This is in Hermione Granger's point of view. Harry and his friends are all young enough to compete in The Elves' Game.

After being controlled and dominated by wizards the house elves rebelled and took charge. To pay for the loss and labor of their ancestors the elves decided to create a new game- The Elves' Game. Twenty four wizards will be chosen to fight to the death in the arena. The wizards are chosen randomly, whether or not they owned a house elf.

This is mad! All I have been doing is to create elf rights! I tried to free them! Now they want to create a Game killing off wizards. This will only create more violence and then the wizards will rebel and keep the Game going with elf children. Why can't we settle this like civilized beings? I have to say though, I completely supported the rebellion. We wizards treated the elves as slaves! I sigh and decide to prepare for the reapings.

"Hermione, Harry and the Weaslys! It's time!" My ringer yells into my house. It has been arranged that there is a ringer assigned to every block to tell people when to assemble in the center of town.

As I walk out of my house with Ron, Ginny, Fred and George (who I have been forced to live with the past few weeks because of the new rulers). I feel chills run down my spine.

My purple dress is tightened by a darks brown belt. My hair is in one curly ponytail. For some peculiar reason we all decide to look nice and dress fancy.

I don't know what to expect coming into this. But I find out soon that an elf will randomly call twenty-four wizards that are Hogwarts students to fight to the death in a big arena filled with hazards and weapons and deadly creatures. Before the arena however, the wizards shall be pampered and interviewed and will even parade around the city.

Koil, an elf is doing the picking. He reaches into a clear smooth bowl and pick out one name at a time. Only Hogwarts students are illegible to be chosen so I will know a lot of the wizards. Koil starts to say the name, only I know who it is before he says. It is Ron Weasly. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to calm myself before the next name is picked. Hermione Granger. Good luck with that.

It is unbearable to sit through the pickings after I have been chosen and now every name Koil calls I know I will have to kill. I feel Ron's hand in mine and hold it tightly. I know everyone chosen except for Fudge's daughter.

I decide to jot down a quick list of the picked wizards when I get home. Its remarkable that I remembered them all really.






















Cherry Fudge



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