My Best Friend's Secret

Chapter Seventeen

"Oka-san! Oka-san!"

Nine year old Takahashi Takahiro ran at top speed into the front room at his mother's side bouncing up and down with such excitement. The boy was grinning at his widest while stars shone in his eyes he lunged a big but delicate hug at her stomach. While chuckling sweetly under her breath she embraced him back.

"When is Misaki coming? I want to see her!"

Little did they know the family had been told the woman was impreginated with a baby girl who was a mistake in the end after Misaki was born a boy. Considering they had all been calling her baby bump Misaki the name stuck and the family decided they would keep it the way it was.

"Another month now then you will finally meet your little sister!"

Adoration swam in his eyes for his unborn sibling Takahiro softly smudged his face against her belly trying to hear for any kicks or movement inside but nothing. Sadly he looked up at his mother.

"Is there really a baby in there? I can't hear her.." He whined pouting.

"Of course she's in there. You may not hear her but she is more likely to hear us" The woman giggled.

His face lit up once more. "R-Really?!"

Takahiro hugged on to her stomach only a tad firmer his mother was sure he was careful. Nuzzling the bump Takahiro kissed it and laughed happily.

"I love you Misaki!" He shouted out loud.

Resting upon his needs he pointed at the ceiling with a serious face to his mother then looking over again at her stomach. "I promise I will be the best big brother in the whole wide world! I will always be there for you, a-and I'll always let you share my colouring book.. Oh and I might let you ride my bike.. But you can't get it dirty because Dad just got it for me this Christmas.. Umm.. A-And umm.."

The laughter of his mother caught his attention she was in tucks of giggles. "Oh Taka-chan, I'm sure you will make Misaki very happy either way."

"I will! I will be the bestest big brother ever! Just you wait and see Misaki!" He prodded at her belly button eagerly.

"Just you wait.."

When Misaki was born that August there were much surprised faces when they found out he was male. Of course the Takahashis still loved their new-born baby boy but after buying a room full of feminine colours, bunnies and ducklings some slight changes had to be made. Even so Misaki was healthy and happy which was all that mattered to them.

Takahiro was besotted with his baby brother. He preferred that he had been born a boy instead, now that he had somebody else to play with and share his car toys with. Their mother protested telling Takahiro Misaki was far too young to play with such things and to be gentle with him when he hugged him a bit too roughly. But for the next few years Takahiro treated him like gold, giving him piggy back rides when he was two years old Misaki squealed around giggling he enjoyed it so much. One summer evening Takahiro had asked his father could he stay up until seven in the evening outside with old bed sheets and pillows, so that him and three-year old Misaki could pretend they were camping. He agreed to it, although the pair had to be in doors in less than two hours. Takahiro told Misaki stories and showed him how to make shadow animals with a torch.

It was moments like these which were the most precious. Somehow it seemed hard to believe in less than a few years their happy little family would soon be broken.

Embarrassed Misaki could barely look at the Author. His cheeks were on fire how he wished the ground would swallow him whole. He was aware he was a lot older than what he used to be but couldn't believe this still happened even now and he was nearly nineteen.

Akihiko shut the door of the washing machine after adding the powder and liquid turning back to the teen who lingered in the doorway nervously pulling at the bottom of his pajama shirt. His concern grew when Misaki began to cry on the spot. The author walked over to him but as soon as he tried placing a hand for comfort on his shoulder Misaki slapped it away and ran off.

And so he left him alone for a couple of hours to calm down eventually Akihiko checked up on him. The teen was hiding under the bed miserably with his arms wrapped around his hunched knees. He softly smiled at his poor attempt to hide himself sees that his foot was hanging right out. The man took this as a sign that Misaki wanted him to come after him after all, he knew what he was like.

"Misaki?" He called.

Grunting Akihiko knelt on his knees looking at the teen who was still incredibly huffy. He had his back facing the author not making any attempt to look at him Misaki squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

"Hey now.. Are you okay?"

Akihiko tried everything in the book to help soothe the teen but Misaki ignored him. But as soon as he got up Misaki saw his shadow removing its self and the teen scuffled from out of the bed running after him down the hallway.

"W-Wait! Wait for me!"

Never once had Misaki said the Author's name. He knew what he was called but often didn't like saying it. For some reason he just couldn't.


He raced to Akihiko's side and clung to his arm. "I-I'm sorry.. I.. I didn't mean to.. Not speak to you.. But this morning I.. I couldn't stop myself.. I get nightmares about Nii-chan still sometimes! I'm sorry.. Uh.."

Turning to him the writer brushed the base of Misaki's cheek swiftly with the back of his knuckle. "I'm not mad at you, and I'm not mad at you for wetting the bed either Misaki."

The teen scowled he hated how blunt the man could be sometimes. It was true, Misaki had woken up in the stench of his own piss but the way Akihiko had found out was only for him screaming and crying out from the nightmares. They didn't occur that much but often Misaki would have them which had mentioned to his psychologist. He wet the bed back in the attic resulting in many beatings from his brother who was tired of washing Misaki's sheets and some days left him to sleep in them. This was the first time he'd done it while staying with the man.

Ashamed his eyes averted to the floor quickly letting go of the man's sleeve and shyly Misaki took a step back.

"I.. Only do it when I get bad dreams."


"Yeah" Misaki knew whose name he was about to say instead he cut him off with. "The attic"

Misaki let out a sulky wail as he slumped his shoulders. No matter how much he tried the thoughts of his childhood came back, he was doing so well now this had happened.

"I-I bet you think I'm gross.." He muttered bitterly. "T-That I stink and I'm yucky.."

Akihiko rolled his eyes. "You're being silly, Misaki. People who have had traumatic experiences or get frightened wet themselves, in your case it's understandable. What I am saying is that I know why you did it, I'm not mad or nor I think you're gross."

"You're only human." He finished off smoothly.

Misaki always found it hard to believe that he had ended up where he had. The author was always so kind to him, Misaki had no words, he'd done so much to help him. The teen didn't know how he could ever repay him after all he had no job or money. Even the clothes on his back and shoes on his feet were from Akihiko.

He really was the best.

It wasn't just the luxuries really though. Misaki found Akihiko to be a rather attractive fellow. His hair light silver, lavender sparkling eyes and his scent of cigarettes that saturated him. They made him all the more appealing.

"If it is worrying you too much Misaki we can always get something to control it for you." The uncertain look on his face said it all. "I'll make an appointment for you later this afternoon then we can get a prescription for you-"

"Why did you help me?"

It all seemed quite random.


Misaki huffed. "Why did you help me.. E-Escape.. I-I don't understand why you care.. So much.."

Akihiko scowled at him he seriously couldn't believe the kid was asking such a stupid question.

"Is.. Is it because of Nii-chan?"

"Partly" He replied. "Although anybody with a heart wouldn't leave a helpless boy alone like that though."


"I don't understand what you are asking Misaki."

"Y-You didn't have to bring me here.. I.. I shouldn't be your problem.. But what I mean is I don't really know how to thank you.. I'm not being ungrateful.. You've done everything for me.. I have nothing to give you back.."

"I'm sorry."

Misaki wandered off towards the stairs dragging his feet to his room. Akihiko craved extra caffeine now that he had a deadline to meet but while there making his mug of black coffee. He thought about what Misaki had said to him which was true he hadn't anything to give Akihiko didn't expect returned gestures right away, maybe in time or never. It didn't bother him he had money coming out his nose, mouth and ears.

But what caused him to grunt was the fact that Misaki had asked him why he had saved him from his hell. It really did irk him; how could Misaki ask something like that.

"Because I care about you, stupid." He grumbled.

Or was there more to their relationship now after all Akihiko knew absolutely nothing about Misaki when he was up in that attic. He was that mysterious long lost brother trapped who had caught his interest.

The Author felt his face fluster at the thought of thinking about Misaki in that way. "No, he's half your age. The kid doesn't know any better so he would have no idea what to do in that type of situation. He is still receiving treatment, it'll be a long time until he's stable enough for intimacy never mind a relationship."

Almost catching himself out Akihiko shook his head in disapproval. "A relationship? Most certainly not."

Little Misaki kicked his feet around feeling guilty over smashing his mothers best china ware. It had all began when their parents had told the two they would be out for the evening and not to allow Misaki to ride his new tricycle inside the house it were to stay outside.

Takahiro had been in a world of his own; chatting on the phone to a friend and doing his homework he hadn't noticed Misaki sneak into the garden and bring the thing outside from the rain.

He was six when this happened, knowing he was disobeying his parents he thought maybe if he could ride it around for a while he would then put it back outside.

But the mud got everywhere from its tires all over the carpet creating dirt tracks. Circling around his brother Misaki shouted out for Takahiro to look at him performing his silly tricks.

"Look Nii-chan! Look at me!" He bawled screaming.

Takahiro pulled the phone from his ear sighing he looked over to his brother eyes widening he dropped it luckily the phone dangled from its wire.

"Oi! Misaki no no-no! Get that thing back outside you know Oka-san said not to-"

"Watch thiiiis!"

Just as he tried his "best" trait the infant took a horrible tumble off when the wheels skidded on the slippy surface of the kitchen Misaki's small body thumped right into the kitchen cupboard. And the trike crashed right into the cabinet right at that time Takahiro had sprinted into the room both boys gasped when they saw their mothers dishes and bowls smash.

Takahiro couldn't hide it, Misaki had apologized but didn't seem to really understand the big deal over the damage he'd created.

"But she can get more right?"

The older boy shook his head brushed up the glass. "No, Misaki this was a gift off of our grandmother; her mother."

Misaki tilted his head. "The dead one?"

Sighing Takahiro nodded. "Yes"

"Ah.. Uh Nii-chan I-"

"Misaki stay!"

It was too late Misaki had already stepped in the glass cutting the back of his foot. He wailed out crying clenching his foot, blood dribbling everywhere Takahiro was panicking out the china belonging to his deceased grandmother all over the show and his brother hopping on one leg.

"Misaki just sit down over there" Takahiro didn't look he just pointed over to anywhere. "I'll get the first aid!"

After cleaning up his brother he put Misaki on the sofa to watch late night cartoons then attended to the glass. Shuffling the last of it up in the pan he left it scooped up ready to explain to his mother.

Glancing around he didn't even see the dirty bike marks all around the living room. He growled in his throat then shouted "Misaki!"

"Why would you do this? Oka-san said not to bring the bike into the house! You know it's raining, mud is everywhere just look at it!"

Misaki shrugged his shoulders innocently.

"You've smashed her good china and you cut your foot how clumsy are you?!"

Bursting into tears Takahiro hugged him and soothed Misaki to calm down. Not long later their parents arrived home; Misaki was still awake and their mother was not impressed.

"Takahiro what on earth?!"

He had tried cleaning it the best he could but the carpet was stained badly. After an explanation their father picked up a sleepy Misaki and took him upstairs to bed.

"I tried telling him! He wouldn't listen to me! He just.. He just brought the thing in!"

"You were supposed to keep an eye on him!"

"I had homework to do-"

"I don't care!"

After a good telling off Takahiro was sent up to his room. Angry and alone he stopped at Misaki's door hearing their father quietly talk to him and kiss him on the head. He watched through the crack of the door; jealously washed over him in that moment.

Snapping out of his haze he then went to bed.

It was almost three in the morning. Akihiko unfortunately was still up writing however it wasn't as if this was new. Working in the early hours of the morning, living on caffeine and lacking sleep were the joys that came with an author's job.

He rubbed firmly at his sweaty temples in stress. Nothing new came to his mind everything was blank at the moment and he hadn't bathed for a day now. Akihiko felt exhausted, frustrated and mostly rotten. But the deadline was tight this time he couldn't bare having another one of Aikawa's stroppy fits in his office again. It was such a pain and Misaki seemed to get all happy for some reason. Rolling his eyes at his thoughts on the devilish woman he continued pattering his fingers against his keyboard until the creaking of stairs caught his attention.

In the corner of his eyes he noticed something, brushed it off and then turned properly to find Misaki crouched on his knees on the other side of the sofa he sat on.


He shuffled towards the man and sat cross-legged at his side.

"It's late, what are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep."


Akihiko removed his laptop placing it on the coffee table he patted his lap where Misaki responded by lying on it. There with only the soft glow of the device shining on them in the dark Akihiko brushed the hair from Misaki's forehead and waited for him to reply.

"I had another nightmare"

"You did-"

"I didn't wet the bed this time! I promise, I-I didn't mean to last time!" He couldn't even look at Akihiko he felt so ashamed still.

"It doesn't matter anymore, we'll only focus on that if you do wet yourself. Are you okay?"

He nodded his head.

"Do you need to talk about something?"

Sighing through his nostrils Misaki pulled himself up now feeling much more confident to look the man in the eyes he straddled at his waist. "Um.. No.. But"

Akihiko watched the way the teen curdled his legs on either side of his own narrow waist. His pajama bottoms were incredibly thin surprisingly and the closeness of him was beginning to get a little too much.

Misaki rested his head against his torso and snaked his arms right the way around the writer's neck. It was strange that Misaki was ever this cuddly, well he had been in a stroppy mood for the past few weeks. Since he was going through his hormonal phase it was expected but the look shining in Misaki's eyes when he peeped up like that was different from his usual endearing gleam. His cheeks flustered.. This was new.. Almost as if it were lust.

"Misaki.. What are you.."

Akihiko was cut off at the bulging enlargement that grew below. Realizing it wasn't himself that was aroused but instead it was the blushing teen hanging on to him.

"Oh fucking hell, now the kid's hard!"

"I.. I" He started off with a stutter. "I went through some of those.. Books you have in.. Your office.. I'm sorry.."

"Is he talking about the filth I write?"

Looking away Misaki continued. "I just thought.. If.. I did those things maybe I could thank you" He stammered.


Akihiko couldn't even bring himself to talk he was stunned.

"But.. Even if I didn't look at them.. I think I would have wanted to do this.. With you.. Anyway.. When I looked at those pictures... I felt funny and when I looked at you.. Every day I feel the same.. I don't know.."

Not only had Misaki just confessed to being horny but Akihiko now knew Misaki had developed some type of crush on him. Obviously, he had strong feelings about the teen too but no matter what he was not going to let this get out of hand.

"You look after me.. You saved me.. Y-You're my hero.." Misaki pushed himself closer into the man. "I really.. I really want.."

Shaking his head the writer pushed the teen from him brushing Misaki aside like a sheet of paper. "You have no idea what you're saying."

Misaki saw red when Akihiko had came out with that. "Yes I do!"

He crawled back on his lap pulling at Akihiko's arms and forcing them around his back.

"I-I know what I am saying!"

"Oh dear god, Misaki you don't really know what sex is-"

"I-It isn't as if I have never had it before!"

Disgust rushed upon Akihiko's face. "Seriously? He raped you! You told me yourself, after what Takahiro did to you I'm shocked."

Shaking his head tears were forming in his eyes but he couldn't hold them back anymore.

"N-No! No!"

"He forced you"

"Nii-chan loved me! You don't understand! H-He hurt me but he really did love me!" He shouted.

Akihiko had to shove Misaki off with force at his side, he tried to stand but the teen only dragged his back down. Accidentally tugging too hard at his shirt and splitting its seam.


"Nii-chan loved me!"

"Enough, that's enough!"

"He did! And-"

"I said that's enough Misaki!"

His voice roared over the teen's shutting him up altogether.

"I'm not going to sleep with you because I'm not interested."

A picture of hurt rose on Misaki's face anger and pain. Clenching his teeth like that he jumped up on his feet shoving his fists on Akihiko's chest thumping against it hard making sure it hurt which it did as the writer flinched. Misaki couldn't control his sobs anymore and ran away back up the stairs making sure his door slammed enough to echo through the entire apartment.

Akihiko stood there scratching at the back of his neck and which seemed like forever. He was stunned into silence; unable to move or register what just happened. He couldn't believe Misaki had just tried making a move on him, he was so confused and his emotions were wild. The writer didn't know what to do anymore he dropped his gaze to the tear in his shirt, fingering it in thought.

He hadn't meant to really shout at Misaki but the kid was acting out of line. Akihiko wasn't going to fuck him just to receive after giving for so long. He didn't want anything in return he wished to god that Misaki could just understand that.

All he wanted was the teen's happiness.

Sitting back down he hid his face in his palms with his head bowed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He uttered.

"Please forgive me, Misaki."

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