The 45th Hunger Games

Returning Home

Calyx Bri

I sit on my bed, watching each district past. My heart pounds faster and faster, as each second pass. It's been one day. We should get back to District Five in less than an hour. That hour couldn't go by fast enough. I have literally watched the window, watching the landscapes change from fields, to valleys, to forests, rivers, mountains. But the landscapes aren't passing by fast enough for me. I want to see my parents, my friends. but most importantly, my little sister Taffetta. I love her so much. But Miranda, I promised her I would win. And I kept that promise.

Millie calls me for lunch, telling me we are only 30 minutes away from my district. I rush to lunch and eat delicious plates of green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, soup, and strawberries covered in gourmet chocolate. For a drink, I have soda, this thing they used to call Coke, before Panem. The fizziness is awesome, I've never had anything like that before, obviously. So I drink three glasses of it before I am satisfied.

"Oh look, we just pulled into the train station." Millie says. I jump up and run to the window. There, I see hundreds of people, and many cameras, waiting for my return. My heart stops. I have never been so excited to return home. Well, mostly cause I've never left home.

The door opens and as soon as I step out, my vision is blinded with flashes. Screams and claps are what I hear. Interviewers ask me questions about my time in the arena, what it feels like to win, how excited I am to see my family and friends. I answer the questions as best I can, but one question keeps running through my mind. Where are my family and friends? I ask an interviewer this.

"They are near. We wanted to get your reunion on camera." He responds. I nod, understanding that this is what the Capitol wants to see.

After another ten minutes of questions, they announce that my family and friends can come out. I don't hesitate to run into my parents arms. They squeeze me tight, telling me how proud they are of me. Then, Taffetta hugs her little arms around me. I pick her up and told her tight. She is crying, telling me she thought she'd never see me again. Miranda then, hugs me tight, telling me she'll never let me go.

"I kept my promise. Miranda." I say, feeling the tears. "I'm here to stay." I burst out crying, which makes Miranda cry. All of the emotions I have been feeling throughout the months are all hitting me like a bunch of boulders.

After a while, the camera crew packs up, and my family and I move into our new house in Victors Village. The house is so beautiful and wonderful. Now, we are so rich and have so much food. I've been giving a lot of my money and food to Miranda. She barley accepts it, but her family is poor. I love her like a sister, I don't want her or her family to starve.

Ever since I was reaped onto that stage weeks ago, I though for sure my life was over. I never expected to ever see home again. I feel like I've been living a dream. There is only one thing I regret from winning, all of my friends who died in the Games. Conrad, Leah, Sydney. Everyone that lost their life in the Games, I wish they were still alive. The Capitol is a cruel place, killing children for their fun. Loosing Conrad, though, is the hardest for me to accept. He was my district partner. I felt like I had a special friendship with him. But I knew he would rather me win than him, because he lives, or lived, in a community home. But he's now dead, and I know the nightmares will haunt me.

Let's hope that things return to normal as time passes on. But I know deep down, they never will.

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