could feel his throat go dry at his brother. "A-And the fire... S-Still I can't believe everything that has ever happened to me.. It d-doesn't feel real!"

Even when Misaki sniffled away his tears Akihiko only watched him as he leaned on the wall staring. "You know, you're not the only one who feels like that" He said causing Misaki to stop sobbing and look his way. "When I first met you I didn't want to believe it was true, knowing what he did to you and I can't understand it either."

"We shouldn't let it continue affecting our lives so.. Misaki, please move forward with me?"

The shining glorious picture on Misaki's face was priceless which caused the author to chuckle at him. He quickly took that as a "yes" already, happily he ruffled Misaki's locks.

"Takahashi Misaki" A voice called out.

Both heads turned to find a rather petite young woman holding a clipboard to her chest in the doorway. She grinned at them both pleasantly, Akihiko stood from his seat giving a small stretch in his arms and side. Misaki did the same and copied him only making Akihiko smile even more than before.

"Ah, Sir you're his brother?" She asked curiously.

But the hearted glow faded from Akihiko when he saw Misaki die a little. "Guardian"

"I see" The woman said now sounding rather put off as if she had said something wrong. "W-Would you both like to follow me?"

Akihiko placed his hand on Misaki's lower back guiding him forward. "Alright, lets go."

Under his breath he hissed softly to the teen. "It'll be fine"

Inside the office the teen's attention was elsewhere leaving Akihiko to deal with the forms and all the talking while he glanced around at all the awards and certificates on the walls, the many books piled on the high set book shelves and every other object that was included.

But once his own name was mentioned Misaki turned back to the Doctor. The old man fiddled with his mustache the rumpling sound he was making as silence had suddenly struck between them both. The man stopped, leaving his mustache tangled and messy. He then focusing back to the documents that were laid out in front of him. Misaki watched as the man quickly scribbled down words on the paper in front of him. There were just so many words. Their print was so tiny; Misaki wasn't able to read what it said and from the distance he sat at.

"Misaki, did you get any of that?" Akihiko asked him raising an eyebrow though it was obvious he wasn't aware of anything going on.

He tipped his head to the side in thought hoping he could remember at least something he was asked but nothing came to mind. "No" He worded blankly.

"Okay then let me repeat myself Takahashi-san, would you like to start right away on your own or prefer Usami-sensei to accompany you on your first session?" He asked lowering his voice.

The teen jilted at his choice automatically looking at the older man sat beside him. Even from Akihiko's great physique he looked so strong, valiant and laid back Misaki knew that he would have to be going by himself sooner or later so maybe it was best that he started it this way. Inside his stomach bubbled with butterflies looking at those lavender eyes, maybe someday he could be like the author too.

He tucked his hands in-between his legs shyly biting down on his lip. "Just me, by myself."

At his response Akihiko's face died a touch Misaki noticed this yet he couldn't understand isn't that what he wanted him to do.

"Good start Takahashi-san, ah, I shall put a call through for one of our Nurses to come and collect you." He said fingering the call button whilst then beginning to type away on his computer.

"In the meantime" Suddenly the phone began to ring causing him to instantly to pick it up.

As they waited Akihiko and Misaki looked at one another. He could see very well that Misaki didn't look too comfortable, Akihiko started to think maybe it wasn't such a good idea sending him away this soon.

"Misaki, you're certain you want to go in alone?" He asked. "I honestly don't mind coming in with you."

But the teen shook his head. "N-No.. I want to try.. You told me to.. I-I can do this" He muttered. "Just let me.."

"Alright, all you can do today is your best." He reassured warmly.

Soon the nurse arrived for the teen where they shared one last glance at each other before the door shut.

"You're worried for that boy, aren't you Usami-sensei?" The Doctor asked casually as he was getting on with his paperwork.

Akihiko folded his arms tightly his fingers digging into his own arms. Of course he was worried, he knew obviously Misaki was in a safe environment so it seemed but Misaki was the one at sake here. He scolded himself for sending him here again, how could he get rid of Misaki that easily? He didn't want him thinking he was piling him off because he was irritating him or anything of the sort.

"Extremely" He huffed.

"Don't be, what you're doing is for his own good. After what you told me about his physical state when you first laid eyes on him is all the reason for him to come here" The Doctor heaved a breath now taking his glasses aside. "Sensei, we have seen many and I mean many patients like Takahashi-san-"

"So what you're saying Misaki is just another name added to the list? Filling a place?" Akihiko's tone deepened.

"No, I'm not saying that, were professionals Usami-sensei we know how to deal with him. I know you are becoming stressed, I can see you're trying your best with him.. And it's difficult" He said.

"Indeed" the writer added.

"Also, I don't mean to pry but does Takahashi-san know about the coming court regulations?" The Doctor asked inquisitively.

"Not yet, I am not sure he'd even fully understand."

"You know you'll have to tell him about it soon."

Akihiko was getting restless with this man he fidgeted in his seat re-crossing his legs comfortably. "I know that."

"I know.."

The truth really was that Akihiko was unsure about Misaki seeing his brother again. It was certain that he was now behind bars being questioned but Misaki would soon have to be that one to tell his side of the story too. At the moment Akihiko was trying to take things slow for the teen otherwise who knows what he'd end up falling into. Misaki knows he's safe with the Author, Akihiko was glad of that knowing he trusted him so much already. But Misaki seeing his older brother again face to face he couldn't bear the teen having a breakdown.

Having said his goodbyes to the teen Misaki's hungry eyes hurt his heart like hell as he walked into another room with one of the nurses. As soon as the door shut Akihiko spent no more time in lingering around and left the building. In the car he drove off and every so often he'd take a quick peek at the vacant seat behind him where the former passenger once sat.

He tried not to think about Misaki too much after all it was his first day without him since the number of days being released out the hospital plus he was gaining new skills and experience being around others. What the Author was doing wasn't cruel, it was simply a good thing.

Akihiko would be seeing his little Misaki soon enough anyway.

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