Febury 10, 1993

Harry of the house of Hakon, stood in the stables with his foal, Arod. They'd come home just as his new mum had gone into labor the night before. He'd learned how to care for his Pegasus, and now ran a soft bristle brush along the foal's body, allowing his mind to wander. So much had happened to him since the guardianship ceremony.

Things had changed drasticly and he had found that having Severus as a father had become a wonderous thing. He felt more at peace and his scar no longer hurt him. Upon returning for his third year, his father had arranged for an old closet in the back of his quarters to be enlarged into a second bedroom which he stayed in on the weekends and during christmas vacation.

That hadn't been the only change. Though it irked him at first, his guardian had taken a more serious stand on his grades and as soon as he'd been completely healed of his injuries, began a sometimes vigerrous homework regimen.

Now, he rivaled Hermione in all classes but history of magic.

His friends had been shocked when he told them everything that had happened. At first Ron had been in denial and refused to believe that the bloody git was now the guardian of his best friend, but with Hermione's interference, he had come around to see the truth. Now they were back to being the GoldenTrio.

Sirius Black had made the attempt on the Gryffindor Tower but had been thwarted. He was still at large.

Severus had been incensed to find out that the Dementors had been allowed to stay at Hogwarts. After the first couple of attacks on his son, he'd begun teaching Harry how to produce the Patronus charm and because of their father-son bond, he'd had plenty of good memories to use. Heachieved a full bodied Patronus in the form of a great winged horse, much to his father's pride.

But the most wonderous thing of all was Arod, who had grown a good deal while in Hagrid's care, evernight and every morning just after dinner, Severus accompanied his 'son' down to the stables (which had been errected behind the half giants house eversince Onyx had come to Hogwarts. Now the small stable had been magicly expanded to make room for the baby pegusus to sleep in.

Every weekend was spent with the fledgilng foal. Very soon he'd be strong enough to attempt the first flight. And neigther horse nor boy could wait.

Now, it was just before Valentine's day and-

"I thought I'd find you here," Thordred said as he walked into the stables. "Your father asked me to come get you. Your baby sister has arrived."

"So it was a girl." Harry said grinning. "How did Father handle the news?"

"He's overjoyed and claiming that he'd been joking before. Of course he knew it was going to be a girl. And he's glad he'd been proved right." Thordred chuckled with mirth in his eyes. "But come and meet your baby sister, Isabelle."

Harry rubbed the foal's nose and then caught up to his uncle's side. Another few minutes found them in the healing caves. They walked inside and saw a partitioned area surrounded by thick curtains. Harry smiled at Miska who stood guard at the entrance and scratched her behind the ears. That was something else that had changed as well. The family dog had taken to him almost as soon as the guardianship ceremony was over and had accepted harry as her furry brother and had always slept at the foot of his bed every night. Soon, she would do the same for his little sister as well.

Just a few months ago, during Christmas, he'd walked up to this same area to greet his new baby cousin, Torgney. Or Tor for short. He found out later the reason why his father had laughed at the name. In Scandinavian, it meant Thor's thunder.

When they approached the curtain, Thordred paused for a second and cast a quick cleaning charm on his newphew before he stood to the side and motioned for him to enter.

Inside, Angelica lay on the bed looking very tired and Severus sat in the chair holding a pink bundle in his arms. He looked up when his son entered the room.

"Come closer Harry." He greeted as Harry hesitated. When he did so Severus gently handed the baby over after showing his son how to hold her correctly.

Isabelle had a full head of very soft and fine black hair and a pink scrunched up face. She was almost the length of his forearm and not as heavy as he expected. She fit easily into his arms. He cradled her head and looked in wonder at his baby sister.

"Welcome to the family little sister. I'm your big brother."

As if to answer, she opened her little eyes and the two looked at each other before her little cheeks turned up in a cute smile. Harry smiled back and kissed her forehead. She kicked her legs as if in answer.

Severus looked on with fatherly pride. He knew then that little Isabelle would have the very best in protection. Woe be to any fool that tried to hurt her. They'd have a furious big brother to face.

He was proud of the progress Harry had made, whom he considered his son in all but blood. He filled out his new clothes (bought with the money garnered from the sale of the Dursley's fine furniture and jewelry) and ate regular food every day. He no longer shrank back from anyone's touch and his eyes were no longer hooded. The new glasses he wore only enhanced the keen intelligence his brilliant green eyes held.

His grades (with exception of his history of magic) had improved tremendously and Potions was his second favorite class besides Defense against the Dark Arts. He'd truly made his father proud, adding more joy to Severus's life.

Severus glanced at Thordred and the two of them nodded to each other, neither regretting that trip made to Privet Drive.

Their family was now complete.

The End