Hermione is getting ready for the parade!

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Reddy pushes me into his office. He tells me that he will make me look presentable in front of the president. He pokes me and pushes me into a large dress that will fall down if I jump. It is a beautiful shade of light blue with small ruffles on the bottom. Reddy slips black gloves that are also rather large onto my hands. Then he does the makeup. Reddy swoops black makeup over my eyes while another stylist powders my cheeks. My legs and arms are waxed and my makeup perfected over the next few hours until it is time for the parade to the president's house.

The ride is supposed to take only an hour, but it seems longer when I wait back stage. I see Ron in a red tuxedo with gold embellishments and smile. Then I frown, because I remember why we are here. What really makes me smile though is Draco Malfoy in his outfit. He is dressed in a long silk coat dyed a horrible yellow with mix matched patches on his pockets. Draco's pants are long and tight. Too tight, if you know what I mean. The crowd seems to think so too because as he rides off there are a few boo's heard from the audience.

When it is Ron's turn I am delighted to hear claps and cheers from them. Right after Ron is a gorgeous Ginny dressed in a fine gown with a lace back. Her hair is pulled back in a sleek manner. Then it is my turn. I grip the sides of my carriage with both gloved hands. I ride by myself in the small vehicle. My dress takes up much of the room and I am forced to keep pulling it up, as it fall down my chest.

To my relief the crowd likes me fairly well and cheers as I ride by. The street is long and cold in my sleeveless dress. It feels like hours until I pull up to the president's mansion. I honestly no nothing about the president except that he is cruel enough to create The Elves' Games. When I see him I can easily see the coldness in his eyes. His nails are long and overgrown and even from below him I can see that they are yellowing. He obviously wears a wig although I can see he tried to hide it.

"Welcome my wizards! I am very excited for these Games and I know that you all will put on a great show for me! Thank you for competing and may the odds be ever in your favor! Happy Elves' Games to you!" And with that the president ended his speech.